Get Longer, Leaner & Stronger Arms With My New Pilates Workout

Denise Austin
by Denise Austin | 
I am a true believer in low-impact types of exercise, like Pilates and Barre. These exercises can be beneficial to your body and mind in so many ways, and I love to work into my routine! In fact, my Stop The Clock Workout Plan has an entire section devoted to Flexibility and Balance exercises, to help you stay Fit and Fabulous in your 40's, 50's and beyond! This plan includes many Pilates movements. Since Pilates not only focuses on and improves your core (or powerhouse), but also promotes strength, balanced muscle development, flexibility and so much more. Here's a brand new 5-Minute Pilates Arms workout along with 5 benefits you will notice when you regularly practice Pilates!
  1. Strengthen Your Core. Many classic Pilates moves are core-focused, either directly or indirectly.

  2. Improve Posture. One direct side effect to strengthening your core is improved posture. We all spend so much time on computers and phones these days, that everyone needs to work on improving posture!

  3. Improve Flexibility. Much like yoga, the smooth transition's between Pilates will help increase both mobility and flexibility. 

  4. Boost Your Mood. Pilates is fast paced enough to get your endorphins going, which has been proven to boost your mood!

  5. Improve Balance. Having good balance is increasingly important as we age, to reduce the risk of injury. Exercises like Pilates that strengthen your muscles while working on body alignment are great for that!

If you loved this quick 5-minute Pilates Arms workout, you have to give my new 20-Minute Pilates-Barre Fusion Workout a try!! It's a combination of both exercises to lengthen, strengthen and tone your whole body! Download my app and start a free trial today to check it out! I believe that if you practice these low-impact exercises regularly, you will see your body transform! Longer, leaner and stronger... YOU can do it!!

Let's live FIT, HAPPY, and HEALTHY - together!!

Pilates Arms Workout Transcript:

Welcome to your five minutes Pilates arms workout. You will love it. This will help lengthen and tone and sculpt your arms all in just five minutes. You can use lightweights if you like. So let's get started. Pilates, for your arms, grab some lightweights and let's get started. The first exercise is a dead bug. What I want you to do is lean slightly forward, pull the abdominals in, keep your core brace, and really use the weights. That's it. You're getting your biceps, your shoulders, and your triceps and your upper back too. Embrace the abs. That's it. Keep the abdominals tight and you're really lifting and stretching those arms. That's it. You're doing great. Keeping your back strong and straight. Good posture down here. That's it. We got two more. Lift your chest slightly up. Really feel it. Last one, lift and relax. Beautiful. And now we're gonna work on the upper back, standing up nice and tall. Bend your knees slightly and take it back. That's it like you're serving a platter. But really press your elbows into your body and really work on your upper back. This is focusing on your shoulders and your back, improving your posture. That's it. And really push it back. That's great. I want you to stand up nice and tall, thinking about good posture, tummy in, embrace the abs. That's it. Great. Really push those arms behind you and squeeze your shoulder blades behind you. That's the exercise, creating a beautiful upper back. Gorgeous. We got two more. Last one. Push it back. And now we're going to go out and pull in. Reach out. And pull in. You got that. Really reach. Elongate the arms. Great. Lengthening through the spine, through your arms. Beautiful. Sexy arms. Reach out and pull in. That's it. We got two more. You got this last one. Now we hold it up. Now what's called is a strong man. You're gonna bring your elbows up and press your weight out. That's it. Kind of like a bicep curl. But in this position, this way, it works your shoulders, it contracts your abs. Pull in those abdominals, zip up the abs. And now show me those beautiful biceps. You got 'em. That's it. Beautiful. We only have a couple more of these. Really pull full range. Do you see? I come all the way in and then all the way out. Last one. Pull it all the way in and all the way out. Beautiful. And now let's lift the arm up and stretch it back. That's it. Single arm raises. Lift up and press. Gorgeous. Thinking about strong body, strong minds because you are worth it. Upper back and now. Tricep toner. That's it. Lift your elbow up high and reach behind you. Gorgeous. We have one more on this side. Lift and really reach. That's it. And let's switch sides and slowly go down. Pull up and stretch the arm. That's it. In Pilates, it's all about elongating. That's gorgeous. You got it. Straight and tone all at once. Good. With a little stretch, lift the elbow, stretch the arm behind you. Two more. You got this. And lift up. Press last one. Beautiful. Lift it up, up, up, up, up, up. Okay, relax. And now we're going to do a back fly. You're gonna lean and kind of hinge forward, bringing your arms all the way down, and you're gonna slightly come up and back down. Good. Just slightly. Come up and down. Take your time using the muscle and knock momentum. This strengthens your upper back. Beautiful. Squeeze your shoulder blades behind you right now. Squeeze. That's it. You can do it. Lift and lower. Got two more, just like that last one. Lift it up and down. And now slowly bring your arms all the way up and bring 'em down to your side. Lift them back up. Shoulder level and back down. Bend your knees to protect your back. Feet, shoulder width apart. That's it. Gorgeous. Keeping your body nice and strong. And slowly relax. Bring it slowly. Up, up, up, up, up. Good, and down. We have two more of these. Last one lifted up. Now hold it up there. And now we're gonna go out and pull in for the chest. We're gonna stretch out and pull in. Beautiful. Improving the chest muscles, our pectorals. That's it. Helping with our posture. Great for confidence. Two more. Last one. Pull up, up, up, up, up, up. Hold it together. Now together, together. Hold it. Little baby pulses. You can do it. You got it. Last one. And relax. And there you did a beautiful arm workout. Yay. You did great. Now if you wanna challenge yourself, download my app and I have a great 20 minute Pilates workout. You did great with a fabulous workout. And if you want more full length workouts, I have a brand new app, Denise Austin app that has over 400 of my workouts, plus recipes, plus a great community and challenges too to keep you going. Plus, we have a free trial going on right now. So download my app or scan the QR code.