8-Minute Toning: Legs & Thighs

Denise Austin
by Denise Austin | 

It's toning time! This amazing 8-minute toning workout for your legs and thighs will get you a lean, strong, toned lower half...just in time for swimsuits, shorts and skirts! 

I love this workout because it works all the parts of the legs - your inner and outer thighs, the front and back of the legs, and your booty! If you add this to your regular workout routine, you will help to banish cellulite, create strong, healthy muscles, and slim down your legs and booty. And to help strengthen your core and make this a one-two workout for toned abs AND lower body. Members of my Denise Austin Plan get an exclusive 5-minute ab finisher workout, too. If you aren't yet a member, join today! (Members! Tap here for the full 8-minute workout plus ab finisher!)

Why do these toning moves? Using your own body strength helps to create muscle and reduce fat, which can lead to an increased metabolism and more calories burned (even when you are sleeping!). Plus, strong lower-body muscles can help you have better balance, preventing falls.

Let's reshape our legs and thighs - do my 8-Minute Legs and Thighs Toning Workout, all you need is a mat or carpet...it only takes a few minutes to get rid of the jigglies and replace it with firm muscle! Let’s make our lower half our better half – you can do it!

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Let's live FIT, HAPPY and HEALTHY - Together!!


Are you ready for an eight minute workout for your legs and thighs let's get started. My first exercise is our great one. It works at inner and the outer thighs. I love it. You can really feel the difference in this is as you shift your hips back, you push up and use the back of your thighs. This one's a great one. That's it - You could lift your arms up if you can think. Good posture. Good technique is so important. That's it - We got two more lift that outer thigh. No more jigglies. Come on. Last one. Great. Okay. Let's shift to the other side. Let's go  down and push away. Beautiful. You can use your arms if you like. I love this one. You can do this anytime to firm your inner and outer thighs. Plus, as you shift your hip back, you get the back of your thigh.

So great for you to reshape that bottom half to make it your better half, two more. Last one. That's it. Lift it up. And now turn to the side, do a little bit of back squeeze that in the back of your legs. That's it just little squat and lift little good thinking about good posture. Pulling your tummy. That's it. We all have to be reminded. Really lift this back leg, squeeze, a lift, toning and firming and sculpting. Shaping our muscles. They work miracles under metabolism. We gotta use it or we'll lose them. two more. Last one. Beautiful. Let's go to the other side, thinking about good posture. Set yourself up in the right alignment down and push away. That's it. This really starts to firm the back of your thighs. Beautiful. Thinking about tall through the waistline. That's it.

Good body alignment. Thinking about squeezing the back of your thighs back there. We're gonna reshape every area of our legs, the inner thighs, the outer thighs front and the back of your thighs. Great. We got two more. Last one. Beautiful. Okay. Inner, inner thighs. Now shift your way side to side. And as you shift your way, push your way through the heel of your foot. That's it. Good. You got this. It's worth it. You deserve to look and feel your best. Yes. Shape and tone. Great bring up those legs. You got two more. Last one. Great. And now turn your toes out to the side. Like they do in ballet, please. They work. I promise. Pull your elbows, your knees back. Good body posture check. Yes. Squeeze your inner thighs together at the top down and now squeeze everything here. This is also really great for the pelvic floor muscles.

Just lift and tone lift up, that's it. Great. We have two more. Just do the best you can. These are beautiful. If you need a chair to balance, that's okay. We're against the wall. That's it. We got one more. Okay. Now we stay down there. Now whenever your heels comes up, you will start to feel this in the inner thighs. Now come on, get low. Feel it, shape it. No more jigglies. We got this. Come on two more, get lower. Good. That's one. Great. And the other heel comes up. Good. Now get down there. Make sure the knees are open. So you get the inner thighs working. That's an area we need to target tone. They're one of the most underused muscles of the body. So firm it up right now. Right here. It gives beautiful shape to those gorgeous legs of yours.

Beautiful. Two more last one, low, low, low. Okay. Now I want you to try to lift both heels and release. Get down there, come into the lift, your heels. And one more. You got this lift and lower. Okay. Stand up for me. See beautiful face yours. Now it's time to work on some of the back of your thigh muscles we are going to do. What's called a dead lift. So bend your knees to support your back. We're gonna keep your back flat. We're gonna reach towards your shins and calm back up using the back of those thigh. Your hamstrings. That's it. Here we go. Hold it tummy in back it straight. Now. Use all the thigh muscles to lift your chest up. There you go. Let's do it again. These are so important. You guys and keep your back healthy. They're also so good for the back of the legs.

That's it - Shape and tone and burn back there. Good. Now more cottage cheese legs. Come on. We'll work on that. The best we can, we can do it. We only have one more. Give it all you got back is flat. Tummy's tight. Zip up those abs, embrace your abs and release. Beautiful. Now, come on down. I want you to do some outer thighs. Saddle bag slimmers they're very simple, but very effective. That's why I love them. All you're gonna do is flex your foot. Keep your legs straight. As you can. Push that heel through the other side. That's it beautiful. Lift and load. Pull the belly button up and in tighten up through the abdominals. And now working those saddle bags right here. This is where a lot of us women have our fat accumulation. Work it off! We eat healthy. And then do these exercises.

It's a three prong attack. That's it two more, the last one up in great inner. Now just lift my foot. Very important. That's it. Two more. You got this. Pull the tummy in. Good. Last one. Hold it. Hold it. And release. Let's switch sides. Great. Think about long and lean legs here. Long and lean lift and lower. That's it. Push that heel way out there. You're lengthening those legs. Ballerina legs. That's it beautiful. I'm proud of you. Just keep moving. That's your goal. You can do it. Pull in your tummy here. Balance yourself. Well, that's it gorgeous. We have two more outer thigh trimmers, lift and lower last one. Okay. Bend your back knee. And now it's time to firm the inner thighs. That's it again - Your heel is pushing out. So you feel inside here that way really? And did you know even walking, doesn't get inside there.

What this exercise does cause we're in the position with gravity fighting gravity, two more lift and lower. Beautiful. Last one. Gorgeous sitting up nice and tall. You could go up against your couch. If you want. You're gonna do some firming up the thigh, the front of your thighs. Just two and switch these work. You guys sit up tall, sit up nice and tall. Can you feel in the quadriceps above your knee? That's it last one. Okay. Take a deep cleansing breath. Bring in that oxygen. It equals energy. exhale out. That's it just relax. Beautiful. And just stretch your legs and the other side. Beautiful and stretch and tone. You got that. Okay. You did great. Keep it up. Thanks for working out with me. Woo.