Fit Over 50: Fall Into Fitness Is Here!

Denise Austin
by Denise Austin | 
I am thrilled to announce my most recent magazine is now available online and on newsstands - so let's "Fall Into Fitness" together!

As with all my previous Fit Over 50 magazines (you can order those issues in my shop!), this one is tailored specifically to staying healthy, fit, sexy and happy as we get older - but women of any age can benefit from the nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle tips offered up. This latest issue includes:

  • A detailed plan on how to lose those last 10 pounds...something so many of us come up against when trying to get to a healthy weight!
  • Fall favorite recipes - including breakfast, lunch, dinner, sides and treats, all focusing on healthy seasonal foods that are delicious and satisfying. Plus a 7-day meal plan to follow AND an entire section devoted to superfoods that can help look and feel your best!
  • Tried and true moves to help trim and tone your body - anywhere, anytime. These work, and I know because I have been doing them for years!
  • Info on how to boost your mood, protect your thyroid, menopause relief and more. It's like girl talk on how to navigate aging! 
  • And more, including a style section, my eating suggestions, a fitness plan anyone can incorporate, my beauty routine must-dos, and a discount code for my NEW Easy Spirit x Denise Austin Shoe Collection!

I love this issue, it's so positive and energetic, and the advice is easy to follow and when you do - you WILL see results in your energy levels being boosted, your skin looking plumper, and your body more trimmed and toned. It's available now on news stands or you can buy it here!

Make this fall the best season of the year for your wellbeing and health!

Let's live EVER BETTERâ„¢ - together!