Fall Fitness Freebies: Core Crusher

Denise Austin
by Denise Austin | 
Core Crusher:

Welcome to my Fall Fitness Freebie Series - a great way to get fit for fall! From today's Core Crusher abs workout to the legs, booty, arms and more you'll see soon, these workouts will target tone your body for a healthy, amazing looking body during the holidays!!

Today we will be doing my core crusher workout. It is such an effective way to target the abs and waistline. And if you want more waistline and ab workouts, start your download my app and join today using code FALL15 to save 15% on any membership tier! I have so many great target-toning workouts, including ones to target your middle. There's something for everyone, and I am there to guide you every step of the way on the path to flat abs!  Join today!

Now grab your mat and get ready to crush that core with today's 10-minute Fall Fitness Freebie

Keep an eye out for my other Fall Freebies coming your way!!

Let's live FIT, HAPPY and HEALTHY - together!!




Fall Freebie Core Crusher Script:

Welcome to my Fit For Fall Freebie! Today, it's all about the ABS and waistline. I'm calling it our core crushers, so let's get started and work that waistline. Bend your knees to protect the back, and let's twist it out. Warming up through the spine, through the waistline, twist target tone that that tummy, suck in the gut. Now pull your abs in. It's all about pulling those abs in, tight up that tummy, that's it. Side to side. Really keep it tight. You can do it whoo! You got It. It's for the waistline. Punch it out all the way out. That's it. Tummy is tight. Zip up those abs. You're going to get a nice, tight trim tummy. That's right. Flat Abs right now. Okay, and now hold it to the side. Reach it up. Let's work on the sides of the waistline, our obliques, suck it in. I call this the waistline cincher.

Cinch it in, pull. That's it. Just warming up through the abs, waistline and torso. Get toned. Come on it's all about the middle, middle, the middle. That's your waistline slimmers, two more! Last one, and switch. Reach your arms up and really feel it. Target tone that tummy, come on, zip up those abs, feel it. It's worth it. You'll look great. I promise. Slim around that waistline lose an inch around the belt. Come on, pull. Really feel it. Cinch in that waist, two more. Last one. Oh, okay. Knees come up and work the lower tummy. It's all in the lower abs here. Zip up the abs, your back is straight, nice and strong. It's all in the tummy. Now, think about the abs. Target tone through the middle, through the waistline. Using your legs like this, work the lower tummy, below the belly button. The place we all need extra help, right?

Yes, I do. We all do. Especially if you've had kids, you want to get down below that belly button. Great. Lift up, last one. Now hold it right there. And ab crunches. Ab crunches. That's it. Standing abs. You can work those abs by just standing and crunching. Feel it. That's it. Pull down, it's a lift and pull. Lift. Pull two more. Come on, pull it up. You got it. Last one. Okay. Now we twist it out. Twist and release. This is now working the torso, twisting through the waistline. That's it. We are going to target every angle of the waist. Your abs, your core, the size of the waist, the lower tummy. That's it. Even the love handles that we hate. That's it. That's two, last one and release. Inhale up. Elongate through the spine, lift up, make it tall, make it trim. Lift up and release to the side.

That's it. And now to the other side - target tone that tummy, zip up those abs. Come up, zip it up if you'd like. You're holding a corset and your waistline and lift up. Now let's walk ourselves all the way down to plank. Walk your hands down. We're going to do a plank hold your body outright. Lift your arms strong abs, and hold. the High Hover plank. Don't let your tummy droop or sag here, tight, really strong in the tummy. Tighten it up, zip it up. Here's your chance. Okay. Now slowly lift the leg up behind you stomach is in squeeze that bottom tighten up that tushie and hold it. Hold it. Working the transverse abdominis, and release. Switch legs, the area that target tones the tummy, hold it in like a belt to hold it in and release. Inhale all the way up, and exhale all the way down. Now we're going to do a Low Hover.

Bring your elbows down, bring your legs straight out and hold. Really pull that tummy in. Is your tummy tight? Don't let it droop or sag! You're in a nice strong straight position. That's it. Now we do a knee kiss - touch and come up and touch and come up. This is now working the lower tummy last two come on, you can do it. That's that great and release. Let's go to the other side. Let's work the size of our waistline right here. We're going to zip it up. Hold your tummy in and lift and lower. That's it. Really lift and lower. This is now getting that waistline to go in. That's it. If you're advanced, go up a level to lift it up and down, up and down. That's it. Really work it. The sides of the waistline. Last one. Hold it out. Hold it up there. Hold it out, hold it, hold it and release and now straddle your legs across, and lift your arm up and hold to a side plank, side plank.

Look up at the fingertips if you can, now really lift right here. If you're just starting out, go ahead and put your knee down. That's okay. You're still getting the waistline work out. That's it. Beautiful. Now hold it there. Hold it. Great. Great release. Switch sides. The first one's for the sides of the waistline, so we go nice and in, cinch it in, lift it up and lower. Really feel your tummy lifting. That's it. Feel it all through. Here is your tummy tight? Good suck it in, it's all about tightening and pulling it in. Training your abs to reeducate them, to pull in, not pooch out. That's what it's all about. Great. We've got two more. Come on for those of you advanced, lift up your elbow, up and back. Straighten out through the tummy. That's it. No slouching. Lift up and release, and now straddle your legs. Lift up if you can, and hold.

ISOMETRIC, hold. Come on, hold it. You're strong. Your abs, your waistline suck in the lower tummy. You can do it. Hold it up there and release. Okay. Sitting up nice and tall. Let's work on the beautiful rectus abdominis muscle, the front of your abs. We're going to slowly roll, slowly roll down using your abs. Notice one vertebrae at a time, touches the map. Control control. It's all in the abs and release. Clasp your hands behind you. Bring your knees a little closer. I like to bring my heels up, and now let's begin our crunches. Lift up and lower breath out and inhale and crunch. Exhale as you crunch you really want to flatten everything, that's it. Really flatten that belly, flatten the abs. That's it. Really feel it. Press and release, press. Really feel it. You can do it. We got one more and we do an isometric hold.

Hold for those abs. Suck in the gut. That's it. Now, reach your fingertips to the knees and little baby pulses. That's it, oh feel it in the tummy. Now, for those of you have any neck issues, go ahead and put your hands right there to support your neck. Otherwise the abs are doing the work. One hundred percent work. Last one, hold it and release. Bringing your knee to your chest. That's it. And switch. Elongate the leg. Making you use the lower tummy too. That's great. And press and press. That's it. That's it. You're apple or an orange can be fit right between your chin and chest. That's it. No crunches like this. It's a lift. Lift up your chest. That's it. Pull. Use your abs. That's it. Now you're working the lower tummy too. This is a fabulous one. Okay, now let's twist the number one best exercise is the bicycle for us.

That and planks for the tummy, press and press two more. You got it. You can do it last one and release. Now, bring your knees to your chest and just relax. Now I want your knees to come all the way up to your chest and release. Now we're going to target tone below the belly button, very controlled. If you're a beginner, go ahead and place your hands right here for support. That's okay. I'd like to put them up here, so I use 100 percent of the lower abs, the lowest end of the rectus abdominis area. We all need to target tone. This is concentrated. This is precision. It's really getting right where we need it. Right down there. You guys. Come on, we've got two more. We got one more. Hold it up there, a bit up there and release. Roll all the way up. Let me see that beautiful smiling face and let's work the sides of the waistline and keep your feet right on the floor.

If you're just starting out, it's hot this morning. I hope you're having a great workout with me. I love to give you these Fall Freebies. Feel so proud. All of you can join. Get everyone in your home to join me right from my home to yours. I love it. You can do this. It's easy. Ten minute workouts. It's worth it. And every week I do a different routine and entire new workout. Okay. Can you lift the legs up? Whoa. Can you feel the difference that really gives you that six pack has flatten that belly. Okay. Suck it in, suck it in, and pull it in. You could do it. Give it all you've got right now. One hundred and ten percent. Go! Punch it out. Come on. Last one. You can do it last set, okay. And slowly lift up, inhale up, exhale down. Let me see that. Strong arms, legs. Elongate the spine. Pull your abs up and in. That's it. Stretch it all out. You did it. Wonderful workout. Let's take a deep breath together. Inhale up, exhale out. Beautiful. Give yourself a big hand. Congratulations.

Hi, I'm Denise Austin. Want more of my workouts? Then join me at DeniseAustin.com. I've got daily exercise routines, fabulous recipes, inspiration to keep you motivated. I promise to get you off that couch and help you lose weight. Go check it out.