Trim & Tone: Full Body Workout

Denise Austin
by Denise Austin | 
Welcome to one of my popular Trim & Tone Workouts! Today's is a Trim & Tone: Full Body Workout, and it is a great way to work your entire body - in just 10 minutes! 

How can 10 minutes of exercise make a difference? Well, as I like to say: Every Little Bit Counts! So if you are short on time, then use your spare 10 minutes to try this workout - you can even do it a few times throughout the day (anywhere you are, if you have your phone with you!). If you want to up your calorie burn, add it to your regular routine. If you are easing back into working out, then a 10-minute full body workout like this one can make that transition seamless. (You can also mix and match all my Trim & Tone Workouts together, to make an entire workout of 20-50 minutes! See the links below for all my Trim & Tone Workouts.)

Once you add these 10-minute Trim & Tone workouts to your daily to-do list, you will be:

  • Burning more calories
  • Toning up your body
  • Replacing fat with muscle
  • Improving your metabolism, energy levels and balance
  • Seeing visible results, like a smaller waistline and less jiggle

So don't wait - make ALL these improvements starting today, with this all new Trim & Tone: Full Body Workout!

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Let's live FIT, HAPPY and HEALTHY - together!!


Welcome to a new trim and tone full body series. Let's get started. The first exercise is to really wake up that spine. We're gonna work on every body spot from head to, that's right. Our abs and our arms. Our legs and our booty. Good. Just warm up a little. Get the blood circulated. You got this, smile! We're gonna burn some calories. We're gonna tone our muscles. It's all about trimming. And now lift those heels up. That's it. Now we're working the back of the thighs and a little bicep, a little arms. You got this, great. Always pull the heel to the buttocks. The feel the back of your thigh, the hamstring. Great. That's it - use your arms. The more muscles you use, the more calories we burn. Yes. Just follow along. You got this. We got two more of these last one. Okay.

Now hold it right here. Hold it here. We're gonna work on our legs right now. Hips, thighs, and buttocks. So get low. That's it. How low can you go? Just a little lower. That's it. And now hold it right here. And let's do a little bit of squats. Just sit down and lift, sit back. Feel it through the legs and the buttock. You got that, good posture. You can do it. Squeeze the buttock. That's it. And let's work your arms at the same time. Shoulder raise and relax. That's it. Two workouts in one, you can do it. Slim and trim and firm those beautiful muscles. We have 600 and muscles. That's it. We're going to firm them up right now. We got two more.

That's it. Last one, take it down. Can you hold it? Can you hold it, pull your abs in, hold, hold and come on. Let's concentrate on those abs. Pull your abdominals up and in zip up those abs feel as though the belly button's pulled into the back your spine and think good posture. Let the leg come to you. Don't slouch through the rib cake instead lengthen through your abdominals, your core. Okay. Two more. Now, place your hands behind you and really think about lengthening through those abs. Wanna make more space? Reach your vertebrae here. Good. 

Now it's time to do a little crunch, so let's twist it out. Crunch. You got it. Good. Just twist it out. Pull the belly button up and in and lift your chest a little higher up. There you go. Good. Twist it out. Good. Great for the waistline. Great for the abdominals also works the lower abs. Two more. That's one. Hold it right here. Reach up and twist it out to one, one side in the waist. That's it. You can do it. Lengthen that leg and then pull in. It's a crunch, a side crunch. You got it. Do the best you can. This workout is for you feel as though I'm your personal trainer coming right into your home. Denise is here to work me out!

Yes,  last one. Okay. Lengthen the body first and then twist it. You can do it. Good. Pull in. These are all the exercises I've been doing for years and are tried and true. They work. You will see results. You have to be regular. Be very consistent with your workout. Okay. We're only doing a 10 minute tone right now. Last one. Good. Okay. Take a nice deep breath. Inhale and exhale. What I want you to do is hold  your chest up. Hold it, now target the butt. The leg stretch. That's all lower lengthening through here and now slowly lift up and squeeze your buttocks. Pull in the belly button. Feel the length right through here. Lengthening the muscle that's right. Keep your knee in front of your toe, up and down. You got two more last one.

Okay. Let's switch to the other side. First. The warrior pose to strengthen your thigh and your buttocks. Hold it up there. Hold it up. That works the muscles. Hold it. Squeeze the buttock. That's it. Go a little lower. If you can, lift through the chest. So you're getting exercise lower in the lower half and lifting through the upper half. Yes. You got this good. Okay. A little squeeze of the buttock. Almost do like a little pelvic tilt. There we go down, up, feeling the length right here. So good to trim and tone. You'll be beautiful. You just have a couple more. You can do it, last one.  Now the inner inside of your thighs. Yes. Get long. You can do it. Shift your hips side to side to really get the inner thighs. That's it good. Get low if you can, but notice I'm sitting back. That's important. Okay. Let's add a little waist twist with it. Twist through the waist. Twist it. Reach in. You can do it.

Target the inside of your legs. No more jiggle - we gotcha. Good. Two more. That's one. Okay. Another great inner thigh move to lift your heels up. But notice I'm focusing deep inside the legs. That's it. Good. Couple of these lift the heel. Good. Do you feel your inner thighs? That's where I want you to feel it. We're firming. We're sculpting we're toning up the inner thigh. Last one. Okay. Beautiful. Now it's time to work in the back, I love this. That's it. So when we wave goodbye, nothing will jiggle on us. You can do it. Hold it up. Got two more. Last one. Okay. Relax. Lift your elbows up and back down. Lift and lower. You got this, lift. This is trimming the upper back muscles so important for all of us.

Lift and squeeze. Good, shape and tone also firms in that area. No more bra overhang. So lift it up. Use your own resistance, lift up and squeeze. There you go. Beautiful. We have two more. The last one. Good and lift up and let's walk forward, straight up and down. I want you to squeeze that now. I want you use your thigh and lift your leg. Thigh outer workout. That's it. You lift your leg out. That is excellent. Lower body trimmer. Lower half burn. Yes. Sculpt and shake those legs. Good resize your thighs and muscle takes up less space. That's the beautiful part about staying fit and toned. Stay fit with toning and trimming. Good. Two more. Use the outer thigh. Okay. Go to the other side. Lift and push away. Lift, push away. The push away really works the outer thigh also. You're firming up the leg doubling the thigh trim. No more saddle bags. Yes. Two more. Last one. Beautiful. Okay. Hold it right up here. Hold it up. We're gonna lift through the abdominals. Lift up. Arch a little squeeze the buttocks. Beautiful stretch to the other side. Full body reach. You're pulling your abs up and in. You're lengthening through the rib cage by giving space. Open up your chest. That's it beautiful. You're doing great. A couple more exercise for the upper body arm. Pull down. Good.

Pull hard. That's it. Two more. Last one and release. Let's all take a deep breath together. Breathe in, you're beautiful, let go. Just let it out. One more deep breath together. Bring in that oxygen. It equals energy and just let it go. No more stress. No more tension. You did something for you. A great workout to firm and tone to your entire body. Full body toner.

Thanks for working out with me!