Hot Takes on Hot Flashes: 3 Things To Try (And 1 To Avoid!)

Denise Austin
by Denise Austin | 
Menopause is a phase all us women will experience at some point, and I am so relieved that it is finally a topic we can talk about - and help each other out as we go through this transition! One of the less pleasant side effects of menopause are hot flashes, but the good news is that research is showing us ways to tackle hot flashes. Read on for three things to try, and one to avoid, if hot flashes are affecting your daily lifestyle. And, as always, consult with your physician before making any changes!

Hot Takes on Hot Flashes: Try These Three

1) Eat soy for hot flashes. A 12-week study published in the journal Menopause had women eat a plant-based diet that included cooked soybeans (1/2 cup) daily. The soybean group (versus the group who continued their normal diet) reduced the number of hot flashes by 79%, along with experiencing better sleep, weight loss, and more. Soy contains isoflavones, or plant estrogens that reduce hot flashes. Soy protein also offers protein and fiber, to help promote digestion and tamp down weight gain. The best way to get the recommended one-two servings of soy per day into your diet? Choose organic, non-GMO whole foods, such as tofu, steamed edamame or roasted soybeans - and enjoy!

2) Sip on tomato juice for hot flashes. Japanese researchers found that a plain glass of unsalted tomato juice twice a day reduces menopausal symptoms - including hot flashes. Tomatoes contain a high level of a compound the mimics estrogen, and this compound (gamma-aminobutyric acid) stabilizes the hormones that cause flushing. Try adding a glass of tomato juice to your breakfast and lunch, and see how you feel!

3) Black cohosh for hot flashes. This traditional herb has been well-studied when it comes to menopause, and is considered an effective hot flash remedy - it lessens the severity of hot flashes by supporting and maintaining hormonal levels.

And what not to do? Let anxiety get the best of you! A calm, positive mental attitude can go a long way in helping to keep symptoms like hot flashes to a minimum. Meditation and breathing are especially helpful, and can help to reduce hot flashes and regulate your body temperature. My daughter Kelly has a free meditation you can get on her website, or check out my current Fit Over 50 magazine for more breathing exercises.

I hope these hot flash insights are helpful to you! Dress in layers, keep a bottle of cold water with you, and remember that hot flashes aren't forever!

Let's live FIT, HAPPY and HEALTHY - together!