Healthy Aging Tips For Women: 40s, 50s, 60s & Beyond!

Denise Austin
by Denise Austin | 
As we age, us women especially need to take a closer look at the aging process and some of the major changes that we  face - and there is no better place to start than with these healthy aging tips for women! The more you know the more you can do to address some of the changes we go through, and help keep your body, mind and spirit strong and healthy! So let’s look at some things that happen in our 40s, 50s and 60s - and how we can address them with some healthy aging tips.

Healthy Aging Tips For Women

Healthy Aging In Your 40s

Even if you were active when you were younger, without regular exercise in your 30s, muscles shrink at a rate of 1 to 2 percent per year. The more muscle you lose, the lower your metabolism gets, and the fewer calories your body burns. That’s why it’s important to keep up with your fitness routine in your 40s! You have to care for yourself first, so you can care for your loved ones for many years to come! Making fitness a part of your regular routine is a priority. The 10-Week Whole Body Plan that is included in my Denise Austin app has dozens of cardio workouts! You can squeeze one in any time of day. So mix it up and see if they are right for you. Start your free trial today!

Give this total body toning workout a try - it's only 10 minutes, and will help you get in some cardio plus toning exercises!

Also in your 40s, if your eating habits haven’t changed since your younger days (when many of us can get away with eating more junk food and not see or feel the effects), you WILL start to experience the effects. Your waistline will start to expand and your pants will get tighter. Most women can expect to gain about 10 pounds between the ages of 40 and 50 just because the rate of our metabolism naturally slows down! That's where healthy aging tips for women such as following a healthy diet become even more important. What you put in your body matters, so start to really pay attention to that now, if you haven't already. Focus on eating whole foods - it's a great way to start getting into a healthy eating pattern.

Finally, if you haven't been taking proper care of your skin, sun damage might start to creep in. It is common to get wrinkles around your eyes and on your forehead, especially now that the production of collagen, a protein found in skin tissue that gives it elasticity and firmness, has begun to slow down. Sun protection and a collagen supplement is something I recommend to help keep skin healthy in your 40s - and beyond!

Healthy Aging In Your 50s

Did you know the average woman experiences menopause at age 51? After this happens, our estrogen levels decrease by as much as 75 percent. This can cause cholesterol levels to rise and blood vessels to become less elastic, putting your heart at risk. That’s why a regular fitness routine is so important now - it will help you to keep your heart healthy. You may also see a difference in how your fat is distributed, too. Previously, fat has been stored in the hips and buttocks, primarily for breastfeeding, but now it may begin to collect more in your abdomen - leading to a pot belly. I recommend at least five minutes of ab work for women in their 50s and 60s every day - it will help to keep your stomach muscles strong and strengthen your back - good for your posture!

This 5-Minute Ab video is a great way to get your daily bit of core workout in - try it every day for a week, you will feel a difference!

Healthy Aging In Your 60s

This is the time to make sure you are staying active! It will help to prevent your muscles and ligaments from getting weaker, your joints from getting rusty, it will promote flexibility, and help your weight stay stable, which can influence your stability. Try to add yoga workouts to your daily routine, as it will help everything I just mentioned! My 10-Week Plan includes weekly yoga workouts, along with three levels of fitness, so no matter what your workout expertise is, I have something for you! Give it a try!

And now is the time to take care of the areas of your body that may be feeling the effects of the aging process - including your knees. I get asked so much about protecting the knees, that I did a new video showing you how!

Remember: if you don't use it, you'll lose it! If you rest, you rust! So make sure you get exercise every day - no matter what your age. Every little change, no matter how small it seems to you, is a plus when it comes to positively aging. And it will serve as the foundation for the next change. Over time, these healthy aging tips for women will become habits, you'll be able to bring them all together easily and effortlessly, for a long, healthy, happy life - well into your 60s! You can do it - and you ARE WORTH IT!!

Let's live FIT, HAPPY and HEALTHY - together!!

Video Transcript: 10-Minute Total Body Toning Are you ready for a great workout, a head to toe, toning, total body workout. You are going to be efficient and effective because we're going to work to major muscle groups at once, so let's get started. It's a twofer today. Yes. Two workouts in one, working to major muscle groups all at the same time. Making your time most efficient for and shape and sculpt your. Muscles head to toe. Let's go. Warming up the whole body, working on the arms, the legs, the hips, thighs, and buttocks. They warm up the body quicker and more effective and efficient because they're larger muscles. So let's stretch up. Inhale and exhale. Work your legs. That's it. Side to side. Wonderful stretch last one, and that stretch to the side for the upper back, the shoulders. That's it. Beautiful work. Your legs, the back of your thighs. You got it.

Keep the abs in. Beautiful. You can do this. You can. I promise. Stand up with me and just begin. You'll feel so much better after we're done. I promise the energy will be filling in your body. You'll feel great for the day. No more stress or tension. Ease it all the way. Exercise is the best preventative medicine. There is two more. Last one. Inhale and exhale. Get the oxygen to flow to every cell in your body and let's begin with our first move. It's a lift and it's a lunch. It's a lift up and a lunge back. Now we're working the biceps as well as your hips, thighs, and buttocks, and you're also working your abs by pulling them up and end to help you balance. That's it. Last one, and hold it up here. Take it down now. Chest, presses take it down. Reach up.

Great. Upper back for those lats. No more bra overhang. That's it. Working the legs and buttocks at the same time as your upper body making effective, making us work out efficient. We got two more. These, come on. Really pull down. Last one. Beautiful. Let's go to the other side. Take a nice deep breath. Inhale and take it back. Inhale, bicep, curl and back. Squeeze the buttocks. That's it. Tighten up that tushy, back is strong and straight. Always think good posture, good body technique. Making the most out of every exercise. Last one to take it up and down. Lift up and press down. Lift up and press down. That's it. Shaping and toning those muscles. Yes. Total body workout are two for two for one last one and release. Okay, come out in front now inhale and exhale. We're going to lunch to the side and lift out.

Lunge to the side. Now we're working the legs, the outer thighs and the buttocks, and at the same time you're thinking about good shoulders. That's it. Strengthen them. Got your stomach in your zip up. Those abs. Beautiful Last one great, okay, and shift legs. Let's go to the other side. Take it down. Lift overhead. Good. It's a little harder and where you work, your arms and your legs, more calories, you burn. You're boosting your metabolism. That's it. And that's what we need, right? Yes. Good. Last one. And relax. Inhale and exhale. Beautiful. Now come on down. I've got great move for your abs as well as for the waistline. Thinking about good posture to get side and to the other side. That's it. Work that waistline, the sides of your waist. That's it. So they go end. Yes, you got it. And while you're lifting your knees up like this, feet off the floor, you're getting more of the lower tummy.

That's an area we all need to really strengthen. Good. Keep everything in. Nice body position. Good tummy in. Pull it in. Belly button in last one. Oh, okay. Beautiful. Work in the waist and your abs. Now it's time to come all the way down to the side. And we're going to do a side twist up and reach out. Really reach in and out. Cinch in your waistline. Yes. And reach. So it's a tighten and a lengthener. That's it. We're working those arms too. That's the way we're working. All the major muscle groups. We really need a target tone and shape. And that's it. I've got two more here. Last one, you guys. Come on, do it. Do it. Do it. Oh, okay. Hold, the leg up now. Little baby lifts in circles. Circle all the way around. While, this arm is straight out. You will start to feel it on the sides of your waistline.

Ooh, I can, can you, that's a great one. And circle down to the other side all the way around. All the way around tighten up the waistline. So you're doing two areas at once. The waistline to slim, the lower abs as well as your thighs and buttocks. That's one. Hold it up there. Hold it up there. Beautiful. Oh, okay. Let's do to the other side. The first one is the side crunch. Reach out and pull it. If you can lift, it's even more challenging. Working more of the muscle of the waste. That's it. The side body. Beautiful smile. We're going to firm up together. Yes we are. And burn some calories. Boosts the metabolism. Beautiful. Really reach, cinch in that waistline. Cinch it in. Yes, you got it. Two more. Last one. Oh, okay. And hold it up and leave out your legs now.

That's it. And little circles go one direction. Tighten up your thighs. Squeeze your buttocks. Think about your sides of your waistline. Don't slug around like this. It's all about tightening here. So the circle really takes you off balance. So you have to use your apps that way. You really feel your abdominals working as well as your obliques. Circle the other direction. Ooh, my legs getting a little heavy. I get it. I know. Two more. Last one, and reach it out. Beautiful. Reach great and slowly set nice and tall. Taking a deep breath. Inhale up. Exhale out. Beautiful. Now up to our hands and knees and let's begin working on a little bit of our arms as well as our buttocks, so all you have to do is lean down. Elbows, stay close to your body, squeeze your buttocks, push back up. Now we're target toning, the back of our arms as well as the back of our legs and the buttocks.

Such an effective workout. It's all about toning. Yes, keep it up. We've got two more. That's one beautiful and all you have to do is switch sides. You can do it. It's worth it. This is how we're going to get that tone tight tissue and look great from behind. Okay. Align yourself in the right position. Tighten up those abs. You're going to bring your chest down and push back up. Notice my elbow. Stay close to my body that way I'm working the triceps. It's a little harder though. Challenge Yourself. Even if you do one that's better than nothing. You guys, come on, come on. Squeeze that butt to tighten it up. That's it. We got one more. That's great. And release. Beautiful. I'll take a nice deep breath together. Inhale and exhale. I stretch it all out now. Stretch it out and release to the other side. Stretch and tone. I love this workout. Really feel good. They got every muscle worked last one, and relax and give yourself with again, keep it up.


Video Transcript: 5-Minute Flat Abs

Hi everybody, here's my five minutes flat abs workout. You will love it it's quick, easy, and effective. You will see results if you do it. So let's get started. The first exercise is just to reach up. Think about lengthening your spine, lift space between each vertebrae. Hold it up there and bend to the side, and now let's bend to the other side and let's begin. The first exercise is right here in the high plank position. You're tightening up your abs right now. You're really feeling that lower tummy pull up and in and now begin bringing your knee in. Push it out, bring your knee in and push it up. Pull in, actually pulling, really tighten up through the lower tummy. It's all about flattening those abs. Did you know this is one of the best exercise you can do to flatten out those abs. That's it. Good. You're working the transverse abdominis muscle that helps keep your tummy flat.

Okay, now hold it right here. Now we're going to do like spiderman. Bring it up to the side, to your elbow. Switch a little different to the decide for those of you just starting out. Go on your knee and pull it up. That's okay. You're still working. Those abs pull up. That's it. Pull up. Otherwise, come on. Do it. Two more. Last one. Beautiful. Oh, okay. Let's take it all the way down. Let's begin our routine that really works to flatten abs. Bring your legs all the way up. Lift your head and shoulders off the floor and little reaches. Little reaches. That's it, Criss-cross it. Good work. Those abs. Can you get higher? Yes. Good work. Come on, reach flat abs. Two more. Last one. Beautiful. Okay. Bring your knees into your chest and slowly elbows up. Let me see your beautiful face and bicycle it out, push it out.

That's it. Working on the front of your tummy. Flatten those abs. Yes, flat. Good. Now slowly lift your chest up. That's it. Chin is up. Elbows are out and feel it. Come on, get your knees up there. You got it work on that tummy. We got two more. Last one. Beautiful. Just relax. Placing your hands underneath your hips now and let's do legs up and back two. Now we're flattening out the lower part of your abs. Initiate the lift through the lower abdominal area. Really flatten that out use your tummy, use it right down here. I want you to really focus your energy on using the lower tummy to more. Lift the last one, lift beautiful and slowly roll up. Feel your lift and roll back down and back up. That's it. And back down. Great. One more. The going come up and pull the boat.

If you can hold the boat called the boat. Hold it. Hold it, hold it. Come on. Strong abs. Equal, healthy mind, healthy body and healthy back. And bring your knees all the way down. Beautiful. Let's straighten out your legs. Bring your head and shoulders up and switch and switch. Beautiful. Use your abdominals like a Pilates work out. Lift flatten the abs. Really try to press them down. That's it. Two more. Last one, and release. Beautiful. Reach your arms up overhead and just stretch it all out. Lengthen through your back. Lengthen through the tummy. Oh, feel so good. That's it, and slowly bring your knees up and let me see your beautiful smiling face. Okay, good and lift all the way up and over. Stretch your wrist over here and bend at the waist, stretching out through the abdominals. Bring your arm across, and then bend over. That's it. Oh, I feel so good. And lift your chest up, placing your hands behind you. Press your chest, feel that length in your spine and your abdominals and release. And there you have it. A beautiful ab workout that really target tones right through the tummy. Core crushers. You did it. Good work.

Video Transcript: Quick Healthy Knees Stretch

Hi everybody. It's Denise Austin. Here are my favorite exercises to keep your knees healthy. Yes. Okay. Come on, sit down. Lift your leg out in front of you. You're going to do a slight leg lift up and down. You're now strengthening the quadricep muscles, all the ligaments and tendons that surround your knee joint. This is very important to keep strong and healthy and always do it for about 30 seconds on each leg. You'll start to feel it. Then you could turn it on the outside turning out to get your inner knee too. This really helps to protect your knees, take good care of your knees by moving and walking. That helps to stay fit because you are worth it.