Sleek, Summer 10-Minute Workout

Denise Austin
by Denise Austin | 
It's a sexy for summer workout - try my new 10-minute beach workout created to help YOU look amazing this summer! 

Whether you want to improve your arms and shoulders, so you can smolder in your tank tops, or want to lift and tone your rear so you look as good leaving the room as when you walk in, this is the workout for you! And if you want to work that midsection for a toned, tight, flatter tummy - good for your posture, your back health, and balance - join my plan for an additional ab bonus workout!

My new summer sexy workout below is a perfect addition to your existing routine, or you can do it a few times a day and take advantage of all the benefits it offers!

I love creating these quick and effective workouts for you all - every little bit counts, and I enjoy encouraging women of all ages to get more exercise into their lives and to love the way they look and feel!! It makes you feel and look better, and is so good for long-term health, both physical and emotional. No doubt about it, exercise is the key to a healthier life now and in the future, so make a pledge to yourself to exercise most days a week. You will not be disappointed you did! 

Try my sexy summer for summer 10-Minute Beach Body Workout today - you are worth it, and deserve to have a fun, sexy summer! 

Let's live EVER BETTERâ„¢ - together!


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Here's your 10 minute beach body workout. So let's get started, thinking about inner and outer thighs, stretch your legs side to side to get started. We're gonna feel good when we're done. I promise. Stay fit. Stay healthy. You got this, feel great in your bathing suit. Beach body workout. You got this. We're gonna work on all the body problem spots. That's right. Our arms, our legs, our buttocks, our thighs. Yes, we got two more. Just stretch your legs side to side. That's it. Last one. Okay. And hold the body here. Stretch your arms out and get a little lower. So you can feel your inner thighs working. Now. Can you get your toe up? Oh, can you feel that it's so good for your inner thighs and let's go to the other side. Stretch your legs first. Hold it out there. Really firm up this quadricep, lift that quadricep.

That's it. And now push your heel into the ground. Toe comes up, flex your foot. Can you feel the extra stretch in your inner thighs? So good for our inner thighs?  Okay. And stand up. Nice and tall. Turn in your toes out. Let's do a little plie. Great for your legs. Go down and squeeze the buttocks on the way up. Go down. That's in a little deeper and lift. Notice the knees go right in line with the toes. Really important. That's it. Good. We got two more think good posture. Pull the belly button in towards your spine. Now. Hold it right there. Lift your heel up. Press your heel. Lift it. Good. The foot is pressing. You're working your inner thighs. Great. And switch legs. Hold it down there. You got this, beautiful, great leg and inner thigh workout. Okay. Stand up.

Nice and tall and relax. Let's begin working our arms. That's it. Now we're gonna do some tricep moves right now. Think about good posture. This'll work the back of your thighs. Okay. And the back of your arms. So what you're gonna do is go down and in, out and in lift those elbows high. So you really work the back of your arms. That's it. You got this, good. Lift it up. Good, back is strong and straight. Double the workout in half the time, we got two more. You guys last one. Good. And hold it up there. Baby presses up. Baby presses up. Beautiful lift, lift lift. Okay. To the other side, lift here and press, good. Always make sure the palms are facing upward. There you go. This is now working the back of your thighs and your back of your arms. Triceps are so hard to target tone, but this one works.

Keep the elbows up high. Beautiful. We got two more. The last one and we hold it up. Hold it up. You got it. Lift it higher. Squeeze your shoulder blades together. Back of the arms, back of your shoulders. Firming and toning. Target tone. That's it. We got two more beautiful. Hold it up. Oh, did you feel it? I did. Okay. Now we're gonna do some bicep curls with some hammer curls. So now we're gonna work the front of the arms and the back of those legs. Yes. The hamstrings. They help to firm and tone the back of your legs and shape your buttocks too. So if you wanted to see what my heel is doing, it's going to the heel to the buttocks. That bend is gonna work the back of your thighs. Okay. Let's go to the other side. You got this, we're toning, keep your abs in.

You all have to be reminded. Even I do. Don't worry about it. We all do good. Okay. Take it forward now forward and double it up. That's the double up with your arms. Press it. Come on, work those arms. Two more, last one. Okay. Side to side. Inhale and exhale. Use your thigh muscles. Get a little lower, but we're circling those arms. This'll help, but really boost the metabolism. Yes. All of these great exercises you can do without any equipment. Yes. Just yourself in your home. Yes. We got this two more. Last one. Okay. Let's work on those abs, walk your hands all the way down to the floor. Walk it into a plank and hold your plank. Hold right now. Abs workout. Here we go. Tighten up that tummy. Tighten up your quads, engage your abs. Tuck, tuck, tuck. Don't let that tummy droop or sway your back.

Hold it in. Beautiful. Let's walk all the way back. Hips come up, walk your hands towards your toes and let's stand all the way up and try it again. Walk all the way down. That's it. Hold the plank. Your body is strong. You're lean. Your tummy's pulled in and tight core muscles are engaged. It's all about the abdominals here. Lengthen your spine. That's why it's called a plank. Hold it. Okay. Come all the way back up. Stretch it out, out, out, out. Hold the stretch. Come back down. And now we're going down to the elbows. We're gonna do a low hover. Great for the abs, lower tummy tightener. Hold it tight. Tight, tight. Good work. Now we're gonna do a knee kiss to the ground. Touch and release. Good. Keep those abs tight. Two more - beach body ready! Last one. Okay. And come to your knees.

Beautiful. Lift your chest high. Beautiful bend to the side and lift those legs. You got that. Working the sides of the waistline now, as well as your legs, strengthening your arms, your shoulders. Hold it up there. That's it. Lift. Now. Hold press it. And hold. Now for those of you that are a little more advanced, give yourself a challenge. Split your legs and hold the T-stand. Hold it up there get your hips up. That's it. Tighten up the tummy ... whole body exercise. Full body. Reach up up up. Keep it tight, tight. Okay, beautiful. Let's go to the other side. The first exercise is just to lift up. Now. Hold it right here. Press your shoulder blade behind you. That's it lengthen through the spine and now lift your legs. Lift your leg. Good. Hold yourself upright. That's it. It's all work. It all in the sides of the waist.

Your hips, your legs. You're doing great. No more saddle bags. We'll slim it down. Last one. Hold it up up up. Okay. Challenge your body and place your foot in front. Stagger your feet and lift up. Hold it. T stand. Come on. Strong body. Strong minds. Because you are worth it. Hold it up there. Hold it up there. Beautiful. Let's turn to the side and let's begin our butt lift. Lift through the leg. Your leg is strong. Your leg is straight and you're doing pulses. That's it look great from behind with your beach body, body it hold it up there. You guys lift and tone. You got this. I'm proud of you. Two more. Okay. Last one. Hold it. Just simply switch leg. Hold it up. Straight legs. Stomach in. Tighten up those tushies squeeze your buttocks. Hold that leg up. They're little pulses. Tight, tight take squeeze.

If you don't squeeze it. No one else will last two. Hold it up. Beautiful. Okay. Sitting up nice and tall, taking a deep breath, inhale and exhale on and just stretch the body to the side, stretch stretch, and to the other side, length in and stretch your spine. Beautiful, targeted workout. Lift your chest all the way up. High, open up the chest. That's it. And circle to the side to the other side. That's it lift sideways now. Okay. Now hold the body up. Right? Lift as tall as you can. We're lengthening the spine. Giving space to each vertebrae and shift to the side and mermaid. That's it. Hold it. Shift your hips to the other side, stretch it out. Good and stretch it all the way up. Inhale and exhale. Beautiful and switch legs. Lift the other leg in front. Hold your arms up. Beautiful, good, and stamp all the way up. Inhale and exhale out there. You have a fabulous workout that you could do every day. Let's stay fit together. Thanks for working out with me. Woo. If you love this workout, I have so much more at Try my free trial that you get to do all kinds of different workouts and eating plans. You will love it. All you have to do is visit Sign up for your free trial now.