Fit Over 50 Yoga & Balance Workout | 8-Minutes

Denise Austin
by Denise Austin | 
We wrap up National Fitness Month with my all-new Fit Over 50 Yoga & Balance Workout! This workout is only eight minutes, which means you DO have time to add it to your day. I love to start the day with some sort of stretch and movement, to get the blood flowing and my muscles loosened up...and this workout is a perfect way to start the day! 

I am a big fan of yoga - not only did I have an entire TV series focused on yoga moves, I continue to come up with new yoga workouts to offer to you all! Yoga is a wonderful way to help you stay flexible; to promote healthy, lean muscle; and to keep your weight in check. It is also a great way to keeps your abs and back strong and healthy - so important as we age. The good news is that all you need is a mat or carpet or rug to do this workout - no other equipment is needed! So let's do my Fit Over 50 Yoga & Balance Workout! (And if you missed my other two National Fitness Month workouts, check them out - Fit Over 50 Strength & Sculpt Workout and Fit Over 50 Cardio Workout.) 

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Let's live EVER BETTER™ - together!


Fit Over 50 Yoga and Balance Transcript
Welcome to your fit over 50 yoga and balance workout. Let's begin. It's only eight minutes. So do the best you can. Let's begin taking a deep cleansing breath. Bring in that beautiful oxygen, equals energy and just let it go. Release it. Beautiful. Bring your arms back all the way up. Elongate the spine and let's stretch to the side side stretch. Squeeze your inner thighs together. Stretch through the waistline. That's it. And up and over full body reach. That's a really good stretch through the sides of the waistline. Great for your back. Great for your hips, keeping your whole body strong and release, and let's turn to the side. Lift up, stretch your spine all the way up and now pull your elbows back together. That's it. And all the way up and dive all the way down. Reach your hands to the floor. If you can, if not, you can stay right here.

That's it keeping your back straight. Or you can also just relax and shift your weight side to side, and now slowly bend your knees. That's it. And stretch and come all the way up. Now. It's time to begin our sun salutation, inhale up, exhale down. Walk your hands all the way out to a plank. Hold your plank. Feel strong. Bring your knees down your chest down. Roll up to Cobra and curl your toes. Now to down dog hips are up. Stretch your spine. Your spine is your lifeline. Beautiful and bring one leg through and come down onto your knee. Elongate the spine, stretch up and now placing your hands on your hips. Thinking about lifting towards your hips towards the ground, but lifting through the chest. That's it lean slightly back. Elongate the spine light in and straightened, and now shift your hands to the ground.

Lift all the way up. Beautiful. Hold the runner's lunge. Hold the runner's lunge. That's it great. And now slowly, bring your foot back and hold into plank, strong body strong minds, and let's take it down and Cobra up. Beautiful. And now downward facing dog hips. Come up. Elongate your legs. Stretch through the thigh. Beautiful. And now slowly bring the other leg through and elbows all the way up. Arms up, up stretch. Good elongate the spine. Great. And the runners lunge. Hold it up there. Hold it up. Beautiful lengthened through the legs. Great. For inner thigh, stretch and release. Come all the way down to a tabletop. Now we're gonna do some cat dog lift up cat, cow, and lift in inhale here and round your back. Tighten your tummy through the waist, pull it up and then, and release one more time.

Lift up, up, open up the chest and round the back. Beautiful. And now lift out to the side. Gorgeous stretch. This is my favorite stretch. Lift up that's inside angle hold. Great. And now stretch all the way to the side and slowly release and let's lift the other leg out stretch, stretch, stretch up and over. Beautiful. And now slowly lift your hips up and all the way up. Great. Placing your feet and your hips about shoulder with the part. And now placing your hand straight, tighten up your tummy. We're gonna slowly back, just feel your quadriceps, tighten up through the tushy that it and come back up. Good work, stretching through the hip. Flex the quads, beautiful and release. And let's go back down and lift one leg all the way up. Hold the arm all the way. The opposite reciprocal reach. Hold it up.

That's it. And can you bring your elbow to touch your knee? Beautiful. And this is a great balance. Move. Hold, hold, and release and lift the opposite leg with the opposite arm. Hold your abs in. Pull your belly button up and in lift it up. Great spinal exercises and pull your elbow to your knee. Tighten up your tummy and release, stretch, and try to touch. That's it great for those apps and relax now all the way back up to a beautiful plank. Walk your fingertips towards your toes and come all the way up. Beautiful. Now it's time to do some great moves - the warrior. My favorite move, opens up your hips, stretches your legs. Lift up through the rib cage. That's it. Hold it straight and now slowly lean forward and reverse the warrior. I love the stretch so much beautiful and inside angle hold.

That's it. Can you feel the stretch lengthen the spine and release and turn your toes to the other way. Good, nice, beautiful warrior. Stretch the arms. Open up through the hips. That's it really use the thigh muscle, pressing the foot into the ground, grounding yourself and reverse the warrior. Hold that stretch. Get a little deep breath. The legs lifting with the chest and slowly the side ankle hold, relax and breathe. Try to breathe through your nose, inhale and exhale out your nose. That's it great. And now slowly, bring your legs nice and strong. We're gonna lift all the way down. Lift down, down, stretch into it. Stretch up back is strong being straight. Great twisty move. Great to the other side. Now revolve all the way up up. Are your quads nice and strong. Keep your legs straight if you can. That's it.

Now back is flat. Use your legs to come up and bring your feet together. Beautiful. Let's do a chair pose. Sit back now. Pull your belly button up and in straighten the arms. Lift up up, sit down and chair. Little lower, a little lower. You've got this. You've got this whole beautiful strong bodies. You can do it. That's it. And come all the way up. Let's take a deep clean breath together. Bring it in full circle and exhale it out. One more deep cleansing breath. Bring it in, bring it deeper, deeper and let it out. You did it. Thanks for working out with me. Woo. If you love this workout, I have so much more at Try my free trial that you get to do all kinds of different workouts and recipes, eating plans. You will love it. All you have to do is visit Sign up for your free trial now.