My Favorite Workouts To Trim Up & Tone Your Muscles

Denise Austin
by Denise Austin | 

Want a trim & toned body this Summer? I have just the routine for you! Here are four of my favorite workouts. These are all from my Trim & Tone Series (you can find all of my other Trim & Tone workouts here) on YouTube. I love these workouts because the are quick but effective! Give them a try today!

  • Trim & Tone: Cardio - A 10-minute cardio burst to get your blood pumping and blast that fat!

  • Trim & Tone: Upper Body - This one is 8-minutes long, all focused on strengthening the muscles in your upper body.

  • Trim & Tone: Legs - 10-minutes of lower body sculpting to get a lean and sexy lower half!

  • Trim & Tone: Core - Finish out with 10-minutes dedicated just to your core! You will feel the burn in your abs and back with this one.

I hope you enjoy all of these workouts. Try to complete them back to back, or break them up and do them over the next couple of days. Whatever works for YOU. A little daily movement is all it takes to make you feel GREAT! You can do and and YOU are worth it!! Xoxo

Let's live FIT, HAPPY & HEALTHY - togehter!!


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