Fat Blasting Workout You Can Do Anywhere

Denise Austin
by Denise Austin | 
Welcome to a fun 8-minute workout you can do anywhere! This workout includes a little cardio and then a little head-to-toe toning - the perfect combination to blast fat!! Since there's no equipment involved, you can do this routine anywhere, anytime. And if you think working out without any equipment isn't beneficial, think again! Here are 4 reasons that this type of workout is simple yet effective!

  • Efficient: A short workout with no equipment is nothing but efficient. Get in, get the workout done and get on with your day!

  • Flexible: You can do this workout anywhere - take 10-minutes out of your lunch break, fit it in while you're cooking dinner or in your bedroom right when you wake up or even before bed!

  • Improves Balance: When doing most bodyweight exercises you are forced to stabilize your body which helps to improve balance and core strength! 

  • No excuses: When you can do a workout anytime, anywhere there's no room for excuses!! Getting in a quick 8-minutes is something you can do every day.

I hope you love this quick yet efficient, fat blasting workout!! Press play and workout with me now!! 

Let's live FIT, HAPPY and HEALTHY - together!!


Fat Blasting Workout Video Transcript: 
Hi everybody. Welcome to your eight minute fat blast. We're gonna do some cardio and body toning without weight. So let's get started. The first exercise is just to get the body going. Use your legs, use your arms, all the major muscle groups. Let's go do the best you can. It's eight minutes worth of hard workout. You gotta do the best you can. That's it. Give it 110% today. You've got this, good last one. Okay, and a little bit of bicep curls with the heel raise. That's it. Working the legs and the arms at the same time. No weights, your own body weight. That's it. Good little fat blast. Really helps to burn calories, firm up muscle. We're gonna sculpt tone and burn some calories. Let's go. Really pick up the pace now. Heel to the buttocks. Really feel the back of your thighs. That's it. Beautiful. Great. Two more, just like that last one. Okay. Now touch it behind and work the triceps. Push and push. There you go. Make sure the elbows stay up high. You're working the back of your legs and the back of your arms. That's it. Good. Just a tap behind. You got this firm, and tone and tighten. Good. You can do it. This is worth it. This works. The back of those arms. Good. Last one. Okay. Take it down and reach up. Take it down and go up on your tippy toes. Good. It's a nice squat and lift. Use your arms and shift up. Good. Lift. Good. Like a lift off. Use your thighs. Beautiful. Two more. Great for the butt. Great for your legs, your calves. Good. Last one, up and down. 

Okay. Now we're gonna do arm presses with the lunge. All of these exercises, burn some fat and tone some muscle, but think about good posture, is your back straight and strong? And push up like you're pushing a ten pound box up and overhead. You got this under your legs. Use your arms. Last one. Okay. Switch sides the other side. Lift up nice and tall. And now bring it in front and behind for your chest. Great. Pull back. You got that Good. We're working every major muscle. Group, firm and tone. That's it. Two more. Last one. Oh, you come here. Come here Tater, my doggy. Okay, now it's for the inner and the outer thighs. You got that? Good. You can do it. Reach your arm across. You're really target toning your inside of your thighs. That's it. Good inside. Beautiful. Reach your arm up. Reach up. You got this Good. Two more. Last one. Okay. Now bring your legs together and bring your legs out. Good. And reach out. Hi honey bunny. This is my little tater boy. We're babysitting Kelly's dog isn't cute. He's a Habanese, a two-year old. Good. Take it out and down. Take it out and down. So it's an inner thigh squat. Good. And it's outer thigh. Plus, you're working your shoulders. No weights included here. You don't have to have 'em. This is it. Oops. Sorry. Boo. Oh, you want play now? Two more. Last one and down. 

Now it's time to come down to the ground. And I want you to walk your hands all the way down and hold it in a plank straight. This is your own body's weight. Hold it in a plank. Notice my shoulders are in line with my wrist. My neck is long. Pull up and in the tummy, squeeze your tushy. Tight, tight, tight. in the tushy. That's it. And now little baby lifts with the leg. Alternate legs. Squeeze and push in the tummy. And squeeze the buttocks. Hold in the tummy and squeeze the butt. Relax it. Two more. Last one. Good. And come all the way down now to a low plank. This is working a little more lower tummy. Hold it down there. Hold it down. Elbows down. Forerms down. Neck is long. Squeeze your thighs. Tighten up the tissue. Hold the tummy up and in. Nothing droops or savgs at all, holds, hold, hold, hold. And little. Forward and back. And boom and back. Total body weight. Come on. You got this? Two more. Last one. Okay, now we come to the elbow, lift it up and down. Lift it up and down. Hi Sweetheart. I love you. Good. Lift it up. Good down. We're downward facing dog in yoga. Beautiful. Hi sweetheart. Good baby. I Oh, you're such a good doggie. I love you too. Tater like Tater talks. because we love potatoes. Last one. Okay, now we hold it up. Up. Hold it up to a side. Okay. Okay. I put my coconut oil on me. Maybe that's what he's liking. . Okay, hold it. Hold it. Lift up side. Straight, straight. And build the muscles. Okay. . Hold it. Hold it. And release. Let's go the other side. Okay, here we go. Lift through legs and down high, sweetheart. Okay. Lift and low. Good. Thinking about good posture. Okay. Sit. Sit. Good. Okay, let's go. . How you know you love Mommy. Grandma, I'm really grandma. Hi. Okay, two more. Okay, last one. Now we're taking all the way up. Okay. Sit. Sit. Take, sit. Good boy. Good boy. Hold this point. Hold side plank. You got this. . Oh, good. Works. Your sides of your hips works. Your waistline, your oblique muscles. Hold it. Hold. Hold it. Beautiful. Okay. Come on down, baby. Got good posture. Lift up. And really now I want you to hold your body upright. Thinking about good posture, pulling your tummy. We're gonna slightly lean back working. Squeeze, tight, tight, tight, tight. Come back. Do you feel that? Right here. So good for your legs. Beautiful legs on the back. Okay. Beautiful. And out. Carry one leg in front and lunge it out. Hold it. The beautiful warrior pose. Hold it up, up. Great. And switch legs. Hold it up. Right. Lift higher. Higher. Again. Straight back. And come up. Take a nice deep breath, bringing that beautiful oxygen. It equals energy. And let it out. Let out any stress. You may have One more deep breath together. Bring in that energy, bring in that oxygen, and let go of any stress. No more tension. And you did it. Woo. Give yourself a big hand. 

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