3 Ways to Celebrate the New Season

Denise Austin
by Denise Austin | 
Denise Austin MeditationSpring is here! Well, it’s still a couple days away, but I’m too excited to wait. I love spring because it’s the perfect time to re-evaluate any goals that you set at the beginning of the year and, if you need to, give them a little refresh or boost. There’s a reason that spring cleaning is a thing, and I truly believe that you can spring clean every part of your life.

Celebrate the Season by Spring Cleaning Your Life

Every year, I like to spring clean, both literally and figuratively. Here’s what I do:

1. Do some actual spring cleaning.

It can be so easy to let your home get cluttered, and whether you know it or not, that clutter can affect your mindset. It’s so important to make sure your physical space matches the type of mental space you want to create for yourself, so at this time of year, I always go through my clothes, shoes, and things to see what I can get rid of. It really helps simplify your life when you can minimize what you own, and the side effect of a home that’s easier to keep clean is wonderful all year!

2. Spring clean your goals.

It’s important to always go back to goals that you have set, both big and small, to evaluate how they’re going, whether they’re the right goals, and what you need to change to reach them or replace them. In addition to refining and refreshing your goals, you should also be celebrating! Recognize progress that you’ve  made, even the small steps. That’s one of my favorite parts about LifeFit—we celebrate every little success together, and that really helps keep you on track for being happy and healthy.

3. Mentally and physically refresh.

Yep—you can spring clean your mind and body too! My favorite ways to do this in the spring are through meditation, outdoor workouts, and fresh spring produce.


While meditation can be intimidating at first, it’s really just about focusing inward and taking some quiet time for yourself. It is the perfect way to refresh your mind, hone in on what’s important to you, and then work toward that every day.

Getting Outside:

Even if it isn’t sunny spring weather for you yet, I would still challenge you to get outside! You can go for a walk anytime, and some fresh air in the spring can wake up your body and energize you. Commit to trying a new outdoor workout and see how you feel!

Eating Fresh:

If you’ve gotten off track with your eating goals, now is the time to realign with those goals. Read my blog on spring produce and see if you can find something fresh and new to add to your meals.

Happy spring!


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