Stretching Exercises: Morning & Evening Flexibility!

Denise Austin
by Denise Austin | 
Hi Everyone! Today we are going to do quick, effective stretching exercises with my new AM/PM Stretch video. I love stretching and stretching exercises, and do these every day! They help to improve flexibility and posture, reduce tightness in the muscles, and are a great way to begin the day and end the day!  In this AM/PM Stretch workout, I focus on stretching exercises that open up various parts of the body, including the back, chest and arms, as well as the legs, the hips and your tushy, too. I even sneak in some abdominal work to help tone your lower belly while stretching and lengthening!

So whether you want a quick wake-me-up or a stretch that will wind you down so you sleep better, this new AM/PM Stretch workout is for you! Give it a try today! And if you haven't yet, start your FREE trial of my Whole Body Plan! I have a 10-Week Challenge to help get your body ready for summer, a Stretching Challenge to help keep you limber and lengthened, and more - including a Natural Body Bootcamp. You can try all this for free for 30 days - click here to get started!

Let's get fitter, together - inside and out,


Stretching Exercises



Stretching Exercises - Video Translation:

Hi everybody! It's Denise Austin! This is your five-minute a.m. or p.m. stretch. You can do this in the morning or in the evening, just to unwind. Let's start with a deep cleansing breath, Bringing in the oxygen, and let it out, releasing any stress. Again deep breath inhale, feeling good, and exhale. Great, let's touch to the arms, that's it, stretch through the chest, Giving you energy, getting the oxygen to flow to the whole body, Head to toe Fitness right now. You can do these exercises anytime, anywhere. That's right, they don't require any equipment, all you need is yourself and 4 square feet of space. That's it, last one, and relax.

Let's stretch the back out now, in hell up, And stretched to the side, hold that stretch, Oh this is so important for your spine, keeping it lengthened and stretched! And now to the other side. So great to do in the morning or the evening, This is the best stretch in the world, open up the chest, That's it, and release.

Now my favorite stretch of all. Open your hands up towards the ceiling, that's it, and stretch back, squeeze those buttock muscles, tighten up that tushie, and relax. Great. And now let's stretch out those thighs, those legs, Better blood circulation through the legs. And now to the other side, When you're doing this think about pulling up and in the abdominals, they're the center of your body. That's it, let's go side to side. That's it, notice my hips are back, very important You're getting through the groin area now, stretching and toning at the same time. Very efficient in your 5 minute stretching exercises. Side to side. We've got one more, and hold it there, Reach it down and stretch it up. That's right stretch it up feel it Stretch it that's right. Now to the other side. Hold, and stretch that arm up up up up, Pulling the tummy, that's it, really feel the stretch. It's a great rotation for the waistline, for the back. And relax.

Now slowly jump up pull your feet together, Now let's Circle through the ankles and the knees and the legs, keeping the knees and ankles strong and flexible at the same time. That's it, great. Now slowly come all the way down, And sit down and now let's stretch through the thighs, the quadriceps. That's it, just as high, elongate the leg,Now we're stretching through the groin, especially if you sat today, that's it opening up through the hips, keeping the hips healthy, wonderful stretch for the hip flexors, that's it now. With it all the way up for a little toning of the thighs no more saddlebags, Pull your abs up and in so you're working through the abdominals too. We've got two more, lifted up and down, that's it,Now let's target on the inner thighs. Flex your foot,And lift the bottom leg.That's it, great, to strengthen through the entire leg, enter tight inner thigh toners, that's it, lift it up up up up up. Beautiful.

And now let's just switch sides. First of all we have to stretch those quads,As well as the hip flexors. The stomach is in, your back is strong and straight, you're thinking good posture, that's it. Throughout the day today I want you to think good posture. And if you're going to bed tonight Doing these stretching exercises, you'll sleep better. Your body will be relaxed, stretching through all the areas that we need, The hips, it's important for all of us. Okay, and release. Now the leg comes up, And down. Flex the foot, getting good circulation in the legs . great, sitting up straight and tall, Zip up those abs, that's it, beautiful! This is wonderful for the outside of the hips, stabilizing the hips, As well as trimming your thighs. Last one, Hold it up, great, and release it. Now it's time for our inner thigh toner. Lift, and lower, that's it. This is now working through the inner knees, That's it, no more jigglies between your inner thighs Will shape it up right now, so important. Last one, hold it up, hold it up, coming in, and relax.

And now it's time to do our abdominals. Lie down, and slowly relax the neck. Relax your head, that's it, bringing your knees to tabletop. Hold it right there, now slowly lift, Touching your knees, and come back down. Just lift and lower. It just reach and lower. For those of you who need extra assistance, that's okay. Place your hands behind you cradle behind you to help relax the neck muscles, Letting your head hang, relaxing your neck, and using your abdominal Strengths that you have to get up. Initiate this movement for the abdominal, your core. Last one, up up up up up.

Now slowly bring your knees to your chest Elevate your feet, flex your toes, and slowly lift up. Hold one arm and one leg up,Up up up, and the other reach up up up,Tighten the tummy, now flatten it, flatten it. Again, reach up, flattened that Tommy, beautiful. and to the other side reach up up up up up,Flatten the tummy, good, and release.

And now criss-cross your ankles, just let your ankles relax, now place your hands under your hips,And let's do a little tummy tuck. This is for the lower tummy, so important, This is working below the belly button. The area most of us really need, we rarely get the lower tummy So let's get it right now in this efficient workout. Last one, hold it hold it hold it, and release.

And let me see your smiling face, beautiful! And take a deep breath, inhale, exhale, And let's race to the side that's it, elongate the body. And to the other side, beautiful, And stretch forward, stretch it out to your hips. Feel the stretch in your buttocks as well as the back of the hips, the thighs, Great. And slowly trying to decide. Last stretch for your hips and your thighs, sitting up nice and tall, Oh it feels so good. And switch. That's it hold it, hold it there, and relax. Let's take a deep breath together inhale, and exhale. Beautiful. I hope you enjoy your quick workout, strecth and tone.