Experiencing Menopause? Three Foods That May Help!

Denise Austin
by Denise Austin | 
It's no secret we women will go through menopause during our lifetime...and I love that we are sharing our experiences and how to tackle the side effects more often with each other! While we probably all know that exercise and certain supplements can help to alleviate symptoms such as sleeplessness and weight gain, did you know that certain foods can be beneficial, too?

In my most recent Fit Over 50: Fall Into Fitness magazine, I have an entire section devoted to menopause, with my tips on how to navigate this change in your life. And throughout the magazine, I include foods and nutrition tips that can help - give these three a try!

Drink more water. A major side effect of menopause is feeling tired - and dehydration is a key factor in fatigue. Estrogen levels drop when you enter menopause, and this affect's the body’s ability to retain water, as estrogen allows our tissues to absorb and hold on to moisture. Replenish your tissues - and help promote better rest - by drinking at least 8 glasses of water daily!

Eat more fish. Along with estrogen, testosterone also drops when you go through menopause. Testosterone is a hormone that helps your eyes stay moisturized and in working order, which is why some women experience "dry eye" when menopause begins.  The good news is that eating more fatty fish can help! Look for wild salmon, herring or sardines (or take a fish oil supplement) to help provide your body with their healthy omega-3 fats! Try my yummy and healthy Glazed Salmon recipe!

Add turmeric to your diet. When estrogen dips, our brain translates that as being hungry and slows down our metabolism. This leads to weight gain - especially through our mid-sections.  The nutritional way to fight this off is to eat some turmeric! Research shows a teaspoon of turmeric daily can help ward off hormonal weight gain - and help you to lose weight, too! Add some to cottage cheese, a smoothie, or your tea. Its smoky flavor is versatile and oh so healthy.

Get more menopause and nutrition tips in my Fit Over 50: Fall Into Fitness magazine - on newsstands now, too! 

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