Six Secrets To Slimmer Looking Abs!

Denise Austin
by Denise Austin | 
The questions I get asked most often have to do with abs... "how do I get a flatter stomach?" or "how do I tone my lower stomach?" Well I'm here to tell you that there are some things you can do to give the illusion of a flatter stomach. I've put together some of my favorite tips on how to make your midsection look lean and toned! These secrets really do work - give them a try and see how you feel! 

  1. Add in Pilates to your workout routine. Pilates is all about the core, and different Pilates moves work the midsection in every possible way - it's truly a "flat abs" best friend when it comes to workouts! Give my Fit and Lite: Yoga Pilates, Abs workout a try! This is one of MANY Pilates workouts available in my app.
  2. Stand up tall. Imagine a string above your head pulling you up. As you straighten, tuck in those abs - pull your belly button to the back of your spine. There - you look five pounds thinner and your abs already look flatter!
  3. Try a "tummy tuck" every hour. When the clock strikes, pull in those abs! Hold them in for 30 seconds to a minute... continual practice WILL give you results, and you can do this anytime, anywhere!
  4. Avoid foods that can cause you to look bloated. Sugar substitutes, chewing gum and carbonated drinks can lead to bloating, as can salty snacks, so keep these to a minimum.
  5. And add foods that help to de-bloat! In addition to drinking plenty of water, chew on parsley, load up on water-heavy produce like melon, cucumber and celery, and add potassium-rich foods like potatoes to your diet.
  6. Wear ab-slimming outfits. One color can do wonders for a lengthened look, and opt for blouses or dresses that have ruching, or gathered folds, which can blur the belly lines. I also like a blousy top tucked into fitted jeans to minimize any "poochiness" that may be going on, as well asymmetrical hemlines which draw attention away from the belly and towards the apparel! And size up if you need to - a little extra room is more flattering (and comfortable!) than a garment that is too tight!

I hope these ab-tastic tips help YOU look and feel your best!! And don't forget that you really do need to work core too. Download my app today and gain access to countless ab workouts along with motivating challenges including a 7-Day Flat Ab Challenge. Start your free trial here to check it out!

Let's live FIT, HAPPY and HEALTHY - together!