Sexy Ab Series Part 1

Denise Austin
by Denise Austin | 

Target toning is a great way to work on some of your problem areas, which for so many women include your belly! I have a brand new workout series to help you do just that, target tone your tummy! This is the number one area that I get asked to make workouts for. It seems that everyone wants a flatter and more toned midsection. 

Over the years, I’ve made countless stomach slimming workouts… Shrink Belly Fat, Best Belly Fat Blasters, Hit the Spot: Abs, plus so many more current workouts on my app! Well this brand new Sexy Ab Series is something quick and simple that you can add into your weekly routine. 3 workouts at a quick, 3-, 4- and 6- minutes, you can certainly squeeze them in on a regular basis! 

Here's part 1 of the Series! Make sure and check out my Facebook Page or Instagram for Part 2 and 3!

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Sexy Ab Series Part 1 Transcript:

Welcome to your three minute slimmer abs. So let's begin lifting your waistline side to side. Really tightening up through the abdominals slimming through that waistline. That's it. Keep your knee slightly bent and you're reaching, working on slimming the waistline. That's great. Really reach it out there. Keeping the bottom half kind of still. That way you really work. The muscles of the waistline. The obliques. Beautiful. Keep reaching out. Slim it out. Yes. Beautiful. We got two more. Really try your best last one and release this time. Now stay low and do little twist. That's it. Keep yourself nice and tall through the waistline. Great through the spine. And do little twist. Tighten up your abs. How tight. Tight. That's it. Great. Beautiful. Slim and trim that waistline. You got it. We got two more of these. That's it. Last one. And I'll reach it out. Reach out. That way you work at the back of the waistline. That's it. No more love handles. Just reach it out. Good twist, slim, and trim. We can do it. Pull that belly button in. Yes. Two more. Last one. Okay, let's take it to the side. Now. Lifting nice and tall, you're gonna pull the elbow towards your knee. That's it. Working right here. It's a cinch in through the waistline. That's great. Really lift through. Lift. Great. The length really helps you lift. Beautiful and kind of cinch in there. Come on. Really bend. Good. That's it. Bend good. If you want, you can keep that foot up too or take it down. Either one. We got the last one. That's it. Beautiful. Okay, switch sides lengthen first. You wanna lengthen through the waistline and pull and crunch. Good. Really feel it. You can keep that leg up and make it a little more challenging or place it down. Whatever's best for you. Really crunch. There you go. Cinch in the waist. Great. Sl it out. Good. But really fill in the abdominals. I got this. You can do it too. Come on, it's worth it. Great. Pull down. That's it. Good. We got two more. Last one. Give it all you got. Okay, beautiful. This one I really want you to think tall. You're going to lean down slightly and come up. This time we're gonna add a knee, so down and lip. Work that waist down and lip work the waistline. Great. Slim and trim. That's it. Last two back is strong and straight. Use the tummy one more. That's it. And pull it in and hold it back there. That's it. Great. Thinking about good posture lift. That's it. Last one. Okay. And take a deep cleansing breath, bring in the oxygen and stretch out those abs and release. You did it. Fabulous workout. You did great with a fabulous workout. And if you want more full length workouts, I have a brand new app, Denise Austin app that has over 400 of my workouts, plus recipes, plus a great community and challenges too to keep you going. Plus, we have a free trial going on right now, so download my app or scan the QR code.