Get Tank Top Arms in Just 5-Minutes

Denise Austin
by Denise Austin | 
I get asked often how to tone specific areas, and the upper body is on the top of that list! Everyone wants to have lean, toned, healthy looking arms - especially in the summer when we are all wearing tank tops and cute summer dresses!! When you are looking to target certain areas, I always suggest a three pronged approach: Nutrition, Cardio, and Target Toning!

To really reap the benefits of your workouts, you have to keep a balanced and nutritious diet. Eat protein with every meal and snack, along with good-for-you carbs, healthy fats and fiber. The recipes available on my app are a great place to start! All balanced, good for you meals that are simple and delicious!

Cardio is another key factor when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. And the good news is, it just takes a little bit! My goal is always 30-minutes of walking, 3-5 times per week. Make sure to push yourself and get your heart rate up, not only does cardio strengthen your heart but it will help you to burn calories too! If you're looking for some great cardio workouts, download my app and join me today. There are over 400 workouts and counting - I add more every month!

Finally, target toning is key to really shape and tone those problem areas. Add in a little bit of toning work after your walk, even if it's just 5-minutes a day. Every little bit counts, and it WILL add up! This Tank Top Arms routine is quick, but it packs a big punch!! We will strengthen and tone your triceps, biceps and shoulders. Give it a try today!

Let's live FIT, HAPPY and HEALTHY - together!!


Tank Top Arms Transcript:
Welcome to your five minute tank top arms. Let's get started. Grab a pair of lightweights and let's begin. Let's start with the back of our arms, the triceps. This is going to shape and tone the back of the arms. That's it. Make sure when you're doing this, your back is strong and straight. You're leaning slightly forward, and you're lifting those elbows to really firm and tone and sculpt the back of our arms. We're gonna shape every angle of your arms. You'll look great in those sleeveless blouses. Tank tops. Get ready. Get fit because you are worth it. We've got two more. Last one. And now palms of the ceiling and shoulders down and back. And baby lifts. Pulse it up. That's it. Great. Just pulse higher. You got this! Straight arms. That's good. Keep it up. Come on. Have beautiful arms. Hold it up there. Last one. Okay, and let's do some bicep curls. First of all, standing up tall, you're gonna bend your elbows forward and back down. Notice my arms are at an angle. This is really getting beautiful, sexy arms. Pull in and release out full range of motion. Come all the way in, squeeze at the top and release slowly. That's it. Good. Getting the entire shape of your arm. Firmed and sculpted. You can do it. Pull in. Keep your back straight. You're doing it. Last one. Hold it up there. That's it. And release. And now we're gonna go forward and sigh. And forward and down. Firming and toning. That's it. This is for the entire arm. Now you've got biceps and now you have triceps. Good. You can do it. That's it. Just twist it out. Pull it forward. Really feel it. Take your time. That's it. Quality over quantity. We're really feeling this. That's it. Gorgeous. You got this. It looks so good. I promise we all have to firm up those arms. Yes, I know. , we got two more. Last one. Okay. And now we're gonna come all the way up And notice her arms right here. You're just gonna do baby tucks. Baby. Once. Work in the bottom of the biceps now. That's it. Good. This will give you beautiful shape to your arms. Gorgeous. Pull in, pull in. Relax your hands. That's it. Good. Let the muscle do the work. The bicep Here, we got two more. Last one. Great. Okay. And shift your weight forward slightly. And now working the shaping of the shoulders that really frame your arms. That's it. Good. Just forward and lift. Notice I'm only stopping at shoulder level. That way it keeps the shoulders nice and strong and burns the muscles.We wanna work on the muscles here. That's it. Good. Two more. You got it. Last one. And release. Bring it up, up, up. Bring it down, down, down. Bring it up. Up, up. Shoulder level. Firm up those arms. Good. This is sexy. Shoulders and arms here. That's it. Thinking about your back, is it strong and straight? Woo. Pull in that belly button. That's it. Back is straight. Abs are tight. We got two more. Last one. We hold it up. Baby pulses. Baby pulses. You got this? That's it. Good. Shoulders down and back. Two more. Last one. Okay. Now shoulder presses up. Push up and down. It's a standing pushup. That's it. Good. Do the best you can now. Ooh, that's an overhead press. Good. I gotcha. You can do this. Shaping those arms. Yes, you can do it. Last two. Last one. Okay. Now it's time for the deltoids. That's it. Shape your shoulders and the core. You're standing up nice and tall and you're just shifting your hips. You're keeping your hips strong, but you're shifting the weight with the hips. Keeping. Keep 'em strong. And now with the shoulders, can you feel it? Straighten those arms if you can. That's it. Don't lock the elbow, but just a little more. Stronger and straighter. Beautiful. That's it. Last two. You can do it. Good. Lift also works. The core muscles good. Okay, last one. We're gonna lift up and down. It's pulled back. Improving your upper shoulders. That's it. Good. No rounded shoulders. We'll improve our posture. That's it. Shoulder blade together behind. You got two more. Last one. And relax. And there you did a great upper body workout. Thanks for working out with me. Woo. If you love this workout, I have so much [email protected]. Try my free trial that you get to do all kinds of different workouts and recipes, eating plans. You will love it. All you have to do is visit denise Sign up for your free trial now.