Outdoor Workout Ideas

Denise Austin
by Denise Austin | 

It’s one of my favorite times of the year… spring! Spring means many of us can take our workouts outdoors, one of my favorite places to get exercise. When it comes to outdoor workout ideas, the possibilities are plentiful. Whether it’s bike riding, hiking or simply taking an indoor workout outdoors, consider these suggestions - all are wonderful ways to get in some exercise, enjoy nature, burn calories and fat, and boost your metabolism. Some of my favorites include the following:

Outdoor Stretching. What a wonderful way to treat your body with care and soak up some vitamin D! I like to begin and end each workout with a warm up - walking in place, stretching my quads, and loosening up my body in general. Look for a park bench, wall or curb to get a deeper stretch in, or to use for stability.

Quad stretch

Exercising on the Beach. I love walking in general - it truly is my favorites - and walking on the beach is a favorite of mine. Walking on sand not only burns more calories than walking on pavement, it helps to work more muscles in your lower body and even the abs. Because of how you have to readjust your body with every step, it’s almost like a whole body workout! If you don’t live near a beach, try walking on hills or up stairs. And take advantage of the benches and walls near a beach or in a park - these are great places to do some upper body workouts like pushups. Simply put your arms a little more than shoulder width apart on the wall or bench, and slowly lower yourself towards and then away from the bench or wall. Make sure your movements are slow and precise - shapely arms and shoulders will be the payoff!


Squat to Leg Push-Back. This move is great for your booty! Start with your feet shoulder width apart, then squat down, keeping your knees over your ankles and bringing your hands in front of you. Tighten up your tushy and keep your back straight as you squat, you should feel the burn in your backside! Then, as you raise up, lean forward and push a leg behind you, bringing your arms behind you. You will be leaning slightly forward now, and should feel your muscles working in your booty and legs. Bring the leg back down and repeat the squat/leg push on the other side. Do this five times per side (you can this move anywhere) to keep your booty lifted and shapely!

Squat to Standing Crunch

Lunge To Standing Crunch. This move works the legs AND abs! Start in a classic lunge position, with your left leg behind you, and your right knee above your right ankle. Keep your back straight and your tummy pulled in. Then as you would typically come up from the lunge position, take it one step further and bring your arms up by your head, and twist your torso, bringing your arm to your opposite knee. Make sure to keep your back straight - don’t slouch. Repeat this move five times per side for leaner legs and a flatter, more toned waistline!

Lunch to Standing Crunch

I hope these outdoor workout ideas encourage you to take your fitness outdoors this spring - enjoy!

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