Longevity: Living A Long, Healthy & Happy Life!

Denise Austin
by Denise Austin | 
I am constantly asked what to do to promote longevity. Of course that's the goal for most people - me included! And while it may seem a no-brainer to avoid unhealthy habits (eating too much junk food, smoking), there are actually four things that have been shown to help people live a long life - as long as 110 years old! These people are known as "super centenarians," and their habits that support their longevity are so interesting, even I have adopted all of them. You should too - give them a try! Here are four things super centenarians do throughout their lives.

Longevity: 4 Ways To Live A Long & Happy Life

  1. Stay physically active. Obviously this one is close to my heart, and something I promote in my 10-Week Plan! No matter what your age, getting exercise every day should be a priority. If you aren't yet a member, start your free trial today - I have exercises for all age groups and levels, and am there to cheer you on and give you guidance!
  2. Have a positive attitude. This is another one I have talked about at length. Being positive is so important to me, as it helps me manage stress, put things in perspective, and just makes each day easier and more joyful for me! You can read some of my tips on staying positive, try to apply them to your life - for a possibly longer life!
  3. Stay social as they age. There is no doubt that having a social network of family and close friends is so important to your health - both mentally and physically! Make it a point to spend time with family or friends; even if you aren't a "people person" you can do this! Volunteering and joining a local group also counts, so think of areas you would like to help others, or areas where you would like to improve yourself.
  4. Have a spiritual connection. Super centenarians ted to be  spiritual, either through religion, a connection with nature, or feeling like there is a higher purpose. This helps keep things in perspective, and is something I keep in mind every day.

The one more suggestion for longevity I would add is to eat a healthy diet! Focusing on whole foods will go a long way in keeping your body and mind running smoothly. My 10-Week Plan offers up a personalized eating plan, so whether you want to lose weight, eat vegetarian, or need to follow a gluten-free, diabetic or low-sodium diet, I have you covered (plus more options!). Start your free trial now!

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