Fit Over 50 Cardio Workout | 8-Minutes

Denise Austin
by Denise Austin | 
Want to burn fat and calories?! Then join me for a quick and effective 8-minute cardio workout that is perfect for people over 50 who want to look and feel their best! As part of Healthy Aging Month, I am sharing three, eight-minute workouts from my Fit Over 50 series. All are great additions to the workout routine you may already be doing - especially if you want to lose some extra weight or do more toning! Or if you are new to working out, these eight-minute videos are the perfect intro!

Today we will tackle cardio - sooooo important to staying healthy! Cardiovascular exercise provides a bevy of benefits:

  1. It helps to keep your heart healthy
  2. Improves circulation
  3. Keep cholesterol and blood sugar levels in check
  4. Can help prevent weight gain
  5. Keeps your energy levels up and going!

Luckily cardio comes in many forms - walking as a fast pace, running, swimming, cycling, dancing.... the list goes on! And when you only have a few minutes, try this Fit Over 50 Cardio Workout! 

Add this to your day two to three times in the upcoming weeks, and you WILL see and feel a difference in no time at all! 

Let's live FIT, HAPPY and HEALTHY - together! 

Fit Over Fifty Cardio Workout Transcript

Welcome to fit over 50 today it's all about fat burning cardio. So let's get started beginning with a good warm up to get the blood circulated, to get the energy flowing to every muscle of your body. We're gonna do all low impact, easy on the joints. And yet we're gonna get our bodies moving. Yes, we are burning calories, burning body fat and feeling good - boost that metabolism. That's what we want. Good side to side. That's it. Now step, side and side. Always think about low impact, but use your muscles. So the more muscles you're using, the more calories you're burning. That's why I'm working the arms and legs all at the same time. Double the workout in half the time. That's it. Let's go forward and back and, and forward and back. Use your arms, biceps and triceps. Let's keep those legs going.

Nonstop aerobics. Yes, you got this good forward and back. Low impact. Get low though. Use your legs. That's it. Two more. Last one. Good side to side. You got it. Let's go to the other side. Go forward and back. Use your biceps and your triceps. That's it. Good. I'm proud of you. Keep moving. That's a whole body today. Yes. Stay in motion. great. Bring it in burn some calories. Yes, we are. Get those steps in. Yes. Two more. Last one. Okay. Side to side. We're gonna scoot side inside. That's it good. Just scoot.  Use your arms. Use your legs. Good.  Pump down. Pump it up. If you gonna stay low impact, just stay right here. That's it. Good. Just go. It's go. Good. And you can add a little left to it a little bit. That's it? Good. Two more last one. Okay. Right here.

Heel taps. All right. These are hammer curls, but kick your heel towards your box. Okay. Let's work on those arms bicep curls. And you got it. Good. Two are here you go. Now we're gonna do a little routine. We're gonna do single, single, double. Good single, single double. That's it. Got it. You can do it. I love these moves. That's it? Good. And now just stay here. Heel to the butt. Come on, get low. Now. Get down it up. Down it up. Yes. There you go.  The more levels you go up and down, the more calories you burn. Two more last one. Okay. Kick it out. Kick it out. Good. That's it lunge it out. This is all low impact. Easy on the joints. That's it. Good. Push your arms. Have to add the arms when you're doing low impact. So it's a total body burner.

You can do it. Smile. We're gonna burn fat. Yes, we are. Come on two more. Last one, double up the arms now all the way up. Reach them. You got good. Really lunge down your legs. So you feel it. Your legs, your leg muscles, buttock muscles are large muscles. They burn calories at a faster rate. Whole body out. Use those legs. Two more last one. Okay. And just kick it out. Good. Twist it out for the waistline. Come on. Twist and twist. Good. You can do it. Good. All right. Now we're gonna add a fun little move. It's a Chacha. Good Chacha side to side. That's it. Good. Chacha. I love Chacha. Put on some fun music and dance. Dancing. Burns calories too. Good. That's it. Get going. You got this? Whoop. Good. Two more. Last one. And push showing. Good push showing. Good. Feel the strength in that art push the fat away.

Come on. Yes. That's it. Low impact. Takes only a few feet of space in your house. That's it good. That's one good. Now we're gonna step behind. Step behind. That's it just tap behind. Tap behind. Good. You got it. Could you get a little lower? This is where you really need to get a little lower. Now. Rest your hands behind you already getting that double the workout. And half the time double press your arms up and use your legs. Yes. Zip up those abs engage your abdominal muscles to pull in. That's it like brace it right here. Two more. Last one. Okay. Just circles. Move side to side, side. Circle those arms. Target tone, arms, the legs. That's it beautiful. And the other way, circle the other direction. Circle those arms. Come on. Good. You've got use them if you rest you'll rest. So we have to move two more.

Good. Last one. Okay.  Really squeeze the booty behind you. That's it. Get lower now. Beautiful. Good. Lift the arms behind you. Working the arms as we're burning fat. Yes. Keep it going. You got it. Two more. That's it. Last one on this side. Good and firm up the buttocks, squeeze. Good. Squeeze that rear end, lift and tone. Good. That's it all over my back. You get a little lower. Tone those hips. Nice thighs. You got it. Two more last one. Okay. Side to side, inhale and exhale again. Let me see those muscles, inhale. Press it. Good. And hold your arms right here and lift and lift.

Swing your arms, can you press those elbows together? Arms together. Now work the chest muscles. We must have good posture. Great. Two more. Press it together. Last one. Inhale, exhale and side. Work the waist, the waistline. That's it.  Bend the waist to keep those legs going nonstop. You got it. Good. Cardio workout. Excellent. Good. Last one. And chest presses in front heel taps in front. Okay. Get low. Get low. Use your arms. Use your legs. Get low work those bodies. Come on. You can do it. Yes. I'm proud of you. Just keep moving. That's the goal. Push, push away them. That food. Come on. Just eat. Good healthy foods today. Yes. Put a smile on your face. Have a great attitude today because you are worth it. You deserve to be happy with a good attitude. It's up to you. Choose your attitude.

Two more. That's it. Last one. Okay. Inhale and exhale. Just march it out. Take a deep breath. You're doing great. You did a fabulous cardio workout. All low impact on the heart rate. Let's breathe that heart rate back down, inhale and exhale. Beautiful. You can do it. Okay. Pump those arms. Yes. Good work today. You guys visit me anytime you want. Right here. I'm Denise Austin and keep going. I love you guys. Pump it out. Thanks for working out with me. Woo. If you love this workout, I have so much more at Try my free trial that you get to do all kinds of different workouts and recipes, eating plans. You will love it. All you have to do is visit Sign up for your free trial now.