Ask Denise: “How can I get rid of my cellulite?”

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | July 22, 2015 | Workouts

Time for Ask Denise! I’m so excited, because this week’s question from my online forum came from user NonaB, who asks, “How can I get rid of my cellulite?!”

NonaB, I get it. I do get asked this question all the time, and yes, you CAN lessen the appearance of cellulite! Here are my top tips…

If you have cellulite you’d like to banish, you aren’t alone. Many women of all ages have cellulite on their legs, buttocks or stomach. Cellulite is essentially subcutaneous fat under the skin that most women experience in varying degrees – myself included! This fat is no different from fat in any other part of your body, except that it can be a little harder to lose.

First, you want to eat a healthy diet that avoids fried foods and things that are high in sodium. And water is essential, too, to flush out the toxins. I try and drink 8 8-ounce glasses of water each day. Next be sure you’re getting enough exercise with cardio to burn fat and target toning to tighten up those muscles for a smooth, toned look. I am a firm believer in exercising 30 minutes a day and I try and do at least 3 days of cardio each week. My new cardio workouts are all available to members of my website and include low-impact for those who are just starting out and want to jump in slowly, as well as high-impact butt-kicking cardio, for those who are already in shape and looking to sculpt and tone. Circulation is also important so if you sit on your bum a lot at the office, try and get up and move when you can. Massage can help, too, so you may want to also try a foam roller on those areas, as well. (And for more foam rolling tips, check out my recent blog post here on how to use one!)

Then from there, it’s all about target toning those hips, thighs and buttocks! Here are a few quickie target-toning moves that will help to tighten your tushie and smooth out your legs.

  1. Lunges.


This move will trim your thighs, lift up your tushie and help you to look GREAT from behind! Start with your feet about shoulder width apart. You can use a chair back or counter for balance and if you’re up for it, you can add a 3-5 pound weight in each hand for increased resistance. Place one foot forward, bend your back knees and lower yourself toward the floor, so your tailbone moves straight down. Keep you body weight over your front heel and your back toes, keep knees at a 90 degree angle. Straighten your legs and raise yourself back up. Try and do 8-12 dips then repeat on the other side. Get up right now and try this one right where you are!

  1. Tush Tightener.

Tush Tightener

This exercise will help to sculpt your buttocks, giving you tight, rounded buns. Remember, when you leave the room, your backside is the last thing anyone sees! Kneel on the floor with your hands on the floor. Keep your back flat, abs tight and your hips square to the floor. Raise your right leg off the floor, keeping it bent at a right angle. Thigh is parallel to the floor. Slowly raise your knee up and down, pressing your food toward the ceiling, squeezing your buttocks. Try and do 15-20 reps with the right leg, then repeat with the left. Firm up that fanny and you’ll fight cellulite!

  1. Outer Thigh Trimmer.

outer thigh trimmer

No more saddlebags! This is a terrific move for your outer thighs and you can do this one anywhere, anytime. You’ll want to start this exercise using no weights but gradually add more resistance by strapping on ankle weights or by using a resistance band (mine are available at Rite Aid). Be sure that you don’t swing your leg-move deliberately and really concentrate on the outer part of your thigh. Keeping your right leg straight and your foot relaxed, slowly raise and lower your leg. Lower it back to the floor, then repeat on the other side, for a total of 15-20 reps per side.

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Let’s get fitter together – inside and out,



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