Heart Healthy Cardio Workout

Denise Austin
by Denise Austin | 
Hi everyone! February is Heart Health Month, but every month is a good time to be ahead of your heart health... and this new Heart Healthy Cardio Workout is a great way to get started! This workout is only 10 minutes long, and will help you get healthier. Give it a try today!

Cardio workouts are vital to heart health - they help by:

-Lowering blood pressure. High blood pressure means your heart and surrounding arteries work harder to push out blood, which can stress your heart. By getting regular cardio exercise, you can help to prevent and even reverse high blood pressure!

-Lowering cholesterol. Regular exercise has been linked to healthy cholesterol levels, which can lower your risk for stroke and heart disease.

-Improving circulation. When you are moving regularly, your heart has improved blood flow in the small vessels that surround it - and this can help to prevent blockages and fatty deposits.

And when you begin to add cardio workouts to your daily life, you will get more oxygen, have a heart that works better under stress, help to decrease your risk of diabetes, and even have a healthier weight and better mood!

Some of my favorite cardio workouts are walking at a brisk pace, biking, hiking, swimming, dancing, and of course - workouts like my Heart Healthy Cardio Workout! For the most benefit, aim for 30 minutes at least five days a week, mix it up to keep it interesting, and give yourself a big high five when you are done - you are doing you and your heart so much good when you do cardio!

Let's live EVER BETTERâ„¢ - together!


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    Heart Healthy Cardio Workout Transcript
    Welcome to your Heart Healthy Cardio. Are you ready? We're gonna start with low impact cardio and then try your very best to keep up because this is worth it. Your heart is worth it. Your heart is a muscle. So let's get fit together. Let's work on that heart. Yes, condition it  just like our arm muscles, how we tone and firm up our arm muscles. We need to do the same for our heart. So getting your heart rate up, doing low impact aerobics really helps. Exercise is the best medicine there is and eating right too. And here's my little dog here. I take them on walks too. That helps with your heart. Healthy, good side to side. That's it. Get a little lower. Lower. Make you burn a little more calories. That's it. Two more beautiful. Now, heel lift. Make sure you're adding the arms to it too.

    The arms are nice and firmed and lift. That's it. Heel to the buttocks. It's like a hamstring curl with the bicep curl. Keeping that heart rate going. That's it. We're gonna burn some calories, burn some fat, burning that butter. Keeping our heart healthy. Yes, we got it. Just remember heel lift. There you go. Really use your muscles to help burn more calories and give more energy. Muscles work miracles on your metabolism. So keep up that muscle tone. Two more. Last one. Good. Okay, now I really want you to work both arms. Did you know the more muscles you use, the more calories you burn? And that's why we're working those arms. Those are the muscles closest to the heart to really get that body going. To get your heart rate up to pump it up. Better circulation for the whole body. Now push it to the front.

    This is great for your chest muscles. That's right. Push. Push. Great for posture, elbows back and push forward. There you go. Good. You can do it. Now let's push it up once and forward and lift like you're pushing a box above. Really firm it up. That's it. When you're working your arms, you're really burning more calories, because you're working more muscles. That's right. Engage 'em all. Two more. Last one. Okay. Walk in place now. Arm circles, keeping those arms going. Circle forward. That's it. Let's march in place. It's very important you keep those legs going to keep your heart rate up. It's about burning calories and also conditioning the heart and lungs and reverse little arm circles. Come on. Targets those arms while we're getting that heart rate up. You got it. Beautiful. Two more. Okay, let's tap it behind. Tap behind now.

    Great. This one I really want you to tap, but also lift your elbows. There you go. That way you are firming the back of your arms. The triceps, good. You can do it. Lift it high. Keep moving. See, my legs are nonstop. That's the way to really get that cardiovascular system in shape. Get healthy. Good. You got it. Get stamina. Get endurance. Get energy. Yes. Exercise gives you energy. It's the oxygen that flows through the muscles up to the brain and say, I feel good. Yes, you do. Last one. Okay, shake it out. Now I want you to stand up nice and tall. Think about good posture. Is your back strong and straight? I want you to lift your knees. Just lift the knees. That's it. Hands right here on your hips. Thinking about good posture. Pull in the tummy. Almost feel like you're zipping up those abs like a corset.

    Hold it tight inside. That's it. Good posture. Okay, let's add the arms. Pull down your arm. Pull it down. Keep your back straight. You keep moving those legs. You're doing great. I'm proud of you. Keep moving. That's the goal here. Nonstop to get that heart rate up and help condition your heart. It's a muscle. That's right. Good. We got two more just like that last one. Okay. Push it out. Push it out. Now let's do a heel tap in front with your back straight and you're pushing out. There you go. But make sure your knees stay bent down like that. Lower you take it lower, it's better because you burn more calories because you're using your hips, your thighs, and your buttocks. Bigger muscles of the body. Engage more calories. Good. You demand more oxygen. Good. Good, good. You got it. Push it out. Good. You can do it.

    Last one. Okay. Now take it forward and back. You go forward and back and just add a little arms. Just forward and back. That's it. Good. It's a little tap tuck. That's it. Good. Forward. And stretch it back. That's it. Two more just like that last one. Good. Okay. To the other side. Go forward, tuck it back. Heel and press. Heel and press. That's it. Gorgeous. You can do it. Stay down low. Good. Reach it back. That's it. Great. Straight bodies, get upright. Good. Last one. Okay. And now let's go side to side. This time we're gonna do a double side. So it's side and it's another side. Okay. Lunge to the side. It's like a little bit of a side squat. Stay low. You got this. Beautiful. Hi little gator baby. Look at how sweetie is. Hi honey. Okay, get low. You got it. Come on. Let me see. Now let's add the arms. Push them out. Good. Great for the arms and the legs. You got them! You have to do all the major muscle groups, you are really getting that cardiovascular system going.

    Good. That's one. Oh, okay. Now hold it right here. It's a stretch over. That's it. Really work. Oh, push it out. And can you get a little lower? That's it. Great, cardio. You can do it. You're doing it. You just punch it out in front. Good. I'm proud of you. Just keep moving. You got it. Give it all you've got. Yes. 110%. You are worth it. You deserve to feel good. That's right. Okay. Can you add both arms? Lift your arms Lift and lift. That's it. Good. Lift the both arms. If this is too hard, just tap. Just tap. Okay. 

    Make it what you can. Listen to your body. If you can, really make bigger motions, bigger movements. That's how you burn more calories. Yes. Two more. Last one. Oh. Okay. Just march it out. Just march it out. Right here. You're doing great. Inhale and exhale. Beautiful. Again, take a deep breath. Inhale and let me see those beautiful biceps. Exhale. One more time. Inhale and bicep. That's it. Good. Okay. Now make sure you're holding your elbows behind you. And now press them forward and back and forward and back. You got forward and back. Beautiful. This is great for your chest and your shoulders. Sexy shoulders. Lift the chest to improve your posture. There you go. Open and close. But make sure when you close, you keep your back straight. That's it. Good.

    Open. Great. That's it. Really firm the chest muscles, good. Last two. Last one. Okay. Big swings. Here we go. Big swings. That's great. Just swing it out. Beautiful. Big body swings. Stretch and tone. And move those muscles, really reach. Oh, feeling good. Bring that heart rate back down. That's it. It's smooth, it's fluid. It's really good. You're just flowing through the body. Beautiful. And now just twist it out for your waistline. Inhale. Exhale. Good. Just twist it out. Beautiful. Okay, one more deep breath. Inhale through the nose and exhale. Give it all you got. That's it. And stretch it out. Hamstring stretch. Go to the other side. Stretch it out. Heel comes down and the toe comes up to stretch your calves. That's it. One more stretch inside of your legs. Feel so good. That's great. Feel that stretch.

    And just relax to each side. Feel your thigh stretching. So good for you. And now reach all the way. Feel the inner thigh stretching, working the whole body. And take a deep breath together. Bring in that oxygen. Yes. Bring it the energy. And exhale out any stress. Just let it go. And there you did a fabulous cardio workout. Thanks for working out with me. Woo. If you love this workout, I have so much more at deniseaustin.com. Try my free trial that you get to do all kinds of different workouts and recipes. Eating plans. You will love it. All you have to do is visit deniseaustin.com!