Tone Your Arms with this 3-Part Sexy Arm Series

Denise Austin
by Denise Austin | 
How to get lean and toned arms is one of the most common questions I get asked. I created this Sexy Arm series for those of you that want just that, sexy toned arms but don't have a lot of time. In this popular series you'll find three quickie workouts to get lean, tone arms in no time: 3-, 4-, and 6-minutes to be exact! I use 3-pound weights for these workouts, but you can go without, or step up to 5-pound weights if you're able to! Do what works best for YOU!

I put all 3 workouts together in this blog post, so you can access each one easily. Complete one each day this week, or combine them for a longer routine! And if you're looking for a little more toning, but for your lower body; last week I released a brand new Sexy Leg Series on my YouTube Channel. Check it out today and work on getting toned Arms and Legs this Summer!

Sexy Arms Part 1:

Sexy Arms Part 2:

Sexy Arms Part 3:

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Sexy Arms Part 1 Transcript:

Denise Austin here. Ready to do our three minute to trim her arms. All you need are lightweights. I've got three pounds. Whatever you have at home. Let's begin. All right. Little baby circles all the way around. Circle your arms. These are my favorite exercises in three minutes to target, tone and shape your arms. Yes, sexy arm. You're going to do it right now. We're not allowed to bring those arms down at all. They have to stay up. Okay? The whole three minutes. Little circles, little circles. Now reverse works a little more of the back of the arms. That's it. Nice tone. Firm. Arms trim. That's it. Hold that weight. Just relaxing. Circle around. We got two more. These. You got it? Okay. Don't press up. Press up. That's it. Press up. You can also do all these exercises without waits. Too long as your arms are above your waistline.
You are working those arms berm and toned and shapely. That's it. Now we're going to bring them in front. That's at little circles in front. Great. Ready for a little more biceps. That's it. Great little baby circles. All right, two more. And now reverse all the way around. That's it. Keep it shoulder level. That's what's so important to really target and firm those arms. Yes. Last one. And present. Now pressing. That's it. Depress. Excellent for the chest too. Right here for the arms and chest. That's great. Two more. Last one. Okay. Bring it out now. Circle and press up and around. Up and around. That's it. Great. All the way around. If this is too much for you all you have to just go in and out. Okay. Either one. Still working those arms. Great. Trim, toned arms. Last one. Good. Now the other arm up and around if you can.
If you can't, that's okay. You can stay right here cause you're still shaping. Sculpting your arm muscles. That's it. Beautiful. Sexy arm. Got two more. Last one. Great. Now turn your hands down and press back. Press back. Excellent. That's it. You got it. Come on. It's worth it. So when you wave goodbye, nothing will juggle working on the back of those arms there you can do it. Wonderful. Two more and release. Forward and around. Rotate. Let me see those sexy firm arms. Come on, bend your elbow slightly. That's it. Great. Couple more. Just like that. That's it. Two more and release. Now bring it behind you and out behind you and that's it. All the way behind. Beautiful. That's it. Couple more. Last one, girl, rate and there you did it. Three minutes to target tone. Those arms. You did it. Congrats. Love you guys.

Sexy Arms Part 2 Transcript:

It's time to do four minute, firmer arms. You got it. Okay. Let's begin with some light weights. I have three pounds. You could do five pounds, whatever you have. So let's begin with some bicep curls. Bring him up and forward. That's it. Stomach is in. Back is strong and straight. Think those beautiful, sexy muscles. You got him. Use him. That's right. If you rest your rust, we want to firm up those arms. Show me those beautiful biceps. That's it. A nice strong man. That's good. Strong firm arms. This is called strong man and blondies. Okay, we got two more. That's it. Last one. Now we bring it forward and bring it forward and back down. That's it. A little lower. That's great. Make sure you do fall extension. Range of motion, so it comes all the way and all the extended beautiful. That way you make sexy arms.
Good shapely firm tone. That's it. We got two more. Last one. Great. Now hold it out there and we do have biceps. The other side. Just go halfway up. That's it. Now we're targeting a different part of the bicep, the lower end. That's it. Good. Beautiful. You got it. It's your back strong and street. The good posture. Chest up and that's it. Up and open. Two more. Last one. Okay, let's turn to the side. Elbows come up. Now the back of the arms, the tricep toner, that's it. This is targeting behind the arm, so when you wave goodbye, nothing will jiggle well from that area. Did you know it's where the most underused muscles in the body, the back of the arms. So that's why we have to be put in this position to really see the difference in feel the difference. Fighting gravity. That's right.
And nice tone muscle. That's it. Keep it from you. Got it. Two more zip up those abs last one and release. Now hold it up. Their palms come up and little baby lips. Pulse, pulse. That's it. Stomach is in. Back is strong and straight. You got it. Feel on the back of those arms. Only four minutes. You've got a from him up. Come on from up those arms. You got it? Yes, we can do it and look. Awesome. Sleeveless blouses take tops. That's it. Last one. And release. Okay, just shake it out a little bit. Great. Okay. Now I want you to bring the arms forward and lift him out and beef or you do this. Make sure your abs are tight. Really engage your abs. That's it. Lift out and open. That said, lift out and use your chest muscles. You got a great think about good form.
Always. That's it. Stomach is in. Back is strong and straight. You're working your abs. Two. We got one more beautiful and release and slowly bring it down. Lift it back up and back down. Just halfway up and down. Great. Sexy arm. You got it. That's it. Lift and lower nurse. I'm not going overhead. It just stays right here and back down last one and release. Okay, and now just release the shoulders and just pull your elbows towards you and circle it out. That's it. Doing a little bicep curl, foal, bicep curl. You got it. That's it. Two more. Last one, and release. Take a nice deep breath. Inhale and exhale. Beautiful. Let's stretch the arms overhead and to the other side and there you did it. You're four minutes waiting to get nice firm arms.

Sexy Arms Part 3:

Six minutes to sexy arms. Let's get started. Grab some weights and let's begin. Beginning with our bicep curls. Make sure your elbows are nice in front of you. That's it. And really linked in through the arms length in there you go. A great way to from the front of your arms, the biceps, why you're doing this. I want you to pull in your abs. Really think good, strong core muscles. That's it. Great. And think good posture. That alone is a great exercise. Pulling in the tummy naturally keeps it nice and flat. That's it. Reeducating those Ab muscles at the same time. Firming up those sexy arms. Yes. Only six minutes. You can do it. Let's go. Pump it up. Yes, you got it. Two more. Last one. Great. And now we're gonna work the back of the arms. This is now pressing. That's it. Really pull down that.
Pull down. Great. You got it. Really pull it down. Show me those arms. You got it. Great muscles. Work miracles on your metabolism. So that's why we need those muscles in our arms. Yes, you'll look great. Whatever you're wearing, you'll firm it up. You'll look great and sexy. Yes. Don't we all want that too? Okay, two more. Last one. Beautiful. Now I want you to bring your elbows up behind you and we're going to twist it up and press in. That's it. Just precedent. Make sure your palms are facing inward. Your back is strong and straight. Your abs are pulled in, and now we're working the back of those arms, the triceps. That's it. Wonderful. Now press it together. Pressing. Drop your shoulders. That's it. You tuffle. You got it for the back of the arms. Two more. One more. Good. Now kick back in and press out.
Make sure the elbows stay up. Okay. See the elbow state. Don't swing it. Then you're cheating. That's momentum. You want the muscle to do the work for you so you see the results. That beautiful, sexy, sculpted, toned arm. That's right. We're working the arms from all angles targeting those muscles. That's it. Perfect. You got two more of these. Take your time to really use the muscles. That's it. Last one. Perfect. Okay. Arms come up and pull the back down. Arms come up and pull down. That's it. Great for those arms. Sexy, shapely arms. Great. Also, it helps improve your posture, having good, strong arms toned firm. That's it. We got two more of these. The last one. Now we hold the arms up. You turn and rotate and open up. You turn a rotate and open up. This is an awesome exercise. Keep your arms up.
Don't let them drop. Come on. That's the exercise in itself. That's it. Get them nice and toned and shapely. Sculpted arms. Yes. Great. Beautiful muscles. That's it. He strong backs. Standing up nice and tall. We got two more. Really? Turn it over and release. Okay. Pull it over and out and over and out. Yes. Over like you're striking this it. It's a push and it's a poor. Keep the other arm up. Now make sure God two more. That's it. Like a bow and arrow. Last one. Hold that arm. Okay, pull here and reach out. That's it. Pull here and doubt God and pull. That's it. And straight and elbow and right. My little doggy. Two more. Last one. Pull it beautiful and hold it up. Hold it up. Hold up. Little baby lifts. C'mon. Keep it strong. Keep it up there. That's it. Don't drop your arms.
Here's where it counts. That muscle conditioning, muscle toning. That's it. Two more. Now press down. Press down. You got it? Press back back. Yes. That set Chris forward. You got it? Two more. Last one. Okay. Release. You did it. Wonderful. Can have a couple more moves. Here you go. You're doing great though. I'm proud of you. Okay. Thinking about good posture. Hinge forward. Bring your elbows right down in front of you and lift and lower. Now work in the back of the shoulders as well as the back of the arms, but notice my back is strong. It's straight. My neck is long. That's it. Look straight out in front of you. That's it. Beautiful smile. We're burning some fat. We're toning up our arms looking great, sexy arms in six minutes. If you could do it on a regular basis, you will see results in 21 days. I promise we got two more last one and release to shake it out. You did it six minutes to sexy arms.