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My EVER BETTER™ Challenge kicks off February 13th. This fun challenge gives you a mix of exciting workouts, tips, motivations, recipes and more — each and every day between February 13th and February 26th! Everything is designed to help YOU make the most of 2023!  Plus I'll be sending emails to keep you on track and motivated!  Enter your email address below for access and reminder emails starting February 13th!

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Get Your 2023 Goals In Order So You Can Look & Feel Your Best!

14 Days of New & Retro Workouts

Get a mix of new and retro workouts that will help you look and feel your best in 2023! Exclusive workouts to tone your arms, lift your booty, whittle that waist, and more! Look good, feel good, and help prevent unwanted weight gain with just a few minutes a day!


Enjoy healthy and easy recipes so you can eat right during the day, and indulge in your favorites at night! With these simple, delicious recipes, you won’t need to worry about gaining those extra pounds and can eat GUILT FREE!


Is your body feeling stressed?  Join me in some of my favorite yoga workouts and stretches! These will help you loosen up your muscles and stretch away your stress so you can start living EVER BETTER™!


A mix of new and retro workouts that are easy to get into, quick, and something you can accomplish during your free time throughout the day!

Denise Austin's Prepared Meals! Denise Austin's Prepared Meals!

My Approach

Every Minute and Every Move Counts

So many people make their new year's resolutions, don't see results right away, and then just give up! But not us — throughout this 14-day challenge we'll be focusing on techniques to reduce weight, foster good health, and promote your fitness.  Just a few minutes a day can help you start the year feeling healthy and strong!


New and Retro Workouts

Stay motivated with a different workout each day that will help you whittle that waistline, tone your trouble spots, and blast calories!


Healthy Recipes & Tips

The key to a great meal plan is balance! Eat healthy during the day with easy-to-make, delicious recipes, so you can indulge in all of your favorites guilt-free!


Bonus Tips and Videos

Bonus tips and videos including breathing exercises, the importance of hydration, healthy skin tips and more!

Wow Denise!!! It feels so good to be back doing these exercises with you.

Beautiful Melody

I’m already loving this!!! This was just what I needed today!!! So happy I’m doing this!!!


From the first time I gained extra weight until today, Denise Austin’s videos have gotten me to my weight loss goals.


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