Summer Set Workout Series: Waistline Workout

Denise Austin
by Denise Austin | 
Hi Everyone! Today we are going to do a Summer Set Workout Series Waistline Workout!!! I love this series - short workouts to target-tone different parts of your body - arms, legs, thighs ... we will cover it all!! The best part about these workouts is how quick and effective they are - add them to each other and you will have complete workouts to help you get that summer body in no time! Or add each specific toning workout to your existing workout routine for an extra "oomph" to really take your results up a notch. Either way, you will be doing your body good! It's never too late to start on the path to a healthier body!

Let's do this Summer Sexy Waistline Workout! This quick and effective video will help to elongate your body, trimming your waistline! I focus on the oblique muscles, working the sides of the waistline and those pesky love handles. This video WILL help you trim your waistline, so start now - all you need is a mat or carpeted area! You can do it - we'll trim that waist for a healthy, happy summertime body! These exercises are tried and true and PROVEN to see RESULTS!

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Summer Sexy Waistline Workout

Video Transcript:

It's Denise Austin, and welcome to my Summer Set routine. Today is all about the waistline. Let's trim and tone that torso! Let's start with a nice straight back, Think about good posture, pull in the tummy, And release your legs out. That said, go out, and in. And as you go in, zip up those abs! Now we're going to go side to side. Twisted out, twist it out, that's it. Working the size of the waistline, so it really goes in, since that waste! That's it, training and trimming through the waistline, You've got it! The oblique muscles! 2 more! Working the sides of the waist, last one, and release.

Okay, sitting up nice and tall, place your hands behind your thighs, supporting your back, now one vertebrae at a time, slowly roll onto the carpet or your mat, and bring your knee to your chest. And the other knee to the chest, and look at a torso twist, and twist, pull your belly button down into the ground, flatten out the belly, that's it, working the size of the waistline. The obliques, this is a great one for the lower torso too. Below the belly button, that's it, work it, twist it. You got it! Trim that waist! Lose an inch! You can do it! All around that waist, two more, last one, okay slowly roll up. Let me see your smiling face up, that's it, beautiful!

Okay, elongate the leg to the side, lift your arm all the way over, stretch your body, and pull your knee towards your chest, and away, that's it, now really cinch in the waistline here, that's it, really pull it in, in, and out. Elongate. A wonderful exercise. In, and out, now hold it, flex that foot, bring your arm straight out, and little scissors. That's it, this is a really great, effective exercise. Working the sides of the waistline and those love handles. Cinch it in, tummy is nice and tight, really suck it in, Last one, okay, let's all go to the other side.

Just switch sides. The first one is the elongation of the spine, and pull in for the waist. Reach out, and suck it in. That's it, belly button in toward your spine. That's it, really pull, pull in, elongate. Great stretch and tone. That's it, really getting a great and effective waistline workout. We only have one more, hold it now, reach out and flex your foot, and little scissors now. That's it, waistline toners. Trim them, that's it, this is one of the most effective waistline workouts, no more love handles, we've got two more. Last one, okay, come on down. Inhale up, let me see that smiling face, inhale, and exhale. There you did it, a wonderful waistline workout.