Firm Up and Slim Down in 12 Minutes a Day!

Denise Austin
by Denise Austin | 
Want to firm up and slim down in 12 minutes per day? Then get my Shape, Strengthen and Sculpt Kit!! I love this kit - it has everything you need to tone up, promote flexibility, lean and lengthen your body, promote muscle tone and stability... no matter what level of fitness or what age you are! The benefits are almost endless!

I've used a stability ball and resistance bands for ab work for years - I really feel the muscles working, and in more ways than when I did traditional ab work on the floor. You can feel the effects of the workouts immediately, and see results in just a few weeks. Especially as I get older, I am always looking for equipment and workouts that are easy on the body, and with a ball and bands combo, you avoid any pain in my knees, joints or back... instead you'll feel lean, toned, tall and strong!

By combining a stability ball with resistance bands, you get an amazing workout that you can do in very little time, but get great results. It's a fast and effective workout for any age!

My Shape, Strengthen and Sculpt Kit includes an e-book with detailed instruction on how to perform different exercises, a 3-Week Plan that you can do in just 12 minutes a day, exclusive ball and band workout videos to do with me, nutrition insight and more. PLUS you get a stability ball and a set of 3 resistance bands! Everything you need to create a portable workout space in your home... easy to set up, do it anywhere, and all it takes is just 12 minutes!

So if you are looking for a workout that will blast that belly fat, lengthen your body, minimize cellulite, promote flexibility, firm up your upper arms (bye bye jiggly underarms!!), give you better posture and stability and sooooo much more, then this is the Kit for you!

When you purchase, you not only get the stability ball, set of resistance bands, and your online plan to getting fit in 12 minutes a day, but you also get access to six, exclusive ball and band workout videos PLUS 3, 30-minute cardio workouts!

I think you will not only love the workouts and how little time it takes, but I KNOW you will love the results!! Learn more about my Shape, Strengthen and Sculpt Kit and all the benefits you can get from it!

Let's get fitter, together - inside and out!


P.S. This ball and bands combination is GREAT for people with bad knees or achy joints - there is no jarring movements, and you can ease yourself into the workouts. Plus it's wonderful for promoting better posture, so you tend to droop a little, this is the workout for you!