Mother Of The Bride I Do's!

Denise Austin
by Denise Austin | 
As some of you may know, my daughter Katie is getting married this spring - and we couldn't be prouder and more excited to gear up for the big day, which is why I created a Mother Of The Bride I Do's list! Whether you have a reunion, wedding, graduation, birthday celebration or another big event coming up, use these I Do's to help you plan for the day, so you can have fun and enjoy the gathering!

Mother Of The Bride I Do's

Fitness I Do:

Think of a goal, make a plan, and get it on the calendar - then mark it off every day you achieve your goal! Whether you want toned, sexy arms for a sleeveless dress, want to lose a few pounds to fit into a special outfit, or simply want to boost your metabolism so you gain energy to dance all night long, my Denise Austin Membership is a great place to start. I have 7-, 10- and 14-day Challenges designed for specific goals, plus hundreds of workouts you can do anywhere, anytime. Learn about my free trial and plans that start at just a quarter a day - join now, and I will be right there with you working out and getting fit!

Beauty I Do:

In the month leading up to the big event, I will be trying out different hair styles and makeup looks, wearing a top that is similar in color and cut to the dress I will be wearing. That way, I know I will look great the day of and be confidant in my choice! And in the few days before, I will do a dry brushing routine for glowing skin, a hair mask to hydrate my locks, and will watch my sodium intake so my face isn't puffy. The day of I like to set my makeup with a quick spray, so I'm not worried about anything melting or running, and I always keep a powder and lipstick in my bag for touch ups throughout the event.

Nutrition I Do:

I always suggest adding plenty of produce to your diet in the weeks leading up to a special day - they offer vitamins and antioxidants to help keep your immune system healthy, plus fruits and veggies have loads of fiber and low calorie counts, so you feel fuller, longer after you eat them. In the week before an event, I also like to minimize my sodium intake, and make sure I am drinking plenty of water, so I feel less bloated. The day of I like to have healthy snack like crudites, an apple with nut butter, or some unsalted nuts to keep my energy up. Then I get to the event and enjoy myself!

Wellness I Do:

Big days like a wedding can be stressful, so I am doing breathing exercises every day to help quell any unnecessary stress and anxiety. I am also keeping a detailed list that I check off each day, which helps to keep my mind at ease that everything will be covered. And when I do feel overwhelmed, I go for a brisk walk!

I hope these Mother of the Bride I Do's help inspire you to get ready for your special events coming up!  

Let’s live FIT, HAPPY and HEALTHY - together!!


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