Let's Tone Up With My Natural Body Boot Camp Workout!

Denise Austin
by Denise Austin | 
Toning Workout:

Happy 2019! I love the new year, because it is such a GREAT time to get inspired and focus on healthy goals! And this Toning Workout is the perfect place to get started!! It's from my 2-Week Natural Body Boot Camp Plan, part of my LifeFit 360 offerings, and it will get your blood pumping and your fat burning!

Target toning workout are a great way to lose weight, burn fat, tone up, and lift those areas that may be drooping or sagging. Plus, when you combine all the different exercises, you are working your heart too - it's a whole body workout in just 10 minutes!

My Natural Body Boot Camp Challenge is a wonderful way to try new workout combinations - they will keep your mind and body engaged, motivated and active! I include full body workouts such as toning workout, yoga and cardio, as well as targeted exercises for your booty, legs, arms, abs and more! Each workout is only 10 minutes, so you can squeeze them in in the morning, at lunch, or really any time during the day. Ten minutes is all it takes!!

So join me for the Toning Workout, and then start your 7-day FREE TRIAL of my LifeFit 360 Plan for access to this Natural Body Boot Camp Challenge, PLUS my LifeFit 360 10-Week Whole Body Plan, my customizable eating plan, other fun challenges, and so much more! I will help you get fit, stay motivated and achieve your healthy goals in 2019! We can do it! You are worth it!

Let's get fitter, together - inside and out,



Video Script:

Welcome everybody to your Natural Body Boot Camp. Today it's an overall toning routine, everything from head to toe to tone up, so let's begin by taking a deep cleansing breath in, bringing in the oxygen, and exhale out any stress. One more time. Inhale, bring it up and exhale out. Beautiful, and let's just warm up and ease into the workout. Warming up through the shoulders, your legs, your hips. Shake it all out. That's it. Stretch and tone. That's what we're gonna do. Overall, toning for all the major muscle groups from head to toe, shape and tone, and from. That's it. Good stretch your arm all the way back now really opened up through the chest. That's it. Great for the arms, shoulders, no more tension. That's it. Beautiful. Shifting your weight side to side. That's it. Reach out and over and over. That's it. Feel it stretch your legs. Good warm up, getting your whole body ready.

That's it. Beautiful. Got One more lift up and over and now stretch. Just told the body stretch. That's it. Lean, now look up. Hold that stretch. Beautiful. And now all the way up to the other side, reach out and over. Reach. Beautiful, great for your back. We're up through the legs, your hips, that's it, and over all the way over. That's it. Stretch all the way. Great for the spine is your lifeline. Last one. Now hold it. Hold it. That's it. Hold it right there. Feel the elongation through the spine. Feel your arms stretching your legs. Beautiful stretch. Oh, okay. Let's begin bringing your feet about shoulder width apart. We're going to begin with a squat and come up and squat back. Now we're target toning through the arms and buttocks at the same time. Notice that I'm sitting back through the weight of the heels. That's it. To really work back there to lift and tone the bottom.

That's it. Down, and as you come up, squeeze the buttocks. Good. Really squeeze it to make a difference. Looking great behind last one, and now we hold it down there. Little pulses. Now back is strong and straight little pulses back is straight. That's it. Use your thigh muscles. Use your buttocks. That's it. Two more. One more and come up. Beautiful. We're going to work the outer thighs, take it down, and stretch it back up. That's it. Working. Oh, the major muscles of the whole body. Lift and push away says . Working the outer thighs, your hips, and your to left it. That's great. Toned and tight tush. Last one, reach it out and release. Now let's go the other side to get down. Push away. That's it. Great. Really feel it. That's great for the thighs and butt. Good. Shape it, tone it, really feel it in your legs, stretch through the arms.

Whole body's working. Last one, and release. Inhale and exhale. Beautiful. Inhale and exhale. Now hold the yoga pose. Chair pose. Hold it there. Sit back. That's it. Overall, toning. Your arms are stretched up. Relax your shoulders, your knees, your thighs. That's it. Beautiful and release, and now turn to the side. We're going to use your arms up and lift through the abs, arms and abs. That's it. Beautiful working the legs, the whole body. You can do it down. Push up really balance. Use your abs, use your arms for better balance. That's it. Last one, and take it down. Good shape and tone. Your thighs, that's it. Total body toner. Great targeting. All the areas, the legs, the butt, the arms and the core. Okay, switch to the other side. We're taking it down and push up to get down. bicep curls up. Great. Really feel it down, up. Drive your leg through. That's it. Two more. Last one, and hold it there. Down. Lunge. Tightened up through the abs, back a strong and straight. It's all about your thighs. Now, 90 degree angles. Protect your knees. That's it. Last one. Hold it. Hold it. Beautiful. Come on down and let's begin our pushups. Strengthen the those arms. Okay. For those of you just starting out on their knees, that's great. Just pick your toes up and let's begin. Chest press up.

You can do it. These are making your arms strong. Your chest firm and lifted. That's it. Two more. Last one. Beautiful. Now I want you to try the tricep toner. Bring your elbows closer in to the body. Take it down. Can you hold it? Tricep toner, push away. Push away. Wow. Good work. Let's do another down. Keep your elbows close. Push up. Perfect. Okay. Just relax your arms. Beautiful. Inhale and exhale. Let's now work on our abs. Here we go. Beginning to high plank position. Your feet are about hip width apart. Your arms are nice and steady and straight. You're tightening up those abs. Now, tuck under your hips a little. Tighten up your buttocks and hold that position. Hold, hold, hold. Bring your knee to your chest. Push it back out. Alternate the other knee and out. Now, criss cross, cross and out. Cross. Now the same side with the same leg.

Beautiful. Take it out. That's it, and hold, hold, hold. Tighten up those abs. You gotta you got it, and release time to work on those butts, butt toners. It's a lift and lower lift. And though thinking about making your neck long, straight back, squeeze your butt as you lift. We're now going right into toning the buttocks and the back of your thighs. It's a total body workout, a set routine to work your muscles to firm them, to keep toned. Last one, hold it up. You're holding up there, beautiful, beautiful, and relax. Now switch legs. Oh, you have to do is lift the other leg. Lift and lower, but squeeze the bottom. Tighten up your tushy. It's all in the rear. Squeeze it lift it, tone it. That's it strong and straight. Your neck is relaxed. That's it. We got two more. Last one. Come on, hold it up there.

Holding up there and relax. Okay. Come on down on your backs and now it's time to work on the back of your thighs and buttocks. Hold your hips up, tightened up through the abs, and let's do little baby pulses. Lift, lift, balance through the butt and the thighs. Working the tone and shape and really help the bottom half look better. This is a great exercise. We've got two more. Last one. Hold it up there. Now Walk your feet together, lift one leg up, and now take it down and lift up. Try it. It's really targeted. You'll see the difference in the back of your thighs. There'll be nice and firmed and toned. Yes. And lifted, but two more. Last one. Okay. And switch. Hold it up there. Lift and lower. Just give it a try. If this is too difficult, just place the foot down and continue squeezing the bottom.

Okay, because those are all the best exercises too. Up and down. Two more. Last one. Beautiful. Now it's time to work on those abs, so clasp your hands behind you and little baby lifts. Up and down, up and down. Notice my chin is slightly lifted. It's not crunched here. That way you work 100 percent of abdominal strength. Your back should be flat on the ground. Flat bellies. That's it. You have two more sit ups. Come on one more. Take it up there, hold it, roll up. Let me see your beautiful smiling face. Take a deep breath together. Inhale and exhale and stretch it out. Beautiful workout, total body toner. I love it. If you'd like some more exercises, tips, recipes, just log on to DeniseAustin.com. Have a great day.