Trim & Tone Core Workout | 10-Minutes

Denise Austin
by Denise Austin | 

Want a core workout that is fast and effective? Here it is! This workout will help trim and tone your core - a core workout that takes only 10 minutes! Plus you don't have to get on he floor to do this core workout!

I get asked about how to whittle the waistline, how to lose that menopause belly, and the best ways to tone the abs. That is because as we reach peri- and full menopause, it is common for women to gain weight in their belly. And it can be tough to lose the inches that may have been added. But the good news is that a core workout like this one can really help. Add it to your existing workout routine three or four days a week, and you WILL see and feel a difference in your midsection!


This core workout is so effective because it incorporates a variety of moves that target the different areas of the core. We focus on moves to tackle love handles, to improve your posture, and slim your waistline. It is a great workout, so give it a try! If you love this workout, you can become a member at and gain access to hundreds of workouts, recipes, challenges and so much more!!

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Trim and Tone Core Workout Video Transcript:

Are you ready for a 10-minute routine to trim and tone the whole body? Lets concentrate on our abs today. That's what it's all about. Our core to tone and tighten up that core. So let's get started. The first workout is warming up through the abs, stretching your back. Nice and strong and straight. That's it think good posture is your back straight. Good. Now place your hands behind you and lift those knees up using your lower abdominals to lift your legs. It's a great way to do some exercises without getting on the floor. We've got two more. Hold it up there. Now lift those tummies. Pull in the belly button. Zip up those abs. You got it. Now let's twist. Twist it out. That's it. Pull the belly button up and in, out through your abs. Great twist twist. This is now target toning our waistline, shrink the middle. Yes, we can do it together. Great. Two more. You got it. Last one.

Okay. Now we're gonna stretch side to side, reach and tone, stretch and tone the sides of your waistline. That's it. No more muffin top. We'll work on that area right now. Just reach. Notice my lower half is very stable and I'm using the oblique muscles to reach out there. Pull the belly button in. Think about those abs. Tighten it up. Good. We got two more. Last one, twist it out right here. Just twist it out. Great. This is really good for the waistline. So sit down. That's it using your thigh muscles to protect the small the back and just twist it out. You got it. Keeping circulation through the torso. This is called a great torso twist. We're gonna add right now, reaching it out with the arm.

That way you really work those love handles back there. You got it. Great. Just twist it out out. We go to one side, just twist it out. Great. Pull the tummy in to the belly button. Twist your spine. Good. Two more. And to the other side, keep moving it all the way to the other side. Come on. Great. Push it. You could do it. I promise we all can. Two more last one. Okay. Arms come all the way up. Lift your chest high. Good posture and pull your elbow to the knee. That's it. Now we're cinching in the sides of the waistline. This is a great way to twist, to tone, to shape the waist. To really pull it in, lose an inch around your waist. Good, target toning those muscles help to really shrink the area. Cause muscle cells take up less space than fat cells.

Two more. Last one and release. Let's go to the other side. Pull that's it. Just pull it down. You should do it thinking about good posture. Pulling your abs up. That's it great. Torsos tall. That's it. You got it. Two more last one. Okay. To hold it right here. Hold it in a beautiful hold there. Thinking about nice and strong and now twist the body to the side and back up to the other and up twist, twist, twist using your thighs, your torso, lift and twist, lift and twist. You got this two more.

Last one. Beautiful. Okay. Hold it right here. Now. Just hold it right here. Thinking about good posture. We're gonna keep the arms strong and straight. I just want you to do a waist twist right here. That's it. As you're doing this, I really want you to keep your knees slightly bent. That's it pull in the waistline. That's it. Make it tall. And then we're gonna swing it side to side. For those love handles. There you go. Reach, reach. Beautiful. You got this reach. Great circulation for the whole body right now. Really reach up. Feel it through the spine. That's it. That's great. You're doing it. We got two more. Last one and we hold it right here. Beautiful. Now twist it out. Good. Hold it up there. You got this? Just twist. Feel it good cinch in that waistline, you can do it. It also works the lower part of your rectus abdominus.

Pull your knee in, come on, pull across. Beautiful. We got two more. Last one on this side. Okay. Now reach out and pull across really cinch in that way. Great. Good. You're doing it. That's it focus. Trimming and toning. It's quick. It's efficient and you're really working your whole body, but the focus is on the core muscles. Good. Two more last one. Okay. Take a deep breath, inhale and exhale out. Beautiful. And now hands on your hips to support your back and think about good posture. Now all you do is pull your knee towards you. Now hold your body upright. Bring your elbows together in front, chest high and we're doing crunches crunch. You got it. Crunch. Good. Pull, pull. Now almost scoop up and in and hollow out the abs pull the navel to the spine. You got it. Crunch. Good. Two more. Last one. Okay. Inhale all the way up. Exhale out. Beautiful legs apart. Hold your hips up. High twist to the side and to the other side, twist up and twist like a windmill. That's it. Reach and twist. Lift your abs. You got it. Good. Burning calories, trimming and toning. All at the same time.

Lift your body upright. Beautiful. Now reach for your legs towards the toes. Reach to the toes. It's a little harder now. Good. You got it. Lift. Keep moving. We're sculpting. We're shaping. Keep your abs in. Don't let it droop or sag. Always think about pulling the abs in two more. Last one. There you go. Okay. Let's turn to the side. Now. Lift your chest up. High, lift up. Use your legs. Good. Hold the position. Now. Really stretch them through the spine. Stretch your back. Great for your spine and release. Let's go to the other side, lengthen through the spine. Go down and up. That's it. But notice my arms are up. That helps your abs pull in two more. Last one. We hold it there. Hold it tummy in. Great tummy in. Okay. Now we're gonna do some tummy crunches placing your hands on your thighs.

You're gonna pull your tummy up again and now flatten your back. That's a really articulating the spine. As you tighten up your tummy, breathe out, inhale, exhale, tighten, inhale up. Exhale, tighten inhale up two more. That's a tight, tight, tight exhale and inhale. One last one, inhale and exhale, beautiful and circle your hips all the way around. That's it. It's all rotating to get great circulation through the waistline helps your back. Really helps through your hip area, your core circle all the way around. Let me see the circle. Okay. And reverse. That's a full range of motion all the way around as you do this, kind of tighten up the absolute. Oh, can you feel the difference? Yes. It's all tight. They're here. Good. But you're loosening up through the joints. That's it last one all the way around. Okay. And just relax your body. Lift up your chest. Great. Inhale And exhale. Beautiful. One more time. Lift up And exhale. Beautiful. Always think about toning and tighten up your core by tightening up the muscles throughout the day for five seconds. And it's equal to one sit up! See you next time. Stay fit.