Feeling Blue? Boost Your Mood in 3 Easy Steps!

Denise Austin
by Denise Austin | 
Looking for some simple ways to boost your mood - naturally? Then try these three suggestions, from my most recent magazine, Fit Over 50: Fall Into Fitness! We all experience stress and anxiety (health guidelines in the U.S. just recently announced a call to screen all adults for anxiety)... but when the stress begins to creep into all parts of our lives, it can impact how we live and feel. So if you want to balance out your mood and are looking for some mood boosting tips, try these. They are all natural, easy to do, and will bring benefits to your mental well-being! 

Exercise. It's always worth repeating that exercise is PROVEN to lift your mood. Maybe that's why I am such a positive person - because I love to move around and get my blood flowing! Anything from a walk to some push ups or (my favorite) - dancing - will perk up your body and put your mind in a better place. Give it a try: Next time you feel blue or anxious, set a timer and jump up and down, walk around quickly, or lift some weights for 2-3 minutes. You WILL feel the positive effects movement has on your mental state!

Breathe. Managing on your breathing is a great way to address stress and anxiety - instantly! I love to stop and focus on my breathing when I feel tension coming on. It helps to not only relax my mind and body but oftentimes actually gives the situation a different perspective, so I end up in a more positive state of mind! My magazine has some extra tips on breathing, so get your copy on newsstands or online today, but in the meantime, if you feel a blue mood coming on, stop, take a deep breathe, hold it and as you exhale focus on the positives in life!

Tend to a Houseplant. Michigan State University put out research showing that taking care of a houseplant just a few minutes a day lowers the levels of cortisol - also known as your stress hormone. So buy a plant - you can find them at a local garden shop or even your grocery store - look up online the best way to care for it, then reap the benefits of the green, living plant in your home. 

I hope these tips help YOU when you feel blue, anxious or stressed. You can find even more healthy mood boosters in my Fit Over 50: Fall Into Fitness magazine available now!

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