Positive Self Talk

Today we are going to talk about positive self-talk, and its evil twin: stinky thinking. It is critical for your internal dialogue to reflect all the positive principles we are talking about in the outside world.   Positivity and beauty starts on the inside. What is considered “beautiful” on the outside changes all the time, but a beautiful heart never changes. You are worth loving – no matter what you look like or what you think you look like.   Your weekly mindset exercise: This week you’re going to need a partner! Choose someone whom you trust and who cares about you, and set up an informal interview. Explain that you are in the process of transforming your life, from the inside out. Then ask what is it they like about you, and what qualities in particular stand out that make you special and unique. Your job is to listen. Write their comments down on a small piece of paper or an index card. Review it every night this week before you go to bed AND also whenever a stinky thought creeps into your mind.