Why YOU Should Be Drinking Minerals - Plus a Recipe!

Denise Austin
by Denise Austin | 

Minerals are vital to our physical health - our bodies use minerals to keep our bones healthy, our heart and muscles working properly, our brain functioning at peak level, they boost our immune system, and give us energy, they also are important as they are required to make hormones - just to name a few things!!

There are two types of minerals:  

- Macrominerals - we need these in larger amounts, and they include calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium. 

- Trace minerals - we  need these in smaller amounts, but they are still important! They include iron, zinc and  fluoride.

The good news is that a diet that is varied and focuses on whole, healthy foods can provide you with most of what you need when it comes to getting your minerals...and one way I like to get my minerals is by drinking them!

You can make your own mineral water by adding simple ingredients like salts that contain trace minerals and coconut water which is naturally rich in potassium. One of my favorite "Mineral Mocktails" is my go-to when I want to ensure I am getting enough of what I need. 

Mineral Mocktail

1 cup unsweetened coconut water

Fresh juice from 1/2 of a lime

Pinch of pink salt

Water or carbonated water to taste

To make, combine all ingredients in a glass, stir and add ice as desired. When you drink this, you will be helping your body to stay regular, since mineral water helps to alleviate constipation, and helping to keep your blood pressure at healthy level. Plus - it tastes delicious!

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