Best Workout Moves With No Equipment

Denise Austin
by Denise Austin | 
If you want to trim and tone your body, promote a healthy heart, and feel and look amazing, then try these workout moves - no equipment required! It doesn't take a gym full of apparatus to get healthy - simple moves can and DO work! I have done these moves for years, and they are very effective when you want to trim your body and create lean, sexy muscle. So give them a try!

Upper Body No Equipment Workout Moves 

  • Pushups. One of the best total body exercises when it comes to strengthening your upper body and your core! You can do a straight leg pushup if you are experienced, or a modified one, with knees on the floor if you are working your way up. Either way, slowly lower your body while keeping your back straight and arms about shoulder width apart. Keep your elbows near your body as you lift and lower, and try to relax your neck. You WILL see sexy arms, shoulders and chest results when you add pushups to your routine!
  • Tricep Dips. I love this move that you can do almost anywhere you have a sturdy ledge, such as a heavy chair or coffee table. Sexy, shoulders and triceps and firmed up under arms are the result, so begin by sitting on the edge of the chair or low table, and move your body out so your arms and hands are on the table behind you. Then lower your body so your arms are holding your body weight, slowly bending your arms as you go down, and straightening as you come up. Make sure to keep your back straight and pull in your abs. A wonderful move for sleeker, more toned arms!
  • An Upper Body No Equipment Workout. I love my No Equipment Daily Dozen Arm Workout - at 12 minutes, it is a perfect way to get in some arm-toning moves in no time at all - and no equipment required!

Abs and Waist No Equipment Workout Moves 

  • Side Planks. A great way to target the sides of your waistline is with a side plank! This move helps promote a strong and healthy back, too. All you need is a padded floor to do this one - start on your side and go up into a T-stand with your weight resting on one arm or elbow, the other arm overhead pointing to the sky, and your toes aligned together so your body is in a straight line. Keep your abs in, and slowly reach your overhead arm down and back, under your waist. Do 10 reps on each side for a trimmed waistline!
  • Leg Circles. All Pilates moves are designed to engage the core, making any move a fabulous way to tone your midsection! One of my favorites is Leg Circles: Lay on your back and bring one leg up straight pointing at the sky. Then slowly circle your leg out, down and back around and up. Make the circle slow and precise - you can also do baby circles, keeping the toe above you in a one-foot diameter if you are just starting out. Do this 10 times, then repeat the motion in the opposite direction, then do the opposite leg. This move REALLY works when you do it consistently!
  • A Waist and Ab No Equipment Workout. My Complete Core Workout is 12 minutes of effective moves to target your waist, abs and back - give it a try!

Lower Body No Equipment Workout Moves 

  • Lunges. This move works the legs and booty, for a firm, lifted rear and strong legs! Start with your left leg behind you, and your right knee in front of you. Slowly lower down, making sure to keep your right knee above your right ankle, and your right leg parallel to the ground - don't overextend your knee. Make sure your back is straight and abs are pulled in while you lift and lower. A proven move for leaner legs - that you can do anywhere!
  • Inner Thigh Toner. I do this move when I am in the kitchen cooking, that's how easy it is to do! Simply stand next to the counter, and move the leg closest to the counter across the front of your body until it is on the opposite side of your body. Squeeze the inner thigh as you do this, both as you move it out and back. Do one minute, then turn around and do the other leg. A great way to tone your thighs with no equipment needed!
  • A Lower Body No Equipment Workout. My popular 8-Minute Toning Legs and Thigh Workout has no equipment, and you can do it under 10 minutes - give it a try!

I hope these no equipment moves encourage you to take advantage of spare time to tone up - top to bottom!

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