Weight Loss Plateau: 5 Ways To Change It Up

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | July 5, 2018 | Featured

July 5, 2018

Hi everyone! Have you gotten tired of your current workout routine, or reached a weight­ loss plateau? If so, a great way to stay motivated and get back on track is to change it up! Mixing up your regular routine with a new activity can get you back in the groove, and excited to exercise. It can also help you to reach those weight-loss goals that you set out for yourself. Here are some great suggestions when you are feeling like you need to change it up a bit.

Weight Loss Plateau Tips:

  1. Buddy up! Ask an adventurous friend to plan a surprise activity or outing for both of you – one that includes some sort of exercise. Or you do the planning, and surprise a friend with a fun outing like a hike somewhere new, a workout class you have never tried, or a walking tour of where you live. The fun, calorie-burning ideas are endless!
  2. Try a new LifeFit 360 10-Week Plan workout. I designed my 10-Week Plan exactly to always mix it up to surprise your muscles to boost your metabolism. Try a workout you haven’t before, such as a barre workout, yoga, or one of my fun, calorie-busting dance workouts! (If you aren’t a LifeFit 360 member start your 7-day free trial now!)
  3. Walk a new way. Even a simple change like trying a new walking route can make things so much more interesting, stimulating your mind with new scenery. You can also throw on a new podcast to keep you motivated – only listen when you go for your walks!
  4. Change the time of your workouts. If you normally exercise in the afternoon, set the alarm and try an early workout – you may find a new schedule to be the inspiration you need!
  5. Keep it short. If you have close errands to run, do them by bike or on foot instead of using the car. You’ll burn calories while still getting things accomplished!

My favorite weight loss plateau buster is discovering new hiking trails in California. It’s a new adventure each time, and it’s especially fun when I do it with a friend or family member. So next time you are feeling an exercise slump (which is natural – it even happens to me sometimes too!) or your weight loss goals aren’t quite getting where you want them to be, change it up! Trust me, you are worth it, and these little changes can make a big shift in your attitude, energy level and more!

Let’s get fitter, together – inside and out,


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