Denise Austin's 2022 10-Day Fit & Fab Challenge

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My 10-Day Fit & Fab Challenge kicks off on May 16th and runs through to May 25th. The goal of the Challenge is to get you feeling confident about yourself and your fitness goals! Each day for 10 days, you’ll get a daily workout and healthy recipes and meal suggestions. Cardio, strength and toning, yoga and more! It’s all included in this 10-Day Fit and Fab Challenge. Join me for free today and we’ll get started on May 16th!  Enter your email address below to sign up for the challenge and let's get fit TOGETHER!

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10 Days of Workouts!

With so many different exercises, fitness can be overwhelming! I’ll show you how to burn fat with cardio, tone with strength moves, and lengthen with yoga and Pilates. Every workout is step-by-step so you can feel confident you’re doing everything right!

Delicious & Nutritious Recipes!

Nutrition is key to fueling your body the right way so you have the energy to work out and the correct number of calories to lose weight. I’ll share some of my favorite healthy recipes as well as my tips for keeping your nutrition balanced!

Motivations to Keep You Going!

I'll keep you motivated throughout the challenge so you can accomplish it with ease! Stick with me and we'll make exercise FUN!

Bonus Tips & Exercises!

While workouts and nutrition are the top two ways to get fit, you’ll need a little more to feel completely fab! My stress-busting tips, mood-boosting breathing exercises, and more will give you the edge you need to feel fit and fab all the time!

My Approach

Start A Routine & Get Confidence In Yourself

This 10-Day Fit and Fab Challenge is designed to combine a variety of workouts with the nutrition and lifestyle tips you need to feel your best and create habits that stick. You’ll get cardio workouts for burning fat, strength workouts to tone your arms, legs, belly and more, and stretching and yoga moves to lengthen and recover. Each piece comes together to give you the confidence to get Fit and Fab - at any age!


Fun & Exciting Workouts

A different workout each day that will help you strengthen your muscles, whittle that waistline, and blast calories!


Healthy Recipes & Tips

The key to a great meal plan is balance! Eat healthy during the day with easy-to-make, delicious recipes, so you can indulge in all of your favorites guilt-free!


Bonus Tips and Videos

Bonus tips and videos that will enhance your fitness journey with new insights and knowledge!

Wow Denise!!! It feels so good to be back doing these exercises with you.

Beautiful Melody

I’m already loving this!!! This was just what I needed today!!! So happy I’m doing this!!!


From the first time I gained extra weight until today, Denise Austin’s videos have gotten me to my weight loss goals.


Join My Free 2022 10-Day Fit & Fab Challenge!

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