5 Reasons to Smile Today!

Denise Austin
by Denise Austin | 
Today we are going to talk about five reasons to smile today! A positive mood and outlook is so important to overall quality of life. Luckily a smile can go a long way…for you AND your health!  Smiling lifts your spirits and others, too. Whenever you smile, you get one back.  You can spread positivity by just smiling at others because smiles are contagious!

Here are five awesome reasons to boost your health by smiling.

Reasons To Smile:

1. Puts you in a better mood.  Smiling is directly related to releasing endorphins and that helps lift your mood.

2. Decreases your heart rate.  A smile relaxes the body.  It helps with lowering your heart rate.

3. Strengthens your immune system.  Because smiling relaxes your body, it allows your immune system to be in tip top shape when fighting off illnesses. Add smiling to a regular fitness routine to really help promote overall health and wellness!

4. Lowers stress.  Stress can cause an array of health problems, but simply smiling can help fight off and counter stress.  Smile often and worry less!

5. Helps you look and feel younger.  Give yourself a natural facelift with smiling!  It will work your face muscles and give you a more youthful look and feel!

Pass along a reason to smile and a welcoming smile today, and I promise it will make you feel good. Wake up in the morning, take a moment to be grateful for what you have, and smile about it. Come home with a smile and it will set the tone for your evening. I LOVE to write and share fun and helpful info on how I live and feel, and smiling is such an important one!

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