Trim & Tone: 8-Minute Upper Body Workout

Denise Austin
by Denise Austin | 
It's almost time for tank top and bathing suit season ladies!! Get your upper body Trim & Tone with this new 8-minute workout. We will work your entire upper body: arms, chest, shoulders and upper back. I am adding some light weight today by wearing wrist weights. I love to use weights like this to bring a quick workout to the next level. If you don't have wrist weights, grab some light dumbbells or use something you have around the house, like full water bottles. Push play with me today and trim up that upper body!

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Welcome to your eight minutes, upper body trim and tone. Are you ready to get strong and fit in your arms, your chest, your shoulders, your upper back. Well, today I'm wearing wrist weights and I love these because it's where the weight is. You really feel it like the fulcrum. They, Ooh, boy. I can feel it. So if you got wrist weights, put 'em on. If you got hand weights, go ahead and grab 'em because we will need 'em to keep our muscles nice and firm, but let's begin with a nice deep breath. And this is my little Teeter. My daughter's doggy . Okay. Let's begin. Inhale and exhale. Good. Inhale, warming up. Exhale. One more. That's it. And relax. And now let's slowly work on the arms working the back of your arms to target tone the triceps. This is one of the best exercises that you could do for the back of the arm arms.

Yes. So when we wave goodbye, nothing will tickle, but notice how I'm keeping my back strong and straight. Keep your core muscles pulled in and then keep your elbows high and let the arms get straight up there. That's it. Good control of the mu soul is so important. Don't use momentum. You're cheating. just work the muscle to tone and firm. That's it. We got two more. Lift it. Last one. Now palms towards the ceiling and baby presses up. Lift it up. Good. This will work the back of the arms and the shoulders too. That's it beautiful. You got two more last one. Okay. Shake it out. Shake it out. Now let's work the biceps. We're gonna bring our arms down and lift them back up and pull down and drive them up. Good. That's it. You could be holding even water bottles, whatever you have at home to get a little weight in your hands. 

That's it good. We got two more. Last one. Beautiful. This time we bring it all the way up. We bring the arms together and we do baby lifts up, up. Press your hands together. Press, press, press. That's it. You're working the front of your arms in the chest. That's it? No more bra overhang. Come on, firm it up, firm it up. That's it. Two more last one. Okay. We open and chest presses in lift, open and chest. Pull in. Make sure when you're doing this, you open up the chest and you pull using your muscles of the chest. That's it? The pectorals. That's it. Chest high. Beautiful, good posture on this one. Really good posture. Tummy's in zip up. Those abs co is tight. Good. Two more. I love this one. It really works. The fat right here. That's where we're targeting. That's it. And last one, open up.

Good. Now baby arm circles. That's it. You think this is easy, right? Oh, I could do this to knees. Well, if you keep your arms up for a few minutes, you will start to feel it. I promise. And especially if you add a little weight to your wrist, you really will feel it. Now. I want you to reverse. That's it stand up tall. Always. Think about good posture. Good strong backs pulling in your abs. That's it circle. Now we're gonna do thumbs up and thumbs down, thumbs up and down. Can you feel it in your shoulders? Sexy shoulders, arms. Good. You got this elbows. Keep, try to keep them slightly bent. That's it great. Don't lock your elbows out too much. That's you can do it two more. Just lift up and feel it pushed down. Last one, lift up and pushed down. Beautiful. Now bring her out arm straight up in front of you.

Just like this in a why we're gonna bring the fingertips to the shoulders and push back out, pull in and out and in and out. Just high. Good posture. That's it. We're have beautiful arms. Strong, sexy toed arms. Yes, we are good work. Pull out and in full range of motion, go all the way straight and pull all the way in two more. Just like that. That's a touch pull out and in. Okay, relax. Now let's work on your upper back muscles. So you get nice control of your upper back and it helps you with posture too. The first exercise is the upper backline. So bring your arms down in front of you. You're gonna up and pull back down, but keep your back strong and straight. Bend your knees to protect your

And come back down. You got that squeeze at the top. Try to bring those shoulder blades together, up and back. Yes. Beautiful. Sexy back. No more bra overhang on this one. That's where we're targeting upper back. Yes, we got two more. You guys, you could do it last one. Beautiful. And now slowly split your legs. Let's bring the arm forward and back. Bring it forward and straight arm. That's it forward and straight arm. I want it nice and straight this time. This time is a little flow. So you're bringing your arms through shoulders and triceps front and back of your arms up and back. That's it. We have two more

Lift up, stretch it. Keep your arm nice and strong and straight. Last one and released. Let's go. The other side up back workout. You're gonna of first reach and pull and reach pull that said it's a nice flowing motion. Strong backs, strong tummy muscles pulled in thinking about good technique. You're lengthening the arms each way back of the arms in front of the arms. That's it. We got two more. Just like that. Excellent exercise. Last set you got this nice and stretched arm. Stretch it elongated. Okay, beautiful. And now bring it in front of you. Let's lift it out and up and, and down and front and up. That's it just nice and controlled forward out and pull up. Let me say those beautiful arms forward for the chest out for posture and lift for sexy arms and shoulders. Let's do it again. Forward, open and up length in those arms. It's all about length that's it. We got two more. Last one forward lift all the way up. Hold it up there, hold it up there. Beautiful and release. That's it. Now I really want you to target tone the upper back by using it like a row. So use the arms forward and pull it back. Use it up and pull. Good. You got his and pull and lift and pull and lift and pull two more. Last one. You got it. Okay. And take a deep breath together. Inhale and exhale. Beautiful. Give yourself a hand. Woo. Trim and tone Workout.