Trim & Tone: 10-Minute Leg Workout For Toned Legs At Any Age

Denise Austin
by Denise Austin | 
Want toned legs? Then try this Trim and Tone 10-Minute Leg Workout - good for any age! This workout is perfect for anyone who is short on time and looking for a way to trim, tone and lean up those legs! It's part of my Trim and Tone series, so popular because these short workouts are effective!

Today's workout targets all parts of your legs - front, back, and the inside and outside. It will help you tackle those saddlebags, help firm up your muscles so you can say bye to cellulite, and get those calf muscles looking strong and sexy!

It's important to keep your legs healthy and strong, and not just so they look good! Strong legs:

  • Promote healthy bones and may minimize osteoporosis
  • Provide for better balance - especially important as we get older and want to minimize falls
  • Help you burn more fat - more muscle leads to a faster metabolism!

So add my 10-Minute Leg Workout to help you get toned legs - no matter what your age!

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Welcome to my trim and tone workout today it's our 10 minute legs workout. Let's get started working on our thighs to warm up those legs, shape and tone your thighs. Yes. So we get nice firm legs. We're gonna work on all angles of the legs, the front, the sides, the inside the back of our legs. Yes. Okay. Warm up those legs side to side. Can you get a little lower reach your arms out? That's it. Shift your weight side to side hips, go side and down. Can you a little lower? That's it. Great. Use your leg muscles. You got them? Yes. Use them beautiful. And that's twist like a wind meal. Good reach. Great. For the outside of the thighs. Good. And the buttocks too. Two more. Last one and hold, stretch it out. Toe comes up. Hold that stretch. Yes. Great. And to the other side, try to get that toe, to come all the way up.

Beautiful and slowly stand up. Nice and tall, inhale and exhale. Now it's time to do a back lunch. So stand up and reach back and come up. That's it. Reach back and come up. Thinking about good posture. That's it. Shift your hips back. Thinking about nice stomach again. Knees are protected by keeping your knee over your ankle in straight line. 90 degree angles. One more. Great. Let's work. The other side, thinking about really good posture. Take it back and up. Take it back. Lung back is a little easier on the knee joint. That way you're getting better condition. Better focus, better alignment. Good. Pull up your abs. Zip those abs up last one and relax. Great. Now it's time to do a little squat. We're gonna take it down and squeeze, take it down. Switch legs. Always think about good posture working the back of your thighs. Squeeze the buttocks there too. Good down and lift you. Got it. Beautiful. Only a mini squat and then a squeeze little mini squat. It's squeeze. Beautiful. Great. For the back of those thigh. No more cellulite. We'll work it out. Two more last set.

Okay. And now slowly come all the way down. We're gonna work on the outer thighs. Bend the knee. You're leaning on. It's just a simple lift and lower thinking about good posture. Lift your abs. This is now target tone in the outer thighs. No more saddle bags. Yes. Well, ver it up. This is great length in your legs. Keep your foot flexed. Is your leg nice and strong and straight working on the muscles. The outer thighs. Two more. Last one. Okay. Now bend the back leg. Inner thighs. That's good. Pull the inner thigh towards you. Keep your legs straight. Good. Now for those of you that wanna challenge yourself and do something a little more advanced, you could hold this leg up and bring that leg towards it. That's a really good way to firm your inner thigh. No more last one. Okay.

And now let's swing the leg forward and back squeeze the back of the legs. Now forward and back. This is like in Pilates. That's it do the best you can straighten that leg. Can you point your toe? Make it long lean sexy legs. Last one. Beautiful. Okay. Switch sides. The first one's for our outer thoughts. So thinking about good posture, flex your foot lift and lower. That's it long in the heart. Beautiful. That's it this'll help shape and tone your legs. Keep putting them trim and toed. That's it thinking about good posture. I always have to remind us to pull the belly in that's normal. We all have to be reminded the water you practice at the better stay that's it pulled in. We got more last one and bend that knee. Bring your front knee in front into an inner thy. That's it. Now here you can actually strengthen the leg.

That's it. An inner thigh workout from the pelvic bone all the way down again. If you wanna go to the next level, challenge yourself. This is a great inner thinner. Tones the inside of your legs. One of the most underused muscles in the body, your inner thighs. This is a great exercise at zeros in and target your inner thigh. We got two more. Last one. Great. Oh, okay. Bend the front leg that you're standing on and lean forward and back lean is your toe pointed. Is your legs straight, long lean legs? That's it. Straight legs. Swing it back. Let the muscle do the work control. Good body alignment. That's it. We got two more. Last one. Beautiful. Okay. Come on down to your hands and knees and lift the leg behind you. Your neck is long. Your nose is down and you're doing leg lifts from the back, working the back of those thighs.

That's it. You could drop onto your elbows. Like I'm doing it. Lengthen your back, a little easier, or you could go up on your hands and really strengthened your arms at the same time. Whatever's best for you. That's it. A lot of times people arch their back. When they're in this position, this takes the arch outta the back. Two more. Last one, hold it up there. Hold it up there. Okay. Bend the knee. And let's rip the back. The thighs. They hamstrings heal towards the ceiling. Lift it. Tone. Great. Keep you back strong and straight. Pull up and in your abs. That's it. Last one. Hold it up. Beautiful. Okay. Let's go to the other side. The first exercise is with the straight leg down and squeeze up. That's it thinking about pulling in your abdominals, tightening up that tushy neck is long squeezing the butts again.

If you're advanced, you could go up high on your arms. That's it just squeeze the buttocks. That's beautiful. Couple more. Just like that point. Your toe. Straighten that leg is your quadricep. Nice and tone. Good. Two more. Here you go. Last one. Flex your foot little baby lift. Great for the hamstrings. Really good for the back of your legs. Beautiful. This is the area we all need to target tone the back of the legs. Keeping those hamstrings strong, great for circulation of the legs. Two more last one. Okay. Roll all the way down to your backs and slowly lift your hips up. Squeezing the back of your thighs. Hold it up there. Now can you bring one knee all the way up and lift and love. Hold it. Feel the whole leg working target tongue trim and tongue. That's it. Just do a couple more.

Just like that. It really works. I promise. Last one. Switch legs. Hold it up there. Hold it up there. and lift. You got this. You're doing great. Good reshape. The back of your legs. You'll look right from behind two more. Last one, one and release, and slowly come down. Bring your chest up. And now slowly stretch out through the legs and shift your leg. Chest is up. Work. Those quads, the front of your thighs. Lean legs, lean beautiful ballerina legs. Two more. Last one. Beautiful. Hold it up. And now scissors out and in, out and in inner and outer thighs. Great. Good stretch. Two more. Last one and relax. Roll up. Take a nice deep breath together. Inhale and exhale. A beautiful legs workout. You did it. Thanks for working out with me. Woo. If you love this workout, I have so much more at Try my free trial that you get to do all kinds of different workouts and recipes, eating plans. You will love it. All you have to do is visit Sign up for your free trial now.