10-Minute Booty Lifter Workout

Denise Austin
by Denise Austin | 
I'm excited to share this 10-Minute Booty Lifter Workout! This workout will really shape, tone and lift your rear, so you leave a good impression when you walk out a door! A strong lower half will help you to stay fit, stay flexible and stay stable - important for all of us, no matter what our age. The exercises I do in this 10-minute booty lifter workout are proven... I have been doing them myself for years! This workout is about proper form - quality over quantity - and trust me, you will see and feel a difference!

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Now grab your weights and a mat and let's lift that booty!

Let's live EVER BETTER™ - together!!



Booty Lifter Video script

Hi Everyone, it's Denise Austin. Today it's all about our booty. We're going to do a 10 minute booty lifter workout, so if you have weights, go ahead and get them placed on the ground to. Let's begin starting with a wonderful warm up. Take a deep breath. Inhale and exhale. Stay right there. We're going to warm up that booty. That's right. You're going to stand up tall. Your back is straight, your abs are pulled in, and you're really working the lower half to make it your better half. That's right. Now, get a little lower. Come on work it out down there firming and toning and shaping and sculpting your buttocks. That's right, the glutes. Get a little lower. Stay there and we got two more. Last one.

Okay. Take it down and pull it back up. Take it down and squeeze on the way up. This is a great way to warm up through the buttocks, through your thighs. That's it. Squeeze. It's all the target. Toning and shaping and sculpting. Thinking about good posture as you work through the moves, pulling in your abs total body workout. That's it. Getting the heart rate up to burn more calories. Did you know your hips, thighs and buttocks are the largest muscles in the body. That's where we target toning right now. Okay. Two more. Last one.

Squeeze it now. Little baby pulses. Pulse it out there. Come on, squeeze the buttocks. That's it. Stick it out. Way out there. All your weight that should be through the heels, your toes, even up in your shoes. That's it. It's all through the heels. We've got two more. Last one. Oh, okay. And come all the way up. Inhale and exhale. Okay.

Time to grab your weights. Let's begin. We're going to begin with. Is screwed and stretch up. This is a one legged squat right now. I'm really working on the thighs and the buttocks of that back cheek. That's it. Good. This is only here like a kick stand for good balance. Okay. Now lift your chest up, take it down, squeeze up. That's it. And we're really working the back. Your back of your legs and your buttocks. We got two more. Last one. Beautiful. And to switch legs. Place that heel down. Take it down and up. That's it take it down. Squeeze up. Yes. Shape. It sculpt it, lift it. We don't want it to go south. We lift it. Sit back. Notice the buttocks are sitting back. Good form is so important. Quality over quantity. That's the key. Good. We got two more. Last one. That's a push through. Push through. Really reshaping.

Now, one of my favorite exercises to reshape that booty is a deadlift. Let's make sure you're doing it correctly. Keeping your knees slightly bent just comes forward. Good posture, buttocks. Go back. Keeping the weights to right close to your thighs and pull the backup and squeeze the buttocks. Got It. Okay. Take it down. Notice how close the weights are to the legs. Beautiful. Squeeze deadline. These are so good for the back of your buttocks, your thighs. That's it. Good posture. You'll notice my back strong and straight, and Paula using the back of your thighs and the blacks. Good. Good posture back. A strong back street. I'm proud of you. You look great from behind. Remember the booty. It's the last thing that leaves the room. Leave a great lasting impression. Everyone. Last one, take it down and lift it back up. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. Great. Okay.

Now I want you to bring the weight through your legs and lift back up through your legs in the squad, and this is like a kettlebell stretch, but it really works. The buttocks now really thrust it a little forward. Squeeze that. Yes, there's the extra work out. Yes, you could do it. Squeeze the buttocks because we got two more. Last one and switch arms ready think good posture. Take it down. Lift up. Take it down. Lift good. Really squeezed thrust it like a Kettlebell. That's it. We got two more.

Come on, squeeze your butt. This works. I promise I've been doing it for years. Tried and true, proven for great results. Okay, great. Okay, let's come on down to the mat and let's begin our total booty blast. This one is awesome. You don't have to use the weight, but he'd be one to make it more challenging. Place the weight behind your knee and you're going to pulse it up. He'll intellect it. This is a little target toning. If you don't want the weight, just do the exercise. I promise you. It's just as effective. The only thing about the weight is, it's giving us just that little extra workout. That's right. You actually increase in workout by about 10 percent. So if you really want to use the way make sure, your back is straight and strong and your abs are really pulled in and up. Don't droop. Don't sag it's all straight. Last one. Great. Hold it up next foot. That's it. Beautiful.

Let's switch sides. Remember, do what you can this booty workout for you. So get it done. Okay, so these are only three pound weights, which is not that much, but it's effective. It's right where we need it. Okay? While you're doing this, make sure your abs are tucked. Make sure your back is strong and straight. Make sure each exercise is done right. Okay. That's the key. Good form. Good alignment is what makes this work. That's how you see results. Two more. Last one. Hold it up there, baby pulses, come on, squeeze it up, tighten that tushy. Lifted heel is, uh, is your tummy in your shoulders, in line with your wrists? Think good form, good technique. That's what makes it work for you. Last one. Beautiful.

Okay. Come on down on your back everyone. You can bring your weights with you. If you want, you can place them right here. If not, just place your hands on the ground. Now we're going to do some buttock lifts. This is great. If you want to place their bat weights right here on your hips, that's great. If not, place it on the mat and really squeeze at the top. It's about squeezing the buttocks. If you don't squeeze it, no one else will! I love that line! I've been saying that for years, but it works because you have a mental thought of it. Squeeze it. Yes. Squeeze. Squeeze the buttocks together like you're tightening up your tushy. We got two more of these last one this time. Hold it up.

Hold it up now. Walk your feet together right now. Walk your feet now. Rock your hips all right hip rocks. That really works each cheek. That's great. Keep it up. Keep those hips up. Don't let your buttocks touch. We got two more. Last one. Squeeze. Squeeze. That's it. Can you lift the leg? Let me see you. Come on. You can do it. Switch. Lift the leg. C'Mon. C'Mon. C'Mon. Great. Um, okay. Stretch out those legs. Just stretch it out and switch.

Oh, cool down a little stretching is so important after your tone and sculpt really keeps your body loose, but tone, that's it. And bend your knees, place the leg behind you will reach your hands through. And now let's do that buttock sketch. One of my favorite stretches. It stretches the hamstrings, the buttocks, my favorite stretch of all time. Okay. Switch legs. Can you feel your butt? Flex your feet - you'll really feel it? Yes. Okay. Bring your knees to your chest. Let's use your buttocks and your abs to get up. And let me see that beautiful smiling face. Okay take a deep breath. Inhale and exhale and stretch to the side and the other side. I'm so proud of you. There you have our 10 minute booty workout. Congrats.