Five Minute Flat Abs Workout!

Denise Austin
by Denise Austin | 
Hi everyone! I'm so excited about my new workout - a perfect way to challenge yourself this upcoming holiday season if you want to take on an achievable goal: Flat abs!! When you add my 5-minute abs workout to your daily routine, you WILL see results: tightened abs, an elongated waistline, and get ready to say bye to those love handles. You will look and feel amazing in your holiday outfits once you add this workout to your existing fitness routine! If you commit to doing this workout at least 4 days a week, you will see and feel results in just a few weeks. And the best part? You never even have to get on the ground! 

This 5-Minute Ab Workout will help:

- Create a stronger core, which in turn leads to a healthier, stronger back

- Improve your posture

- Give you confidence in how toned you look

Try it now - you will love this! All you need is a chair for the sitting portion, so get ready to feel amazing... in just five minutes from now!

Let's live FIT, HAPPY and HEALTHY - together!!


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Core and Oblique Workout Transcript:

Welcome to your five minute core and oblique workout. Are you ready? We're gonna stretch side to side. This is really targeting those oblique muscles. They shape and cinch in your waistline. That's right. Reaching side to side notice my entire lower body is still very, very still, but the upper body, the sides of the waistline are engaged and doing the job to reach. That's it. Really feel the reach all through the carriage here. Great for the torso. Great to whittle your waistline. That's it. Just keep reaching a little further each time you're gonna feel it all on the sides of your waistline. That's it. They shape that beautiful waist to cinch in great muscles. Dancers do this move all the time to really target the core and the obliques. Got a couple more... Last one. Great. And now we're going do wood choppers. Bring your arms up and we're going to twist and come back down and lift and twist and lift and twist. But really drive your hips through. That's it. It's like a push up. That's beautiful. Really works those love handles in the back. Trimming and slimming. That's it. Good. A couple more on this side, then we switch sides. That's it. Really twist them. I really want you to push through. That's it. And last one. Beautiful. Okay, let's switch to the other side. Up and twist. Really get in that waistline. That's it. Torso twist up. Really drive your hips up here. Twist. That's it. Good. And really almost feel like you're throwing a ball that weighs a ton. That's it. Push. Good. Really twist. Good. Bend your knees to protect your back and really tighten up your ab muscles. Really Brace your core. That's it. We got two more. Really. Twist. Reach up. That's it. Last one. Really reach all the way up. Okay. Now get in a beautiful squat, placing your hands behind you. And we're gonna do side bends. It's called a sumo squat. Oblique crunch side. Lift up side. Lift up. That's it. Beautiful. Really feel. It's all for the obliques. Again, strong body, strong minds because you are worth it. Yes you are. Come on, get fit. Get strong. In the core, it's the center of your whole body. It protects your spine. Keeps everything in perfect alignment. Good technique. Get a little lower if you can get down there. Okay. Yes. Good. Really bend at the waist. Great for flexibility as well as strengthening those muscles. That's it. Really feel it. Get a little lower. Couple more. Come on, get lower down there. Good, keep your abs tight. Engage the core muscles. Tight, tight, tight. Beautiful. Last two. Good. Last one. Okay. And now slowly get a chair. Bring it on over here. We're gonna work the lower part of our abs. Sit right down on a chair, pull up and in your abs, lean slightly, bend, and slowly bring one knee at a time. Feel it through the lower tummy. This is engaging right here. Really feel it. If you're back strong and straight, great. These are just toe taps, but they're really engaging the lower tummy. Great. If you want, you can place your hands here and really feel it and you can get a little lower to feel it too. That's it. I really want you to initiate the lift of your leg by your lower tummy. That's it. Great toe taps. Be beautiful. You keep your abs tight, tighten them. Feel it. Is it getting nice and rock hard? That's what I want you to feel and really feel lower. Lower abs good. If you wanna reach a little lower, go ahead, reach your leg out a little further. That's okay too, or close to the chair. Whatever you feel most comfortable. That's it. Just a couple more toe taps. Last one. Okay. Now hold onto the chair. You're gonna bring your knees in and reach it back out. Double crunch. That's it. Good. Pull in and crunch and reach out. Good. Try it again. Crunch. This doesn't involve your neck. Isn't that great? It's all in the abdominals. A hundred percent of abs. It works. Your lower tummy too. The lower part of the rectus adominis muscle. That's the largest muscle of the ab. All this right here. Good. Really feel that extra little tuck. Tuck it and breathe. Whew. Inhale and tuck. Good. There you go. I can feel it, but pull your knees together. Really feel it. We got one more. Pull it up and relax. Take a nice stretch all the way up and reach side and to the other side. And there you have a beautiful abs and waistline oblique workout. You did great with a fabulous workout. And if you want more full length workouts, I have a brand new app, Denise Austin app that has over 400 of my workouts, plus recipes, plus a great community and challenges too to keep you going. Plus, we have a free trial going on right now, so download my app or scan the QR code.