Why You Should Be Working Out With A Partner

Denise Austin
by Denise Austin | 
Have you ever noticed that when you are exercising with a partner, you get a better workout? Accountability is key, and I find that when I have a workout partner I actually get a better workout than when I am exercising solo. There are two reasons for this: Motivation and Distraction. Having a partner by your side will encourage and cheer you on; they might just push you to do a couple more reps, grab the ten pound dumbbell instead of eight, or go the extra mile - and vice versa! Experts say that there's an increased amount of joy when working out with others, and having the accountability makes you more likely to show up and get results. I try to schedule workouts with my best girlfriends, my sisters or my daughters several days a week if possible. 

In honor of Mother's Day weekend, I want to share some of my FAVORITE partner workouts that my daughter, Katie, and I have done. She's one of my favorite workout buddies, we always have so much fun together. I encourage you to get moving this weekend, choose one of these workouts, press play and I promise, you will feel GREAT! 

Booty Barre Workout:

Ab Workout:

I hope you enjoy these workouts as much as Katie and I do! And if you want even more, start your free trial at DeniseAustin.com for access to over 400 workouts!! The best workout is the one you will do, so find what works best for you, and stick to it! 

Let's live EVER BETTERâ„¢ - together!!


Booty-Barre Mother Daughter Workout Transcript: 

Hi everybody, it's Denise Austin And Katie Austin and we're mother daughter duo. And today it's all about the booty bar. We're going to lean out our thighs, lift our bottom and look great from Bo. Hi . Okay, let's do it. Let's begin thinking about good posture. Let's begin it. A wonderful warmup, afternoon. Zip up those. You're now typing up through the abdominals and you're thinking, good posture. That's it. Get those legs going. Beautiful. Long, lean legs. All right, now let's add your arm behind our head. Good posture. Inhale and exhale. Start to add just a little bit of a twist with those crunches. Just twist with it. Get those abs warmed up working those sides, come on, you guys. Zip up those abs. Belly button in navel to spine. Beautiful. That's it for 3, 2, 1, relax. Beautiful. Now let's begin our ballet room. Lift and lower the leg. Lift and lower. Think about good posture while you do this for working up front of your thighs. Now thinking about tightening up through live abdominal strong bodies, strong minds because you are worth it. Beautiful. You got two more? Last one. Okay. Take it behind squeeze the glute every time and hinge forward just a little bit. Ab are tucked, stay tight. Perfect. You guys do ankle weights at home. Great. Focus on your breath. Inhale and exhale. Gimme three, two, and one. Okay. Switch sides. Uh, begin by standing up the top. Nice and tall. Zip up those abs. Let's begin with the front of your thigh, the quadricep and shape your leg. They firm your thighs. That's it. They strengthen the muscle surrounding your knees and that's it. It doesn't have to come that high. All you have to do is lift the leg, firm it up, tone and sculpt. It burns. It's good. Small little movements. That's what bar is. You guys will feel it tomorrow, I promise. You can use a chair. You could use your mom, your buddy, your special. Somebody. Last one. Okay, let's take it from the back. Now. Really squeeze that bottom lip and down, squeeze, squeeze. The whole idea is to firm and tone up that rear end, so it's shape, look great from behind. That's it. Lift. really think about tummy in. Good. Excellent. Katie . Thank you. All right. Gimme 3, 2, 1. Come into a  plie squat position. We're gonna plie down. Exhale the making sure you are pulling. Cool with your lower ab. Squeezing your boots to the top. Raise coach point outwards. Focus on good posture. Shoulders down it's beautiful. Firming, toning and sculpting your thigh muscle. Also, this works your inner thighs. No more jigglies in the inner thighs. inner good, great for that booty too and if you guys wanna do a little bit of dance, you guys can come up onto your heels. Almost like you were wearing Haku and heels right there to get our calves nice and toned, like stilettos. That's good. Beautiful. Big, tall. that's it. Great. Got two more. Last one. Beautiful. Okay, now hinge forward and reach one arm in front of one  arm in the back. Back is strong and straight. And switch and switch. Working your upper back muscles, also your boot by staying in the beautiful narrow squat. Stretch your inner thighs together and squeeze those triceps. Come back, squeeze those triceps as we tuck out there, this is great for the back of those arms. That's it. Strong. Beautiful, stretch. Two more. Last one. Okay. Now Albert's side to Yes. So, okay, you guys can grab a chair at home, but we're just gonna lift and lower our legs right here. Also working our love handles. You guys need a little extra posture. Support. Hands behind your head. Woo. I felt in the waistline too, Katie. Yes. This is great for those outer thighs. That's it. Beautiful. Could use the wall for balance, for support for each other. Good. This is working on those saddle banks that we don't like. . That's skill.  Last one. And of course, switch sets. Okay, ready. Thinking about good posture, lift out and in. Out and in. Beautiful. That's it.  Your goal here is to really feel it in the outside. Your hips and your thighs. That's great. You're doing it. Proud of you guys. Keep it going. It's worth it. You'll seal it. See the results. That's it. Good. Love you all. Stay healthy. Stay fit. Stay lean. Good. Think good posture. Smile for toning our muscles. Firming it up. Last one. Beautiful. Okay. In our squats. Yes. Let's lean back and lift up. And now you could release the arm and the other arm. That's it. Good. Stretch it out. If you don't have your buddy with you, that's okay. I just want you to do some squats. This reshapes that. Bottom half. Beautiful. Sit back. Great. Get those wonderful strong legs and ballerina legs. Yes. And if you guys do not have a weight at home right before, like my mom said, no worries. And make sure you aren't twisting every time you come down. Twist us a little bit to get that waistline going. Inhale and exhale. That's it. Last one. And let's turn it into a wind wheel. Reach it out and over. Beautiful. That's it. Great. Do the best you can. This is great. Cause have a whole body now. Really work that whole body. Work it out.  Good. Couple more here. Last one. And release. Okay. How do you guys feel? Feels so good to burn to toe. To lift the booty . Yes. And get a little bit of our abs and our upper body as well. Thank you guys so much for joining us. Make sure to grab onto your mom, your daughter, your aunt, anyone in your family or your best friends. Keep each other accountable. Thank you guys so much for watching. We love you. Subscribe below. Yes bye.

Denise and Katie's 8-Min Ab Workout Transcript:
Hi everybody, it's Denise Austin, and her daughter Katie Austin, and we are gonna give you an eight minute ab workout. So let's get started. Woo. Tighten up those S . Okay, let's just begin by a nice stretch side to side. This is now warming up those ugly muscles. Yeah. Woo. Are you ready? We'll be doing standing abs and getting down on the floor so you can do it. And all you need is yourself, no equipment needed. So get up off the couch and join us right here. Making sure you're really elongating your side body and you're adding a little bit of a bounce, even though those knees soft right here. Tighten up that tummy. Okay, now twist side to side work that waistline. Let's go. Woo. I love this one you guys Also, it works on the back of your legs as well as your love handles back here. So if you reach out, you really feel good. No more love handles that We hate . Okay, two more last one. Alright, let's stand up nicely tall. Thinking about good posture. That's it. Your back strong and straight. Let your knee come to you. You're now working the lower abdominals, the lowest in between your belly button and your pelvic bone. This is a great way to kind of get those lower abs moving, but you have to tighten up your tummy. Pull that belly button in. That's it. Okay. Stage two, come all the way up. Come on, lift it up. Good. That's it. Good. And as you do this long, get your spine. Your spine is your life, Brian. You can do it. Good. And now as you do this we'll add a torso, twist, twist and twist while you're doing this. Kelly, Kelly, Katie. Yes. That's my other daughter. Kelly. Kelly does this too, but the belly button has to be pulled in almost like you're kind of making it in like a course it would pull in. Great. Two more. Last one. Okay, now hold your tummy. Nice. And talk. Now we're concentrating and focusing on those elite muscles. They really help shape you. Give you done nice sculpted waistline. Good. You can do it. Kind of feel it. Glue your waistline. Pull your abs in. Keep breathing, keep those shoulders down and back. Good posture. Almost like you're pulling a rope from each side right here. Oh yeah. And you're only getting out of this as much effort as you're putting in too. So work hard. We only have 4, 3, 2 on this last one stay right here. Hands about to one side right here. We're gonna do some side pulls. So pull that knee through, working those lower. Also with the little torso twist, you get a little obliques here. That's it. Come on. Pull it in. Belly button to your spine. Tighten up those abs. Core tight core crushing right now. Come on. Great, for 3 2, 1 and switch. Here we go. Arms go out. Pull that knee through. I pump through. I love this one. Katie. Pull those abs in. Tighten knit. Good. Nice. Low impact cardio. Two.
. Burn fat, tone up. Good core, 3, 2, 1. Ooh. Okay, now we're gonna do one of Katie's favorites. It's a side pull. Stretch your hands to the side and pull your elbow towards your knee. That's a pull. Good pull. Now you're really focusing on the waistline going in. Yes. Cinch in that waistline. This is such an excellent way to really get the whole side body, the whole waistline. That beautiful hourglass shape. That's one. Okay. To the other side. Let's go full. Really cool. Focus. Good. That's it. Bend a little more to waist. Really cinch in that waistline. Yay. . Good. We got two more. Last one. Okay, time to plank it out. Let's get down on the ground and do a plank. Alright. The first one is on your elbows. A low hover. And the reason I like the low hovers, cause it really focuses on this a area, it's a really tightening up that's sitting all in front the front of your abs. This is where you're gonna really get the extra workout. Now roll. But anything trooper say, it's all lifted. Notice her legs are strong and straight. She's squeezing her buttocks and fold it. Tighten up good. Notice the shoulders are in nice alignment with the elbows, so you're nice and nice looking place. Just like that. Okay, now knee kisses, touch one and then the other. Now we're engaging a little more of the lower end of the rectus of dom. That's it, ok the lower part of your ab. Excellent. Katie, you got two more? You can do this you guys last one. Okay, take a breather. Good work. Now up on your hands. And now I'm gonna do like a spider and I'm gonna hold it upright, really tight and pull up and down. Put in. Yeah, Like slow man climbers right here. And also to make it a little bit more challenging really to work your side of dominoes, your love handles. You guys can try to tap each knee just like that. Beautiful mom, like a spider. So still keeping that nice high pipe position right here. Your butt, not too high, not too low. Really working those love handles. And then you guys little work more with your lower abs. You guys can move straight towards your chest as well to do a slow mountain. Climbs. Last two and one. Nice one both. Okay, thank you. All right, now it's time for my favorite of all time. Works every ab muscle. Yes. Got. It's a bicycle. All right. Did you know that it works the most muscles of the core. The bicycle getting gauges, that signs of your waistline. Let's go. Come on, bicycle it out. This works. Jose works. The waistline works the whole abdominal area. You can't get a better one. And this is a plan. It really works. Excellent. Katie, this is the perfect form, you guys. That's it. And then you can slow it down and really twist if you want. Now slow down. Really engage all of those ab muscles, the cells and wrap. That's it. Good. Engage more. Your back is whack. Make sure your back is flat. You got two more? These last one. Okay. Now for the lower tummy, my also area I need to work on after babies and all after having lovely Katie. Okay, notice my back is flat here. All is doing a simple toe tap. That's it. But it's flattening my lower tummy. This one's great. It doesn't look like much, but I promise you guys will. Feel this and make sure you're slow and steady. No need to kick your feet down really fast at all, making sure you're still breathing. Inhale and exhale. Also, the more you breathe during ab work, the more you're really gonna contract and engage your core as well. And then you could get a little more advanced and do the streak. Wow. Woo. Come on. Give it a try you guys. Come on. Okay, one more that we're both gonna do. Katie, get on down. We're gonna do our little tucks, tummy tucks. Here we go. Tummy tight. That's it. Come on. Finish it strong with last move. Yes, you can do it. Let's go side to side now. Side and side inside you. Come on, make it work for you. My slide work out tummy tell me abs corn. Keep it tight. Two more. Last one. Okay. Woo. We did it sweetie. I hope you enjoyed this. That's a great ab workout. You get it done in just eight minutes. Love guys.