Makeup Tips After 50

Denise Austin
by Denise Austin | 

I get asked a lot about makeup tips after 50, and am always happy to share my secrets for how to look and feel our best as we women get older. 

So I want to share some of my favorite “makeup in minutes” suggestions. These simple tips for your brows, eyes, cheeks, and lips will help you maximize your daytime look - in just three minutes! I also include some extra tips to take it up a notch for a nighttime or date night look - perfect for your Valentine's date with your hunny!

When it comes to makeup tips after 50, my suggestions are all about prepping your skin and choosing the right products. Read on for my top three suggestions when it comes to makeup tips after 50!

Prep your skin. Wrinkles, crepey-looking skin, and sun exposure can do a number on our skin, so prepping it is so important. I like to exfoliate with a gentle scrub about once a week before bed, and follow that up with a heavy duty night-time serum that includes hyaluronic acid to really plump and put moisture back into my face, neck and décolletage.  I then apply a deep moisturizer and let my sleeping time do the work for me! Then before I am going to put on my makeup, I apply sunscreen, a light moisturizer around my eyes, and my skin is good to go! Moisturized, plump skin helps to prevent makeup from settling into creases and wrinkles, so never skip moisturizer!

Choose the correct cover up. My best suggestion is visit a few beauty counters over the course of a few days, and try some foundations, tinted moisturizers, or other foundation-type products. Then wear them around for a day or two and see how they are throughout the day. Because our skin changes as we get older, what you wore ten, five or even two years ago may not be the best product for you now, and a nice, primed base provides the “canvas” for the rest of your makeup (and helps to minimize discoloration and sun spots, which can make us all look older than our years!).

Less can be more. As I reached age 50, I started to find that less makeup actually made me feel better about how I looked. I now focus on accentuating the areas I want to emphasize, like my eyes, with colors that are soft and complimentary to my skin tone and eye and hair color. For me, taupe is my go-to! But experiment with various shades of eyeliner, blush, and lipstick and see what works best for you - and don’t be afraid to go bold, I love a bold lip on a woman of any age! 

I hope these tips help you to find your best “look” when it comes to makeup tips after 50. Remember - there are no rules, you should do what makes YOU feel FABULOUS - because you are WORTH IT!! Xoxo

Let’s live FIT, HAPPY and HEALTHY - together!!


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