Sexy Leg Series: Part 1

Denise Austin
by Denise Austin | 
Hi everyone! Summer is almost here, my favorite season! It's a time to be outdoors, dining al fresco, going for walks, enjoying nature and soaking up the sun (with sunscreen on, of course!). It's also the time of year to break out your mini-skirts, shorts and sundresses, so let's get those legs summer-ready with my all new three-part Sexy Legs Series!

This lower body workout series will help you tone and firm your legs, minimizing the look of cellulite and replacing it with long, lean muscle. Not only will your legs look amazing, but they'll be strong, giving you plenty of energy to move around that pickleball court, ride that bike, or go for a swim! 

The first workout is a 3-Minute Trimmer Leg Workout. Mini squats, front lunges and side lunges will work the front and back of your legs, your saddlebag area, and your booty! It's a quick, efficient way to tone, slim and lengthen your legs. Do this workout a few times a day when you have an extra five minutes (you can do it almost anywhere - no equipment required!) and you WILL see a difference in how your legs, thighs and booty look - and you will FEEL the energy that comes from replacing fat with muscle!

And for even more leg and booty workouts, start a free trial of my membership! My app has more than 50 leg-focused workouts ranging from 5 to 45 minutes! This includes some of my fan-favorite TV show workouts on the beach and in the mountains, newer studio workouts, and challenges that focus on the lower body. And for the next two workouts in this Sexy Leg Series, check out my Facebook Page or my Instagram tomorrow and Saturday and let's do this mini challenge together!

Let's live FIT, HAPPY and HEALTHY - together!!

PS - Check out my popular Sexy Arm Series for a little upper body burn too!!

Sexy Leg Workout Transcript
Welcome to three Minutes to Trimmer Legs. Let's begin. The first exercise is simple, just a half squat. That's it. Little mini squat working. Your hips, your thighs, the front of your legs. That's it. Just sit back and squeeze on the top. That's it. Sit all the way back. Sit through the weight through your heels. That's it. Beautiful. You got this. Two more. Last one. Now hold it right there and little baby pulses. Just use your thighs. Can you feel it? Great. From the front to the back of your thighs. That's it. Two more. That's it. Last one, and switch. Now I want you to go to all the way down to the beautiful lunge, but make your back is strong and straight. Leaning out through the front of your thighs, your thigh. That's it. Go down, lift, back up. Beautiful. Do the best you can. All these exercises will help trim and slim through the legs, the thighs. Last one on this side. Gorgeous. Go to the other side and take it down. Squeeze up. That's it. Take it down and squeeze up. Gorgeous. Thinking about good posture is your front leg at a 90 degree angle? Very important. That's it. Thinking about squeezing all through the buttocks here. Lengthening through the thighs. That's it. Gorgeous. You got two more of these. Last one. Great. Inner and outer thighs. Now go to the side and lift the leg up and lean down and push away. You got this inner thighs and outer thighs. Gorgeous. Lift the leg. Beautiful. Two more. That's it. Really Feel it. Slimming and trimming. That's one. Great. And now to the other side. Down. And switch. Push away. You got it down. Push away. Lengthen the legs. That's it. Really. Lengthen through the thighs. You can do it. Beautiful. You got this. Great. We got two more Push. Lengthen the leg. Last one. Great. And now slowly come down to a plié. Turn your toes all the way out and take it down. This time want you to lift one heel up. You're now feeling the inner thighs. Trim and slim the inner thighs. No more jiggly. That's it. And switch feet. The other toe. Push it down. Heel comes up. Feel it in the inner thighs. You got it. Two more. Last one. Stay down and come all the way up. Squeeze the buttock. One more. Go all the way down. Hold it there. Push your knees out, out, out. Plié back up. Squeeze in the in your thigh. And release all the way down. Now hold it down there. That's it. Great. Back is strong. Back is straight. Come all the way back up. Beautiful. Now you'll have beautiful, sexy looking legs. You did great with a fabulous workout. And if you want more full length workouts, I have a brand new app, Denise Austin app that has over 400 of my workouts, plus recipes, plus a great community and challenges too to keep you going. Plus, we have a free trial going on right now, so download my app or scan the QR code.