Trim & Tone Cardio Workout

Denise Austin
by Denise Austin | 
Hi everyone! Here is an all new Trim & Tone Workout for you, and this one is all about the cardio! Lace up your shoes and let's get moving - together! This 10-minute cardio workout will help you to:

-Keep your heart rate elevated, increasing your heart's strength

-Keep your metabolism burning, which can help burn fat and calories

-Keep your muscles strong, for better balance and movement

-Produces endorphins, which are the "happy hormones" that give your mood a boost

Cardio is a great way to engage your body while having fun! This workout uses the entire body - but you only need a few feet of space, so it's perfect for when you are traveling or at home. Schedule this fun, effective workout into your regular routine for an extra 10 minutes of calorie-blasting movement, or if you are starting out getting more activity into your lifestyle, do this workout best you can, taking breaks when you need it, working up to being able to do the entire 10 minutes! Every little bit counts! 

Hope you enjoy this new workout - I love filming them for you all!

Let's live EVER BETTER™ - together! 


Video Transcript:

Welcome to my 10 minute trim and tone. Today is fat burning cardio, so let's get started. The first move is to really work those legs to warm up that body quicker, keeping it low impact, easy on your joints. Okay, moving side to side. Really use your legs. Can you go a little further so you fill your inside of your legs. That's it. Warming up the body. Beautiful. Now let's add the arms side to side so you are really working the whole waistline, your tummy, as well as your legs and your arms too. The whole body dynamic warmup, and it's like toning and stretching at the same time. Plus, we're getting our cardio in. We got two more. Last one. Okay, Let's go forward and back and forward. Bell and lift. Make sure you're using those arm muscles. That's it. Beautiful. Biceps. You got it? Two more.

Last one. Okay. To the other side. Take it forward and back. Think about good posture. Keep your tummy in and press your arms up and back. So biceps and triceps. You got it. Keep moving. That's how it's low impact, but cardio. Keep burning fat. We can do it together. Two more. Last one. Okay. Just march and place. Now march in place. Thinking about good, tall spines. Great. Good. We're gonna take it forward and tap and back. So walk it out. Good. Just do the best you can. What space you have in your house. You can do it in like five feet of space. Something to do every day to keep moving. That's the whole goal. Walk it out. Good. Last set here. Okay. Let's go the other side. Here we go. Walk it out. Use your arms, pump them up. You got it. That's it.

Good. Tap it out. Walking is so good for you, and you can do it right there in the privacy of your own home. Just keep it going. Steps are like walking in motion. You got it? Two more. Last one. Okay. You can do it. Let's go side to side and lift the leg. Now lift the leg, squeeze the tushy. Tighten up that tushy. Lift and relax. Good. Reach with the arms all the way up that's it. Reach as high as you can. Higher, good. Get up high and get low. The changes of the levels will get your heart rate up. Okay. To the other side. Breathe forward and back. Really lift and squeeze the tissue. That's it. Look right from behind. Woo. We have two more. Come on. Keep it going. Last one. Okay. Take a breather. Now we're gonna work the biceps and the back of your thighs.

Those hamstrings. Yes. It also helps the shape of the back of the legs. Good. And let's do some bicep curls. Getting the whole body in motion. That's the whole idea of a cardio workout. Your arms are used. Legs. Every muscle of the whole body, every cell of your body. Oxygen equals energy. So get that oxygen flowing. Good. And push it up. Now. All the way up. Push up. That's it. Come on. Oh, you're pushing a 10 pound box up above. You can do it. Two more. Last one. Okay. Take a breather. Inhale and exhale. Good. And inhale and exhale. And now a little chacha. Come forward. Now heel and down. Push it down. That's it. Good. You can do it. Push. Get a little lower when you go down. That's it. Use your legs and go down. Good. Just have fun dancing. Enjoying yourself. That's it. And you're all at home doing this to stay healthy, to stay fit and get energy.

Good. Last set. Oh, okay. Kick it out. Just kick it out. Good. Thinking about good posture here. And add the arms. This is also great for the waistline. Pull in the belly button. That's it. Feel as though you're zipping up your abs and keep moving. Great. It's only 10 minutes. You can do 10 minutes. It makes you feel good. Gives you that energy. Your body needs that stamina. That's it. Good. Get a little lower now. Can you go lower using your thigh muscles or readily get them. Get down. Good. Two more. Last one. Okay. Now we tap behind. Just a tap. Okay. Just start. Just tap behind. Good. It's just a tap. Now I want you to add the arms to really work the back of your arms. The triceps. And it's a press. And it's a press. Good. Side to side. Keep moving. That's what cardio is all about.

That burning workout. Stay low and back. Right here, right now. Good. Push. Elbows up. You can do it. Take a deep breath. Inhale and exhale. Keep going. That's it. Two more. Last one. Okay. Knees come all the way up. Now we're gonna begin lifting the knees up and up. Here you go. Straight backs. Keep your spine straight and strong. Always think good posture. That's very important. Quality. Good. We're burning that butter. Now you guys, let's add the arms. Here we go. Pull down. Pull down. Just lift the arms and pull down. That's it. Great. Pull down. Beautiful. Keep it going. Come on. You can do it. Yes, you can feel as though I'm your personal trainer coming right to your house. Denise is here. It's time to do your workout. Come on, let's go. Yes. You'll feel so much better after you're done.

Those endorphins, happy hormones are flowing. Two more. Last one. Okay, take a breather. Inhale and exhale. Let's shuffle to the side. Now just shuffle to the side. Get low though. It's a little shuffle. If you wanna stay really low impact, you could just do a two step. Okay. Just a two step. That's exercising itself, but get lower. So you've built your legs. The more leg, muscles and hips, thighs and buttocks you use, the more calories you burn. Good. Two more. If you want, you can do the shuffle. Shuffle, shuffle, Shuffle. Good. That's it. Whatever you feel comfortable doing. It's all movement and it's all good. That's it. The joy in the journey. Two more. Last one. Keeps you young, I promise. Okay, let's just heel tap now. Heel tap in front. Good. Get a little lower. Work the hips. Work the thigh. Great. And let's push out for the chest muscles.

Great. Think good posture. It's your back. Straight and strong. That's it. Pull back. You've got it. Great smile. You're doing it. It's worth it because you are worth it. Get fit right there. Two more. Last one. Okay, take a breather. Inhale and exhale. Let me see those gorgeous muscles. You got 'em again. Inhale and exhale. Beautiful. And hold it right here. Ready for some chest presses. Great for cardio. Keeping the legs going, but adding the arms and upper back. You're getting chest and upper back. That's it. Great. Heel. Tap. Notice I keep moving. You can't stop. That's it. That's what it's all about. Getting that cardiovascular system healthy. Great. A little goes a long way. I promise we can do it. Last one. Okay, take a breather. Inhale and exhale. Let's punch it out. Really reach. Reach across so you feel it through the waistline. Reach.

Trim and tone. That's it. Just reach across. Good. Straight back. You got it. You can do it. We're on our home stretch now. Come on, give it all you got. You can do it. It's your body. Yes it is. Okay, now we're gonna add both arms. A little harder, but you got it. Pick your arms all the way up. There you go. Reach 'em. That's great. Up. We got two more. Last one. Okay. March it out. Now knee lifts up. Here we go. Inhale and exhale. Keep those knees going. That's the whole idea. Feeling in little in the abs. Your elbows are back. Creating a good open chest for better oxygen flow. Inhale and exhale and relax. Inhale and exhale. Good. And let's stretch it out. Inhale and exhale. Good. One more. Reach all the way up. Beautiful. And just stretch out your calves and hamstrings. And here you have a beautiful 10 minute tone and firm up workout. Thanks for working out with me. Woo. If you love this workout, I have so much more at Try my free trial that you get to do all kinds of different workouts and recipes. Eating plans. You will love it!