Fit Over 50 Strength & Sculpt Workout | 8-Minutes

Denise Austin
by Denise Austin | 
If you want to look amazing in your swimsuits, dresses or sleeveless tops this summer, strength training is a MUST! And just in time is my all new, 8-minute Fit Over 50 Strength & Sculpt Workout! This routine is perfect for anyone new to working out, or for more seasoned exercisers, a great way to add on some extra moves that will really help firm, tone, and lean up your body - head to toe!

As part of National Fitness Month, I am rolling out three new videos - last week was Fit over 50 Cardio, and this week is Strength & Sculpt! Why should YOU be strength training? First off, it helps to boost metabolism - so important as we age, as a strong metabolism helps to keep weight in check. Second, strong muscles are an excellent way to get the most out of the aging process.  They help protect your bones from osteoporosis, keep your core strong and engaged, helping to prevent back injuries, and strong muscles help you stay stable on your feet. Finally, healthy  muscles help to keep the dreaded "droop and sag" at bay - so you feel and look your best, standing tall and proud!  

Check out this brand new Strength & Sculpt Workout, and get lean, toned muscle just in time for summer!

Let's live EVER BETTERâ„¢ - together! 

Strength & Sculpt Workout Transcript

Welcome to your Fit Over 50 strength and sculpt workout. It's only eight minutes. You can do it. And with no equipment, just use our muscles. We got this. Let's begin stretching side to side to tone our legs. Work on those arms. That's it. Head to toe workout, sculpt and tone. That's it. And twist to the side. Get in a little bit of a warmup for those muscles. 640 muscles. We're gonna target tone right now. Yes, we've got two more. That's one good. Now let's begin with the abs the core muscles, the most important, because they're the center of your whole body, your core, your abs. Now this is working the lower part of your abs so important, but you gotta zip up those abs tense and tighten up and kind of brace in the Ab. Then you'll feel it. Yes. Pull in the lower belly button right there.

All the area, the lower tummy. Good. Hold it. Nice and tall. Great. Two more, taller. Last one. Now we do side crunches down and to the side. Great. Just go side to side. Really pull that navel towards your spine. And as you twist really feel the sides of your waistline. Now we're working the oblique muscles. That's it. They help your muscles nice and strong, and your waistline will go in cinch in that waistline. Two more. Come on, work it last one. Good. Now hold it side to side here. Right now. We're cinching in that waist. That's it. We're also using the legs. The arms. That's great. You can do it two more. Just like that. Come on. Target tone. The waistline. Okay, let's go. The other side, lift and pull across. Really fill your muscles. That's it. Beautiful. Tighten up. Cinch in the waist. Blast fat.

Come on, you got this two more. Last one. Okay. Now we hold it right here for some leg exercises. Thinking about good posture, hips are strong and straight feet out there. And we're just gonna do some leg squats. Now we're working the hips, thighs and buttocks. Notice my feet are straight forward, slightly turned out. Notice that the hips are going way back. The weight is through the heels. That's the key on this. That's how you're gonna reshape that bottom half and make it your better half. That's it. Squeeze the button off the top. Squeeze it. You got it. You don't squeeze it, no one else will! Tighten up that tushie, lift and tone sculpt and strengthened. Last one. Beautiful. Okay. Thinking about good posture here. We're gonna start in a nice lunge position and we're gonna go down and straight back up really think about good posture.

Your back is straight and strong. Your stomach is in and tighten up that tissue on in the back of those legs. There you go. Good. You now lengthening through the legs, which is so good. Strengthening through the legs. Got one more and switch sides go to the other side legs apart, down, and stretch back up. Begin. The weight should be through the heel of that front. Push through it. Keeping your back strong and straight. Are your abs pulled in. Come on, brace. Those abs are your abdominals, your core muscles. You got this. We got two more slow and steady. That's it. Last one. Beautiful. Okay. Stand on the back of your mat. Stretch your arms up and die down. Walking your fingertips all the way out to a plank position leg slightly apart. Hold the plank right here. Tummy's tight. Squeeze the buttock muscles burn thigh. So your abs are uplifted.

Hold the plank. Beautiful. Hold it. Two more. Inhale. Exhale, strong, a strong arms, strong legs. Beautiful. And now place your knees down on the ground. We're gonna do some pushups, but a little more tricep pushups here, out to the sides, out to the back. Notice my feet are flat. Very important. Don't do it like this. That could hurt your knees. Place your knees and your feet down. For those of you that are advanced, get up on your toes. That's it. We got two more. Last one. Beautiful. Stretch it out. Stretch it out. Good. You got it. Inhale and exhale. We now need to go all the way down to the elbows and hold the low hover plank. Hold it right here. Squeeze the buttocks. Squeeze the tushie, squeeze the legs together. Hold it tight. Tight, tight, tight. Come all the way back up and back down.

Try to keep your abs tight. Use your arms. This is a great exercise to body sculpt. One more good. Come all the way up. Hold it up here and pull your belly button in. And we got two more last one. Oh, okay. Let's come all the way down to the ground. And we're now work on that rear view. The back of our legs and the buttock, your lift, yours up holding the right now. Target the, the buttock lift up lower down, lift up lower down. Two more to squeeze up man release. Last one, squeeze up, hold it up. Now. Rock those hips. Rock the hips. Now you're really firming the back of your legs. The pressure to the joints. You're just do what you can twist your hips, right? For the core. Wait for your buttock, right? For the back of your thighs. We all need the strength in our lower body.

Two more. Last one. Good. Now bring your knee to your chest. Lift your head, hold yourself right here. And just baby lifts. Now target that the area. Thats easy, for those of you that this hurts your neck, just relax your neck and continue with the leg motion because it works, but keep your back flat. Really press the small of the back into the mat. We have two more, one more and release and rock yourself all the way up. Let me see your beautiful smiling face. Taking a deep cleansing breath. Bring it in and out. That's it gorgeous. Let's stretch to the side. Good. And to the other side, you doing great. That's it and reach all the way up, straight in the spine. Lift up, up and to the side and to the other side, works your waistline. Create stretch for your back and relax. And there you did a beautiful sculpt and strength workout. You did it. Thanks for working out with me. Woo. If you love this workout, I have so much more at Try my free trial that you get to do all kinds of different workouts and recipes, eating plans. You will love it. All you have to do is visit Sign up for your free trial now.