Ask Denise: What's Your Favorite Workout?

Denise Austin
by Denise Austin | 
May 12, 2018

Hi Everyone! I am so excited to bring back my popular "Ask Denise" series, with a brand new video: "Ask Denise: What's Your Favorite Workout?" If you aren't familiar, my series is where I answer some of your questions! I love connecting with people, and being able to give insight into questions you have is truly a gratifying experience!

Today in "Ask Denise: What's Your Favorite Workout," I am going to talk about some of my favorite fitness routines that I like to do. I hope that it inspires each and every one of you to either try something new, or try it again! Staying fit is so important, not only for our physical health, but our outlook, too. My main takeaway in "Ask Denise: What's Your Favorite Workout" is variety: when you mix up your workout routines, you are sure to stay more interested and motivated! Plus a new routine challenges different parts of the body, different muscle groups - this is important so you don't get muscle fatigue. Instead, you are challenging all the different muscles in the body when you mix up your routines!

One way to mix it up is with my LifeFit 360 Plan - I have hundreds of workouts, a variety of Challenges, a personalized eating plan - plus me to help keep you motivated! Start your 7-day free trial and check out all the workouts I offer!

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My Favorite Workout - Video Transcript:

Hi Denise I'm a long-time fan of yours, and I'm wondering what is your favorite workout?

I love all kinds of workout! Variety is the key! I mix it up all the time, and that's why I feel so good. I do a little cardio - so sometimes it's a walk, indoor cycling, I love any types of cardio - some HIIT, dance aerobic workouts. And then I always do toning, because toning is what's going to firm up our 640 muscles. So I switch it up, I do a little Pilates, a little weight training, and then of course I love yoga. Yoga is one of my favorite workouts. And I have all kinds of different workouts on my website that you will love. You can mix it up - over 120 different varieties of workouts. You can do it - keep fit, because you are worth it!