Fit and Fab Challenge Upper and Lower Body Workout

Denise Austin
by Denise Austin | 
My Fit and Fab Challenge is going on right now!! And one of the workouts you get access to for FREE when you sign up is an Upper and Lower Body Workout routine that includes a triceps kickback that will work the upper body muscles! These moves are so effective in keeping your arms toned and your lower body fit and firm!!

We rarely use our upper body muscles in popular aerobic activities like walking and biking, and as a result you may have less strength in your top half. The good news is that it won’t take long to get results with these upper body moves. And while we use our lower body muscles every time we take a step, we are using the same muscles over and over. These exercises target a variety of muscles in your lower body, including some traditionally weak spots like the inner thighs.

This quick and effective video includes instruction and repetition information on how to do an upper and lower body workout exercises:

  • One Arm Row. This strengthens and tones your middle and upper back, and really tackles that back fat or bra overhang that a lot of women have issues with!
  • Triceps Kickback. This strengthens the backs of your arms (triceps), and can help to banish that under arm jiggly bit that can happen when we don't target tone that area.
  • Wide Stance Squat. This strengthens and tones your buttocks and inner thighs, for firm, lean thighs and a lifted booty!
  • Hamstring Curl. If you want to tackle cellulite, this move is for you! It strengthens and tones the backs of your thighs (hamstrings).

And don't forget - if you haven't yet signed up for my free Fit and Fab Challenge, do it now - it's not too late, and it's free!!! And for more workouts like this, join - you'll get access to ALL the great content in the new Fit and Fab Challenge, plus access to all my other mini-challenges and my 10-Week Whole Body Plan - start your free trial today!

Let's get fitter, together - inside and out,


Fit + Fab Challenge - Upper and Lower Body Workout 1 Transcript

Hi everybody. Welcome to day two of your fit and fab challenge. It's all about target toning. Today we're going to be doing four great moves, number one and upper arm row. That way it really works the back of those arms as well as your upper back. Then we'll go into a triceps kick back to firm up the back of those arms. Then a wide stance squat to hips, thighs and buttocks toner, and then a hamstring curl to really target tone the back of your legs. Do each exercise eight to 12 times and then repeat the set. So do two sets. You can do it. Go for it. Here's our one arm row. Make sure you've got a weight about three to five pounds. Slowly lean forward. Use the strength of your arm, lift up your arm and relax, lift it up and relax. I'm actually keeping my abs in and really working to reach up.

This is working your upper back muscles, so important. No more bra overhang. We'll firm it up. That's right. Lift and lower. Make sure your back is strong and straight and what's great about this chair is the support. It keeps your back nice and healthy. Straight. Great. Really pull and release. You got it. Here's your triceps kickback, one of the best ways to firm up the back of your arms, the triceps, so lean into the chair, straighten out your back. Keep your knees slightly bent, lift your elbow up and press it straight and release. Make sure your back is strong and straight and your arm is steady. All you're working is the lower part of your arm. You will start to feel this in the upper arm muscle, the triceps. That's it. Don't swing it. That's cheating. It's a lip. Hold it there and press out. Kick it back. That's a great exercise to from the back of the arms. That's it. No more underarm Flab, no more under arm. sway we'll firm it up right now.

Here's your wide stance. Squat so great for your hips, thighs, and buttocks. Place your feet wider than hip width apart. Turn your toes slightly out. We're going to take it down and push up and squeeze the buttocks. That's it. Down and squeeze up. It's one of the best ways to affirm the hips. That thighs lift your buttocks. That's it. But notice my knees, very important. They don't go past my toes. Good positioning and good. Proper form is so important in this move. This is working my thighs, the inner thighs. I love this move. Worked that lower half to make it your better half. Here's your hamstring curl. So important to firm up the back of the legs. No more cellulite. Okay. You're going to stand up nice and tall, zip up those abs. Lift the leg behind you and bring your heel to your buttocks and reach down. That's it. Stay steady. Pull up your abs, zip up the ABS. Don't use your back. It's all right here. You should feel it right back there. It's a great way to reshape those legs. Sculpting really tone up the thighs the back of your thighs, the hamstring. That's it.