Start Cycling Today!

Denise Austin
by Denise Austin | 
Hi Everyone! Today we are going to take a look at cycling - and what makes it such a great way to exercise! I have always loved cycling, not only for its physical benefits, but because it's just FUN! When the girls were young we would bike together as family on fun weekend adventures. As I got older, I began to enjoy the variation that cycling added to my walking, jogging and hiking routines - mixing up what muscles I was using. And now that indoor cycling is a whole experience unlike any other, I have started to practice that as well, and I love it!

So now that I am a cycling enthusiast, I wanted to share some reasons you should consider getting in the saddle!

Cycling Tips:

  1. It's easy to do. Especially on an indoor bike, cycling doesn't require that you have an in-depth knowledge of what you are doing, and doesn't require a high skill level. Cycling outdoors may take some time to learn if you have never ridden, but trust me, you will love it once you learn it!
  2. It can burn a lot of calories. The average person is said to burn between 450 and 750 calories for every hour of moderate cycling. While this all depends on your weight, gender, and how fast and how hard you are cycling, these numbers are very impressive.
  3. It's a fun way to get your workout. Whether you are outdoors, breathing in the air and enjoying the sites, or at an indoor cycling class on a stationary bike, it's just such a fun way to workout - it seems like time flies when I use my bike as a workout!
  4. It's a great way to burn off extra calories. If you are lucky enough to live somewhere that you can swap out your bike for your car to run errands or commute to work, do it!
  5. Cycling can target-tone your thighs and tushie! Cycling works the front and back of the thighs, as well as your booty. So if you want to tone and firm up these areas, give cycling a try, and add it to a whole-body workout plan like in my membership.
  6. Nearly anyone can do it. It doesn't matter what fitness level you are at, cycling can be an easy way to get your body moving, or be a really challenging workout - all you have to do is adjust the gears! Start with a lower intensity level if you're recovering from injury or are new, and build your way up to harder workout that will burn those calories!  It's also a great workout for anyone looking for an exercise that is gentle on the bones and joints. It can cause less strain and injuries than other forms of exercise, while still helping to keep your heart rate up.
  7. Cycling is great for mood and mental health. We all know exercise is important for physical health, but did you know cycling can relieve tension and stress, calm your overactive mind, lift your mood and may even help you sleep better? So next time you are feeling stressed out or down, jump on the bike to boost your mood!
  8. It can be a great group workout. There are all sorts of cycling groups - indoor and outdoor, beginner to advanced - that are fun and can help to keep you accountable for your workouts, helping to keep you working towards your healthy goals. Plus there are lots of great biking charity events, so you can ride and feel great about doing it!
  9. It's easily accessible! Nowadays many large cities around the world offer bike sharing for a small fee, or indoor cycling classes on a by-the-class basis, so you can go cycling anywhere! Plus when you bike outdoors, you may not have to "share the road" - so many places offer miles of bike paths or converted train tracks that offer beautiful scenery away from any automobile traffic, a great way to discover new areas. Just grab your helmet and go!

I hope these tips inspired you to want to get on a bike and give it a try - I really enjoy it so much, I couldn't help but want to spread the word! And don't forget that my 10-Week Whole Body Plan is another great way to get fit, burn calories, and enjoy yourself - start your 7-day free trial today!

Let's get fitter, together - inside and out,